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Brown or White Veal Stock

by rp17 18 days ago

I posted a question about veal stock a few months ago and never ended up making it. I took the bones out of my freeze...


rp17 commented 17 days ago

Best Peking Duck in Flushing

by newhavener 30 days ago

Kid is graduating and wants a Peking Duck dinner. Small group - 12 people at most - any recommendations? Although m...


swannee commented 24 days ago

Ping's Mott Street Manhattan?

by erica 29 days ago

Had not thought about this restaurant in years but this article sparked my interest. Anyone been recently? Comments?...


GaryUES commented 29 days ago

Brooklyn Copper Cookware large 11" rondeau - making duck ragu

by Toronto416 4 months ago

BCC have begun producing larger diameter pots, and the 11" 5QT rondeau is the perfect size for cooking for a dinner p...


SognSpatula commented 1 month ago

Best Chinese BBQ Duck (take-out)?

by JoeAllen 7 months ago

Chinese BBQ Duck; looking for a good one at one of the markets, maybe along Univ. Ave. in St. Paul? One they will hac...


chaolee commented 3 months ago

Turducken -- Good or just a novelty?

by junescook 7 years ago

I host Christmas dinner each year for 12+ people, and every year I like to do something different. In the recent pas...


luckyfatima commented 3 months ago

Pressed Almond Duck

by mochi-mochi 12 years ago

Does anyone know of a decent Chinese Restaurant in Gardena/Torrance that serves pressed duck with real gravy not swee...


foodiejb commented 3 months ago

Need Sources for Whole Duck & Duck Legs - Philly & Central PA

by Scott O 7 months ago

I have been seriously hankering some duck lately - whole duck for making stock, rendering duck fat and for meat; duck...


Amishchow commented 5 months ago

Duck confit question

by letaylor96 9 years ago

Does anyone know why just the legs are used for *most* duck confit preparations? Are the other cuts just not as goo...


southofboston commented 6 months ago

Prague Recommendations in Feb

by bobiedobie 1 year ago

Hey all, Heading to Prague for 3 nights in mid- to late-February, looking for some recommendations for good local ...


cavandre commented 6 months ago

Best roast duck in SF, how to travel with it?

by aloncise 6 months ago

I am traveling from SF to the East Coast and my mom wanted me to bring a Chinese roast duck (she lives in a rural cra...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 6 months ago

Cooking different breeds of whole duck

by damiano 6 months ago

I want to become better at preparing and cooking duck. But at this stage I still have difficulty knowing which breed ...


hotoynoodle commented 6 months ago

3.5 year old whole frozen duck

by smgord 8 months ago

The subject line says it all… Is the bird still worth cooking? It doesn’t look like it is suffering from freezer bur...


smgord commented 7 months ago

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Half peking duck lunch in Taipei

by eng3 8 months ago

I'll be visiting taipei on my own and would like to find a place where I can get a HALF peking duck for lunch. Prefe...

To Crunch or Not to Crunch -- Edible Cartilage

by S U 12 years ago

The topic on eating skins got me thinking... friends/family that I chow with on a frequent basis know I LOVE to munch...


Swedenhorse commented 8 months ago

How To Reheat Chinese Roast Duck?

by Bon Ap 2 years ago

Help! Purchased a Chinese Roast Duck (and all Peking Duck fixings) at Corner 28 in Flushing, NY last night. Am curr...


nicelily commented 8 months ago

Duck stock help

by Swiftc 9 months ago

Hi all, A farmer from our farmers market has stew ducks available--which I've never seen before, so naturally I ha...


hotoynoodle commented 9 months ago

Fresh duck gizzards

by mike_e 9 months ago

I'm looking for fresh (or barring that frozen) duck gizzards in the GTA. Cumbraes says they would have to order too m...


TorontoTips commented 9 months ago

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"Peking Duck Kitchen" Scarborough - Hands down, one of the best tasting Chinese meal of the year!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 9 months ago

Whilst the iconic and super-expensive Beijing based ‘ QJD Peking Duck Restaurant ‘ was planning and pumping in an obs...

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Yum Noodles | Changsha Hunan in Santa Clara

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

Tonight I stopped by Chromatic coffee on my way home and noticed Yum Noodles a few doors down. What a happy find! Yum...