Escondido recommendations for 2017

by Andrea_ 4 years ago

I'm spending the weekend in Escondido (never been there). What's noteworthy there or nearby, e.g. Carlsbad or Oceanside?

Best Brunch Escondido area

by Random987 5 years ago

I'm coming back to Escondido for Mother's Day. I'm looking for a good brunch spot (kid friendly) in the area. I'm willing to drive a bit if need be. Thanks

Week in Escondido/San Diego

by baa 6 years ago

Hello. My extended family and I (all from MN) will be staying at the Welk resort in Escondido for a week at the end of the month. I've done some reviewing of this board looking for mostly family-...

The Wooden Spoon in Escondido

by Ela0427 6 years ago

We (2 adults and 2 kids) went last Saturday to check it out and had a fantastic meal. I think the articles in UT and Eater have served as great advertising. Started with cream of tomato soup, salt...

Chow in Escondido?

by clanger 15 years ago

The hubby and I will be staying at a resort in Escondido for seven days. Although we will venture into San Diego on occasion it would be nice to have some dining options close to where we're stayi...

Best Taco Shop/Mexican food in Escondido

by Christo1 6 years ago

I moved to Escondido 2 years ago and I found a taco shop I visit occasionally for a late night fix. It's OK, but Escondido has 100's and I imagine there are much better places, it's just so hard to...

Non-Mexican good for 17-person group in Escondido / San Marcos?

by pbnj130 6 years ago

I am having a family reunion in Escondido/San Marcos in March, and am looking for lunch/dinner that is good for a 17-person group, and has good food. The problem is that most of what I'm seeing ...

Vintana Wine + Dine (Escondido) patio "small plates"

by aafflyer 9 years ago

They don't call it small plates, but my wife and I had a light dinner on the patio at Vintana Tuesday evening. Food was very good to excellent. Desert was very, very good. Two items + olives + t...

Fiesta oaxaqueña opens restaurant (Escondido)

by maestra 12 years ago

Good news, fellow fans of Fiesta Oaxaqueña! They've opened a site outside of the swap meet! It's on Mission Ave., between on Escondido Blvd. and Broadway, on the south side of the street. It's i...

Baltimore snowballs in Escondido??

by Ela0427 8 years ago

Has anyone tried them out?? A number of my friends and neighbors are now raving about this place in Escondido. Based on their pics we will make a drive there ASAP. http://www.baltimoresnowball.biz

Escondido Food Truck Festival – Nov. 18

by svnirvana 9 years ago

12 to 6 at Orfila Winery in Escondido. http://sdfoodtrucks.com/escondido-food-truck-festival-nov-18/

Farmers markets in Escondido/ Rancho Bernardo

by CAlover 9 years ago

Hi There, will be visiting family this coming week, and would love to check out some farmers markets while in San Diego. We will be staying in Rancho Bernardo, and also would appreciate any recs. t...

Escondido / San Marcos

by dwatkins79 9 years ago

Coming to the area (from Maine) for three days and I'm looking for the places I shouldn't miss. Anything Mexican, local drinking hangouts, (mexican drinking hangouts?), sushi, local farm to table, ...

Escondido Thai Temple Eats?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 years ago

A thread last year about the Wat in Escondido mentioned the possibility of a food festival for Songkran. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/611382 http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/89280 I'm won...

My Favorite Mexican Restaurant in San Diego County - Hacienda de Vega (Escondido)

Diva Barbarella
by Diva Barbarella 12 years ago

Because I just visited the place (again), and happened to snap some shots of a few of my favorite dishes, thought I'd share with you foodies some choice picks from my favorite Mexican restaurant. ...

Escondido Considering a Move to Wine Production

by araknd 10 years ago

The city of Escondido is "thinking different". http://www.nctimes.com/news/local/escondido/article_a1285c17-7c59-5b99-8cdc-66758a5f6e93.html?oCampaign=email Cooperative wine crushing and suppor...

FYI: Mexican food in Escondido

by maestra 11 years ago

Just thought I'd post about a couple recent changes to the Mexican food scene here in Escondido. Tacos Alex was run out of the former Baja Foods building last month. They were the only busines...

Suckling Pig, San Diego (Escondido)

by Tiburcia 10 years ago

Where can a person find a suckling pig by March 13th (7 days)? Preferably not frozen.

Songkran Escondido- good alternative to Easter

by SaltyRaisins 10 years ago

Salty will be there...will you? http://www.watthaisd.org/sonkran2554_web/images/poster_02.jpg

Help in Escondido: Tacos Alex is closed

by maestra 13 years ago

Our favorite (only, in fact) taco shop is closed, but we don't know the full story. It's located in Baja Foods on 9th Ave., which has recently shut its doors. The building was recently vandalized...