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Los Amigos restaurant in Durham

by Sant 17 years ago

I like trying new places and always try to support the non-chain restaurants in my neck of the woods. So when I saw this new restaurant on Guess Road I thought I'd try it for lunch. The curious t...

Shiki Sushi in Durham

by Ackerman 17 years ago

Anyone been to this place? I have an unavoidable appt. there on Friday, am awfully worried it will prove to be of the shopping center silly named re-hashed overpriced variety of cuisine that (only...

Pan Pan in Durham

by JCR 17 years ago

Anyone here familiar with the Pan Pan in Durham, NC? Apparently they scored a big 85 on the sanitation test...they're closing soon. No more 24 hour buffet I guess. ...

Good cheap BBQ in Chapel Hill/Durham

by Matt 17 years ago

Let's say less than 10 bucks. Any suggestions? I care not for atmosphere - want good grub and lots of it.

asian markets in Greensboro/Durham

by Marg22 17 years ago

I'm looking for a place that sells Chinese vegetables (Chinese broccoli, U-toy, etc.) in Greensboro, and willing to travel to Durham.... Thanks!

Durham NC: Magnolia Grill

by David A. 17 years ago

I had my first taste of the famed Magnolia Grill recently and was full of expectation as I'd noticed it had been named the 11th best restaurant in the entire United States by Gourmet Magazine last ...

Durham: Pao Lim

by David A. 17 years ago

Taking the advice of the proprietor of the Asian Market in Durham, my wife and I headed just down 15-501 to Pao Lim. The menu is a mix of Americanized Chinese and pan-Asian dishes (pakoras even), b...

another dinner in durham request

by ted 17 years ago

Will be there for work one night next week. Wondering if there's anywhere I should seek out. Or I can always try to get a reservation at the Magnolia Grill. Really enjoyed it the first time I went.

Late Dinner in Durham

by geotect 17 years ago

Saturday night I'm picking up my date for a 7:00 movie, and then we want to go to dinner. The movie runs over two hours, so I need to know a place that's still seating after 9:30. I'm wondering if ...

Durham: Hong Kong Restaurant

by David A. 17 years ago

Having had a mixed experience with dim sum at Hong Kong Restaurant, my wife and I returned for dinner and had another mixed experience. We ordered off the Chinese menu and found the fare perfectly ...

Durham folow-up

by Gary 17 years ago

I dont think people come back and give feedback after they get rec etc enough...anyways had lunch at Taverna nickos...great winderful lemon chicken rice greek soup, the calamari was good...4 Square...

Durham: El Cuscutleco

by David A. 17 years ago

Has anyone ever tried El Cuscutleco on Garrett Rd. in Durham? I drove by and thought the place looked sufficiently grungy to be promising. David A.

Durham: Pao Lim Again

by David A. 17 years ago

I returned to Pao Lim, determined to get a handle on the place. We had spare ribs and green papaya salad for appetizers; mongolian beef, duck with orange sauce, eggplant with garlic sauce, and pan-...

Chapel Hill/Durham Chinese Inquiry

by David A. 17 years ago

I have just arrived in town with my Taiwanese wife. I am wondering if there is an authentic Chinese restaurant in Chapel Hill or Durham, by which I mean a restaurant that primarily caters to Chines...

Good Indian in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill?

by Jeff 17 years ago

The subject line says it all. I like Northern and Southern. Thanks for your help!

Three hours in Raleigh-Durham?

by Janet 17 years ago

OK guys, thanks to the wonders of modern air travel I have a three and a half hour layover in Raleigh Durham Saturday; middle of the day. Do I have time to leave the airport, maybe have a decent l...

Three good (new) dining experiences in Durham NC

by ben f 17 years ago

So I've been feeling a little bored with my regular stable of restaurants in the area and have been experimenting with not much luck. I have found three surprisingly good places (or at least had t...

magnolia grill in durham, nc

by susan h. 17 years ago

what is on the menu at magnolia grill? i'm going there this week and want to know more

burritos in durham/chapel hill

by christina 17 years ago

is there a really good authentic burrito place in durham or chapel hill?

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