Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Weigh in on the discussion about the Five Guys burger chain, plus read up on tips from Chowhounds on where the next locations are opening (or closing) around the country.

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Five Guys Burgers - Coming to Montreal !

by harry in montreal 11 years ago

I saw a guy in the NDG area wearing the red five guys burgers shirt and he said that they are opening a restaurant in Vaudreuil later in July 2010. Plans for another in Old Montreal in 2010. Great ...

Breakfast at Five Guys

by Reston 9 years ago

I recently had an early flight out of Dulles Airport, and wanted breakfast in the terminal. I've had some pretty bad breakfasts at airports in the past, so I was looking for something different. To...

Five Guys now open at Yonge and Dundas

by kingsway 9 years ago

Finally, a place to get a great burger downtown. 329 Yonge, in the US Fast Casual triangle between Panera and Chipotle...

Five Guys Tulsa

by kagemusha49 9 years ago

Opened yesterday to huge first day business. OK it's not fine or gourmet dining. But they do a pretty good burger and the fries are outstanding. Located off Riverside at 96th Street - next to th...

Five Guys Burgers opening in Fremont

by kcchan 11 years ago

We were at Pacific Commons in Fremont today and noticed that a new Five Guys Burgers and Fries is opening soon. No date was posted either at the store or online, but they seemed to be training new...

Five Guys in Flemington?

by ambrose 10 years ago

I have read that Five Guys plans to open a restaurant at the old Blockbuster location on Reaville Avenue. Today I drove by the location and there are big signs in the windows saying 'Space Availab...

Five Guys coming to Oshawa

by BeanerSchitzl 10 years ago

Just saw the sign for the new 5 Guys location on Taunton Rd at Harmony (south side by Winners and BDubs). I've been reading reviews of all the other locations and have mixed feelings - at least ...

Five Guys and Well Done Burgers

by menton1 10 years ago

I would still like a reasonable explanation of why they only cook well-well-well done. Apparently, when asked, 5G corporate answers "no comment".

Five Guys Burger and Fries coming to Cortlandt Manor

by ryanallday 10 years ago

Seems like theyre opening a handfull of these locally, latest is goin to Cortlandt Town Center on route 6 right next to Gamestop, signs up in the windows, unsure of opening but seems to be sooner r...

Five Guys coming To Red Deer, AB

by carlitguy 10 years ago

Red Deer is coming in to the 21st Century! Rumor has it the new pad in the parking lot of Home Depot is Five Guys. Gotta love it! Dean in Red Deer, AB

Five Guys Canadian Menu? [moved from Prairie Provinces]

by golfer1 10 years ago

The Sherwood Park outlet does not have hot dogs, and the American ones that I have been to do. Do the other Canadian outlets have hot dogs?

Five Guys Westwood Village -- When?

by nosh 9 years ago

EaterLA is reporting that the new Five Guys on Broxton in Westwood Village is ready to open soon. The company website just says "coming soon." Anybody have any info as to when, exactly, they will...

five guys in round rock

by nytexan 10 years ago

just heard as of 10/3 five guys has invaded round rock in the shopping center that has third base and target and best buy off 35

Five Guys Burgers & Fries coming to Stamford !!

by gunksny 10 years ago

Five Guys Burgers & Fries, will open their newest location at High Ridge near the Merritt as early as next Summer (2012) Supposedly its going in between the A&P and Global which is going to ...

Five Guys Burgers (Los Angeles) - New locations Planned?

by HerbyN 12 years ago

Currently the Southern California market has locations in Cerritos and Carson. Does anyone know if there are any plans to open locations closer to Los Angeles proper (e.g. near downtown LA, the Sa...

Tried Five Guys--What's the big deal?? [moved from Las Vegas]

by vegasmike 10 years ago

I was in Henderson so I tried the Five Guys hambugers. What a joke! How can you compare it to In-N-Out when you have to tell them what you want on your burger? It is not a fair comparison. If t...

My Five Guys Apprehension

by jhopp217 10 years ago

Whenever the masses tell me a restaurant is good, I'm pretty sure it sucks. Recently Everyone has been telling me how great it is. CH is loaded with people singing its praises and it's really mak...

Five Guys now carrying Hot Dogs

by jmarcroyal 10 years ago

I stopped by today after work and saw that they had Hot Dogs on the menu, apparently they just became available today. The prices are $3.99 for a hot dog, upwards of I believe $5.29 for a bacon-che...

New Five Guys Westwood Village?

by nosh 10 years ago

Read about a month ago that a new Five Guys burger place was due to open in a month in Westwood Village, just down from the Trader Joes and Jersey Mikes. Any news, anybody? Nothing on their website.