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Edmonton - Where can I find a good bottle of sake?

by Garnetgirl 11 years ago

I have seen a few kinds of sake at Sherwood Liquor but most places barely carry anything other than gekkeikan. Does anyone know of a liquor store that might have a good selection of sake? I've che...

Ice cream/gelato in Edmonton

by karela 6 years ago

I am in Edmonton for a few weeks and hot weather seems to be in the forecast (although admittedly none has materialized as of yet). Is there anywhere interesting or special to have ice cream or ...

Edmonton: Claws for pulling pork?

by milobloom_yxd 10 years ago

Hey all, The subject sounds a bit painful, but I am looking for a local source of "claws" for shredding pork (aka pulled pork). One can find them online easily enough (photo attached) but I don...

Trying to find good beef in Edmonton

by aja1 12 years ago

Hi, I have been living in Edmonton for 3 years now and I am sorry to say I have not managed to find one decent bit of beef in that entire time. I know I was spoiled when I lived in the UK by ha...

Road Trippin' - Kamloops, Victoria, Abbotsford, Chiliwack, Hope Suggestions?

by taiphun 10 years ago

Hi all, Going on a road trip from Edmonton to Jasper to Kamloops to Abbotsford then a jaunt in the US, then back around to Victoria. We go to Vancouver often enough so I'm gonna leave that out....

Vietnamese egg coffee in YEG?

by cwant 6 years ago

My sister sent a photo from her trip to Vietnam of a "egg coffee" she was drinking in a cafe in Hanoi. This is basically Vietnamese coffee with an egg yolk in it, and she described it as "custard-l...

Praise Cheeses! Good cheese in Edmonton/Alberta

by buster3535 10 years ago

Big cheese lover. Always looking for better. Sure taste is subjective but I'm no expert so I'm open to suggestions. Need recommendations for the following: Cheddar (old) - current go to is ...

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in Edmonton

felix the hound
by felix the hound 10 years ago

If Guy Fieri , the Larry Flint of food pornography, were to come to Edmonton, which places or dishes do you think would qualify for a spread?

Affordable clad triply cookware in Canada?

by Dangaard 6 years ago

Not sure if this topic is better in here or in Cookware but we'll see how this goes here first. I'm looking to finally replace my set of non stick cookware and am looking for a decent set of SS tr...

Solstice is dope, right? #yeg

by DylanLK 6 years ago

124th, off a narrow smashed sidewalk splashed by roaring traffic. The sort of place Edmonton is slowly picking up: no frills spaces and carefully sourced food and knowledgeable but chilled out serv...

Where can I find a 6.5" round ginger grater in Edmonton?

by chefathome 9 years ago

The last two times in Edmonton I asked at T&T and was told they did not carry them. Are you aware of any other stores that do? If not I will just order from Amazon.

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