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Brooklyn Copper Cookware large 11" rondeau - making duck ragu

by Toronto416 6 days ago

BCC have begun producing larger diameter pots, and the 11" 5QT rondeau is the perfect size for cooking for a dinner p...

tim irvine commented 5 days ago

Need Sources for Whole Duck & Duck Legs - Philly & Central PA

by Scott O 3 months ago

I have been seriously hankering some duck lately - whole duck for making stock, rendering duck fat and for meat; duck...

Amishchow commented 20 days ago

Best Chinese BBQ Duck (take-out)?

by JoeAllen 3 months ago

Chinese BBQ Duck; looking for a good one at one of the markets, maybe along Univ. Ave. in St. Paul? One they will hac...

ibew292 commented 1 month ago

Duck confit question

by letaylor96 9 years ago

Does anyone know why just the legs are used for *most* duck confit preparations? Are the other cuts just not as goo...


southofboston commented 2 months ago

Prague Recommendations in Feb

by bobiedobie 1 year ago

Hey all, Heading to Prague for 3 nights in mid- to late-February, looking for some recommendations for good local ...


cavandre commented 2 months ago

Best roast duck in SF, how to travel with it?

by aloncise 2 months ago

I am traveling from SF to the East Coast and my mom wanted me to bring a Chinese roast duck (she lives in a rural cra...

Melanie Wong commented 2 months ago

Cooking different breeds of whole duck

by damiano 2 months ago

I want to become better at preparing and cooking duck. But at this stage I still have difficulty knowing which breed ...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

3.5 year old whole frozen duck

by smgord 4 months ago

The subject line says it all… Is the bird still worth cooking? It doesn’t look like it is suffering from freezer bur...


smgord commented 4 months ago

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Half peking duck lunch in Taipei

by eng3 4 months ago

I'll be visiting taipei on my own and would like to find a place where I can get a HALF peking duck for lunch. Prefe...

To Crunch or Not to Crunch -- Edible Cartilage

by S U 11 years ago

The topic on eating skins got me thinking... friends/family that I chow with on a frequent basis know I LOVE to munch...


Swedenhorse commented 5 months ago

How To Reheat Chinese Roast Duck?

by Bon Ap 2 years ago

Help! Purchased a Chinese Roast Duck (and all Peking Duck fixings) at Corner 28 in Flushing, NY last night. Am curr...


nicelily commented 5 months ago

Duck stock help

by Swiftc 5 months ago

Hi all, A farmer from our farmers market has stew ducks available--which I've never seen before, so naturally I ha...

hotoynoodle commented 5 months ago

Fresh duck gizzards

by mike_e 5 months ago

I'm looking for fresh (or barring that frozen) duck gizzards in the GTA. Cumbraes says they would have to order too m...

TorontoTips commented 5 months ago

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"Peking Duck Kitchen" Scarborough - Hands down, one of the best tasting Chinese meal of the year!

by Charles Yu 6 months ago

Whilst the iconic and super-expensive Beijing based ‘ QJD Peking Duck Restaurant ‘ was planning and pumping in an obs...

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Yum Noodles | Changsha Hunan in Santa Clara

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Tonight I stopped by Chromatic coffee on my way home and noticed Yum Noodles a few doors down. What a happy find! Yum...

Whole duck for broth

by Nyleve 7 months ago

So I cleaned out my freezer yesterday and found a duck in there that I got from a friend who raises them. It's a scra...


Nyleve commented 7 months ago

Pressed Almond Duck

by mochi-mochi 12 years ago

Does anyone know of a decent Chinese Restaurant in Gardena/Torrance that serves pressed duck with real gravy not swee...


hs10x commented 7 months ago

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I don't have the skills to cook a whole duck

by AKaplan 7 months ago

Rather than trying to play Chef Oscar, with a whole duck, I limit my purchase to boned Duck Breasts. That simplifies ...

Will duck wings be as tasty as chicken wings?

by JacknNick 3 years ago

Being rather cheap at the grocery store I purchased duck wings instead of chicken wings--could not in good conscience...


lameige commented 9 months ago