What Is the Difference Between a Latte & a Cappuccino?

Latte vs cappuccino: do you know the difference between these two coffee drinks? You probably know which one you like, but what do you know about the one you shun? Somehow the question of difference...

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Last minute trip to DC

by highlyunlikely 3 years ago

We just booked a trip to DC and are looking for recommendations for restaurants that we can get a table at this weekend with a relaxed atmosphere, interesting and delicious food, and not too loud. ...

Looking for somewhere to learn how to make simple barista drinks

by ughusernamealreadytaken 4 years ago

I need to learn [ASAP] how to use an espresso machine for some very basic drinks, learning how to properly froth milk, etc. I won't be working in store so I don't need to learn anything store relat...

Cafe in top level atrium of Westfield Mall

by alameda 4 years ago

I was in Westfield Mall in downtown San Francisco yesterday, and went looking for a cafe in the very top level, directly under the atrium. I found a bare floor. Is my memory fooling me? It was...

Cascara/ coffee cherry tea in Calgary?

by YYC_Patissier 4 years ago

For the last few weeks, I have been loving the Starbucks Cascara latte, which is the dried skin of coffee cherries that is usually thrown away. I have been wondering where I can get some of this on...

Big Sur Popover! - Mar 11 & 12 @ Salumeria Luca, Carmel

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

"Big Sur Bakery’s Michelle Rizzolo and Matt Somerville and Pastry Chef Ben Spungin, from Post Ranch Inn, will be at Salumeria Luca in Carmel on Saturday March 11th and Sunday March 12th, baking and...

Tom Hanks gives White House press corps a new Pasquini espresso machine

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

" . . . The two-time Academy Award winner surprised the reporters . . . with a stainless steel Pasquini coffee maker, which retails for more than $2,200. The lavish gift was accompanied by a sta...

Red Whale Coffee Bar | San Rafael

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Last month I stopped off in San Rafael to caffeinate on my way north. Red Whale has a coffee bar and lounge in front of its roasting facility. I ordered a Cortado. When I saw the barista reach for ...

Vev Vigano Vespresso Stovetop Coffee Maker malfunctioning

by AlexNerbs 4 years ago

I bought a fancy 4-cup Vev Vigano Vespresso stovetop espresso maker a few weeks ago. I had to upgrade from a Bialetti-style coffee maker after its handle broke off. Sadly, I have not figured out ho...

Ikea Trivsel moka pot - as good as Bialetti?

by sobriquet 12 years ago

Does anyone have a Trivsel stovetop espresso pot? I have a Bialetti Moka 3-cup and want to get a larger one so I can take coffee with me in the morning. I'm thrilled with the quality of the coffe...

Coffee grounds in coffee

by zigzag17 4 years ago

I recently purchased a new Bialetti Elegance Venus Induction 10 Cup Stainless Steel Espresso Maker but have been using similar stovetop espresso makers for years. It was making a great pot of coff...

Best single origin decaf?

by Latinpig 4 years ago

Looking for the best single origin decaf from a quality roaster?

Honey Bee Latte Recipe - Cliff & Pebble

by cliffandpebble 4 years ago

The leaves are falling, the weather is changing and there always seems to be a certain desire to grab a tasty, warm cup of coffee or tea and snuggle by the fire in your favorite sweater. This time ...

Buying coffee beans in Milan Italy

by suebro 4 years ago

I want to take back some Italian espresso beans for my coffee loving kids, and can't find any info on what to get. Only here one more day---suggestions ?

How to Order Coffee In Italy & NOT Look Like a Tourist

by cliffandpebble 4 years ago

I absolutely love coffee. I love making it. I love drinking it. That’s why, when I went to Italy for the first time I couldn’t wait to try the coffee. Italy is the birthplace of coffee culture but ...

Our Favorite Coffee Drinks

by cliffandpebble 4 years ago

Drinking coffee can become repetitive. Most coffee drinkers will stick to the same drink everyday, at the same time, with the same amount of cream & sugar added. And hey, why not? Don’t change s...

The Ugly Mug Coffeehouse | Soquel - Santa Cruz County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Last week I dropped by The Ugly Mug in Soquel for a morning brew. The owner, Steve Volk, is known for his long time support of AIDS/LifeCycle. http://www.tofighthiv.org/site/TR/Events/AIDSLifeCycl...

Bright Coffee & Lilify | New Monterey

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

With a meeting scheduled across the street, today was my morning to check out Bright Coffee in New Monterey. It shares a storefront with retailer, Lilify. Lots of dark wood inside, making this quit...

Above average espresso in Wailea or Kihei?

by meganinlosfeliz 4 years ago

Hi, currently in Maui staying in Wailea. Our plan was to drive to Memphis Belle for morning coffee (we both are espresso drinkers) each day. We went our first day, and found out that it changed o...

Good decaf espresso beans?

by aepringle 4 years ago

Hello, my husband and I got a great home espresso machine about a year ago and have had fun trying different beans and experimenting with it. Just as we'd settled on some favorites - I find out I'...