Escondido recommendations for 2017

by Andrea_ 1 year ago

I'm spending the weekend in Escondido (never been there). What's noteworthy there or nearby, e.g. Carlsbad or Oceansi...


dnamj commented 1 year ago

Best Brunch Escondido area

by Random987 2 years ago

I'm coming back to Escondido for Mother's Day. I'm looking for a good brunch spot (kid friendly) in the area. I'm wi...


RhonelyInsanediego commented 2 years ago

Week in Escondido/San Diego

by baa 3 years ago

Hello. My extended family and I (all from MN) will be staying at the Welk resort in Escondido for a week at the end ...


honkman commented 3 years ago

The Wooden Spoon in Escondido

by Ela0427 3 years ago

We (2 adults and 2 kids) went last Saturday to check it out and had a fantastic meal. I think the articles in UT and ...


Ela0427 commented 3 years ago

Chow in Escondido?

by clanger 11 years ago

The hubby and I will be staying at a resort in Escondido for seven days. Although we will venture into San Diego on ...


Christo1 commented 3 years ago

Best Taco Shop/Mexican food in Escondido

by Christo1 3 years ago

I moved to Escondido 2 years ago and I found a taco shop I visit occasionally for a late night fix. It's OK, but Esco...


beth1 commented 3 years ago

Non-Mexican good for 17-person group in Escondido / San Marcos?

by pbnj130 3 years ago

I am having a family reunion in Escondido/San Marcos in March, and am looking for lunch/dinner that is good for a 17...


ipsedixit commented 3 years ago

Vintana Wine + Dine (Escondido) patio "small plates"

by aafflyer 6 years ago

They don't call it small plates, but my wife and I had a light dinner on the patio at Vintana Tuesday evening. Foo...


y6y6y6 commented 3 years ago

Fiesta oaxaqueña opens restaurant (Escondido)

by maestra 9 years ago

Good news, fellow fans of Fiesta Oaxaqueña! They've opened a site outside of the swap meet! It's on Mission Ave., b...


Tripeler commented 4 years ago

Baltimore snowballs in Escondido??

by Ela0427 5 years ago

Has anyone tried them out?? A number of my friends and neighbors are now raving about this place in Escondido. Based ...


Ela0427 commented 5 years ago

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Escondido Food Truck Festival – Nov. 18

by svnirvana 5 years ago

12 to 6 at Orfila Winery in Escondido. http://sdfoodtrucks.com/escondido-food-truck-festival-nov-18/

Farmers markets in Escondido/ Rancho Bernardo

by CAlover 6 years ago

Hi There, will be visiting family this coming week, and would love to check out some farmers markets while in San Die...


camilles commented 6 years ago

Escondido / San Marcos

by dwatkins79 6 years ago

Coming to the area (from Maine) for three days and I'm looking for the places I shouldn't miss. Anything Mexican, loc...


maestra commented 6 years ago

Escondido Thai Temple Eats?

by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

A thread last year about the Wat in Escondido mentioned the possibility of a food festival for Songkran. http://cho...

Beach Chick

Beach Chick commented 6 years ago

My Favorite Mexican Restaurant in San Diego County - Hacienda de Vega (Escondido)

by Diva Barbarella 9 years ago

Because I just visited the place (again), and happened to snap some shots of a few of my favorite dishes, thought I'd...

Beach Chick

Beach Chick commented 6 years ago

Escondido Considering a Move to Wine Production

by araknd 6 years ago

The city of Escondido is "thinking different". http://www.nctimes.com/news/local/escondido/article_a1285c17-7c59-5b9...


honkman commented 6 years ago

FYI: Mexican food in Escondido

by maestra 7 years ago

Just thought I'd post about a couple recent changes to the Mexican food scene here in Escondido. Tacos Alex was ...


Encinitan commented 7 years ago

Suckling Pig, San Diego (Escondido)

by Tiburcia 7 years ago

Where can a person find a suckling pig by March 13th (7 days)? Preferably not frozen.


Tiburcia commented 7 years ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Songkran Escondido- good alternative to Easter

by SaltyRaisins 7 years ago

Salty will be there...will you? http://www.watthaisd.org/sonkran2554_web/images/poster_02.jpg

Help in Escondido: Tacos Alex is closed

by maestra 9 years ago

Our favorite (only, in fact) taco shop is closed, but we don't know the full story. It's located in Baja Foods on 9t...


maestra commented 7 years ago