A Vegan and an Omnivore on I-95: Sunday dinner for an odd couple between Fayetteville, NC and Florence, SC?

by gomanny 11 years ago

Hello, all. We're on our way to visit family and will be taking I-95 all the way to Miami (from NJ). Ultimately, we'll need to stop for a good dinner before we stop for the night. I've figured w...

Tis the season... the I-95 Southern Haul: coffee please.

by heids 16 years ago

We will be traveling through the vast culinary wasteland that is the Southern I-95 corridor for the holidays. All I'm looking for is a decent cup of coffee, and by decent (in this instance) I mea...

Need good BBQ lunch recommendations around Fayetteville, NC

by FrancineWay 6 years ago

I'll be traveling through the Carolinas today with a restaurant critic friend. Any recommendations on where to go for a BBQ lunch Hounds?

Where should I spend my per diem in Fayetteville and/or Goldsboro?

by Earnest 8 years ago

Hey, I'm gonna be in Fayetteville, NC on business for the first three days of next week and I've got $25 a day for food, which I plan to save up for one nice meal each day. I wanna find, in on...

Where to purchase Blue Bell Ice Cream in Fayetteville, NC?

by KellyD123 9 years ago

I'm headed down that way in a few weeks from Virginia and was planning on picking some up if i can. I'm coming from the north so anywhere in Fayetteville or a town off i95 where I can buy it would ...

My Trip to Fayetteville, NC

by pcdarnell 10 years ago

I just came back from Fayetteville where I was visiting my son who is in the Army. I had done some food research and was not really expecting much, but I did find a couple of non-chain restaurants,...

Max & Moritz Bakery & Restaurant in Fayetteville?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

Tomorrow I make the long march to Beaufort from Matthews (outside Charlotte) and I'm looking for a coffee and pastry stop around Fayetteville. I've scanned through this site's Restaurants & Bars d...

Fayetteville Indian Buffet

by merg01 11 years ago

We frequently visit friends in Fayetteville. He's a fried chicken and NC barbeque kind of guy but has expressed an interest in trying Indian but thinks a buffet will give him a chance to try a var...

Sandpiper (or something like that) in Fayetteville?

by detlefchef 17 years ago

I recall hearing people wax poetic about some epic buffet in Fayetteville. I believe it is called The Sandpiper. I'm talking dyed in the wool, out of state foodies who make the trek whenever they...

Food at Fayetteville NC Dogwood Festival?

by AreBe 11 years ago

How's the chow at the Dogwood Festival? Is it only hotdogs and funnel cakes, or can I expect to find something especially tasty?

Vietnamese in Fayetteville, NC?

by lollywoosh 11 years ago

Looking for a good place to eat lunch in Fayetteville. Would think that there would be some great Vietnamese but other ethnicities are good, too. Thanks.

What about BBQ in Fayetteville N.C.?

by byteme55 15 years ago

Was in Fayetteville NC this past weekend. Saw lots of BBQ places. Since Fayetteville is so close to Dunn, Goldsboro, Ayden and other Eastern NC hot spots, are there no good Eastern NC bbq places ...

BBQ in Fayetteville NC

by bowserd 12 years ago

There was a blog back in 2007 that said there are no good BBQ establishment in Fayetteville, NC. This is not true at all. I recommend Fullers Old Fashion BBQ located on Eastern Blvd/95 Business (...

Fayetteville nc BBQ

by orzobino 12 years ago

anybody have any experience with the BBQ Hut or Cape fear Q???

Fayetteville, NC - Easter Brunch Suggestions Anyone

by DigiDean 12 years ago

I'll be traveling over the Easter weekend, and will be in Fayetteville, NC on Easter Sunday. Does anyone have any suggestions for an Easter Brunch? Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

Eats on NC 24 between Jacksonville and Fayetteville ?

by LaVidaComida 13 years ago

Tomorrow, mid-day, I will be driving on NC 24 going from Emerald Isle to Southern Pines. I would LOVE to find a good local place for lunch between Jacksonville (NC) and Fayetteville. Yes, I real...

Chow for One in Fayetteville, NC

by dddhokie 14 years ago

I am heading to Fayetteville for business later this week and am looking for somewhere to have lunch and dinner for two nights. I'll be a party of one, so somewhere where I can eat at a bar or in t...

I-95 -- Fayetteville to Santee?

by Lynn 14 years ago

I'm looking for places close to the interstate to stop for dinner on the way to Charleston from Chapel Hill -- any suggestions? Diner-ish, barbecue, local color of some sort -- just not the dreary ...