Chickpeas are better fried, right? Find the best falafel near you and discuss what makes the dish great with other passionate eaters.

A Fresh Falafel Burger with Tangy Tzatziki in Less Than 20 Minutes

From time to time, I make an attempt to cut back on meat with a valiance that's matched only by its shocking brevity. I don't ever really foresee myself going whole hog (vegetarian) but a well-written...

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King of Falafel [San Francisco]

by barry 13 years ago

We just got back from a quick weekend trip to S.F., and we ate at the King of Falafel (we also ate at the Fifth Floor, which was wonderful). We stop at the King of Falafel whenever we visit...we j...

Long Island recommendations requested (fish/chips, falafel, chicken caesar salad)

by gandro 8 years ago

I'm looking for Long Island recommendations for the follow. 1. Falafel - looking for authentic falafel - that I enjoyed in Israel and Palestinian areas. I tried Hummus World in Roslyn Heigh...

Lotus Falafel & Shawerma in Oakland

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

A week ago I popped into Lotus Falafel & Shawerma following a nearby appointment mostly to make use of the wifi. After checking that falafel are fried-to-order and not cooked ahead and then reheate...

Any GREEN falafel between South Beach and Boca Raton?

by janie 9 years ago

Looking for good falafel, must be green inside, and not made with fava beans (egyptian style) only made with chick peas (israeli style)----Taim in New York City is the benchmark..(my favorite falaf...

Sumac Restaurant in Montréal

by maj54us 5 years ago

They deserve their own thread. Sumac 3618 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC H4C 1P5 (514) 935-1444 here's my copy paste review for the falafel sandwich and fries only. Although not a great...

The Collapse of the Falafel

by orangewasabi 12 years ago

Any tips on frying falafels without having them burst apart into a fluffy mass of crunch? We were able to achieve structural integrity but the tennis ball size was a bit off putting. At L'as (i...

Falafel Heaven and more at Occasion Bakery [Fresno]

by PolarBear 11 years ago

Finally managed to make it by today (Friday) which is the only day that the elusive falafel is available. It took only one bite to realize that all of the others I've tried over the years were, at...

Falafel Stop - Israeli-style falafel in Sunnyvale

by mdg 7 years ago

This place really doesn't need any more business - the parking lot is already overflowing - but this is too good not to share. Falafel Stop in Sunnyvale is the first Silicon Valley place I've fo...

NEW: The Flying Falafel, SF - who's been?

by hhc 5 years ago

I've read good reviews of The Flying Falafel new shop in SF, where 3 Potato 4 used to be. Have the hounds tried it yet? They also have a food truck in the South Bay. SFWeekly: http://www.sfwe...

Liba Falafel Truck now at Civic Center [San Francisco]

by Pei 10 years ago

I wanted to get this posted while they're still there! TUESDAYS, 11am-2pm, right outside City Hall on Civic Center Plaza. Liba is a falafel truck that's been around Emeryville and San Franci...

Main St. Falafel ~ Freehold

by Angelina 5 years ago

Formerly Ibby's. All I can say is this is definitely NOT the same owners anymore of Ibby's. The place was filthy inside! Every table had sticky stuff all over it. I had to ask the man behind th...

Need a great Falafel recipe

by woodburner 13 years ago

Have had a jones for great falafel, but not in the restaurant... wanna make some at home. My recipe doesn't seem right (has chickpeas and all the goodies held together with flour), so can anyone s...


by JunieB 6 years ago

Where would one find the best falafel in or out of Center City? My husband loves Alyans but after eating there for over 20 years (he's very loyal!) I'm ready to try somewhere else. Would prefer sit...

New Falafel Joint in Somerville/Medford

by reddaj 5 years ago

Has anyone noticed this along Broadway Ave in Winter Hill of Somerville? Wondering if they have a website or social media presence. Its quite near where I live so excited about their opening for ...

Falafel in West Valley

by SIMIHOUND 5 years ago

Not that Falafelicious is closed where do I go for a falafel in Reseda Northridge or Chatsworth?

Ibby's Falafel Freehold

by seal 12 years ago

Cliff notes - Go soon and go often as we desperately need some good non italian, chinese, or mexican places in Freehold. OK, call me crazy, but I just had to try them out so just before 11 am I ...

Ibby's Falafel Is Now....

by wench31 5 years ago

Main Street Falafel. Anybody been here? Apparently, it's been open for at least 5 months. http://www.yelp.com/biz/main-street-falafel-freehold

Famous Pita, Falafel and More, Coney Island Ave Closed: Burger Pizza to replace

by jonkyo 5 years ago

What an apostasy. Famous Pita 967 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY is CLOSED. The space will be a generic burger and pizza joint. The state should subsidize such venues, so that people ar...

Zaatar Arlington - Falafel - good..

by grant.cook 5 years ago

Zaatar on Mass Ave. in Arlington has added falafel sandwiches to their menu... just had one, pretty tasty..