Dried Mushrooms

Get Cozy with These 15 Creamy Mushroom Recipes (No Can Opener Required)

Cream and mushrooms are a magical combo, and these creamy mushroom recipes celebrate it in all its glory—but without relying on a can. The power duo is nothing new, of course; cream and mushrooms have...

Where to buy dried mushrooms in Atlanta area?

by JackoNY 10 years ago

Looking for dried mushrooms (porcini) in large quantities, good quality and reasonable price. Does someone has any suggestions?

How long do dried mushrooms last?

by NYCkaren 14 years ago

I've got a bag at home somewhere that I've had for years. I'm not even sure how many years. Do you think they'd be safe to eat? If they don't smell moldy or anything?

Reconstituted dried mushroom - any successes?

by Rella 10 years ago

Is there any way that I can reconstitute any dried mushroom so that it will not be rubbery? I cannot even count the ways I've tried - with absolutely no success. I do like the flavor, but if I ...

Chanterelles - Bitter

by jounipesonen 5 years ago

It's known - incl myself - that dried chanterelles shousoaked and water discarded - otherwise strong bitter taste. What has happened in the drying process because there isn't this phenomenon wit...

Where to get dried mushrooms like Costco used to sell?

by helou 8 years ago

Costco used to sell a large-ish plastic container that had a nice mix of various dried mushrooms, including shitakes. Then they sold a smaller container with only sliced shitakes, but those (by Sh...

Buying dried mushrooms in Montreal!

by skendall87 6 years ago

Hi everyone, I am hoping to buy my Dad a collection of delicious & special dried mushrooms for Christmas. (He loves to cook, loves mushrooms, and knows far more about them than I do.) I was plan...

I am giving up on dried mushrooms. Throwing in the towel. Is all that grit really worth it?

Full tummy
by Full tummy 12 years ago

I had a pricey pack of dried black trumpet mushrooms, soaked them in boiling water, plucked out the mushrooms, drained the soaking water through cheesecloth, rinsed the soaked mushrooms in fresh wa...

Dried Mushrooms, OMG!!

by caiatransplant 7 years ago

Hi all. I bought some dried Hedgehog and Trumpet Mushrooms the other day, with the idea of using them in a pasta sauce. I placed them in a container of warm water for a couple of hours, got busy ...

East Bay source for dried mushrooms in quantity?

by lexdevil 8 years ago

Preferably porcini. Not wholesale quantity, but the 8oz. - 1lb. I need when cooking for 70 people. Trying to avoid purchasing dozens of overpriced half ounce bags.

Dried mushrooms? What's the point?

by iheartcooking 8 years ago

I notice a lot of seemingly reputable recipes call for the inclusion of dried or reconstituted mushrooms. Before this I thought that may be because it's hard to get fresh mushrooms, but maybe there...

Where to buy local dried mushrooms?

by thunderbug84 8 years ago

I'd like to make pickled mushrooms for my friend using local dried shiitakes. I'm from out of town (Boston) and I have no idea where the best place to get them is. Any help is much appreciated!

Contamination in Dried Mushrooms

by Pipenta 8 years ago

Anyone know anything on this topic? Cesium in particular, imported mushrooms in particular, but I'm interested in all of it. Thanks. gonna xpost in food media

How Do I Handle Dried Mushrooms?

by lattelover 8 years ago

I bought some dried mushrooms in France - morels, chanterelles, and mixed, and I dont quite know the best way to rehydrate them. I have heard about soaking them, but dont know how long or how much...

Reconstituting dried mushrooms

by Jessiet 9 years ago

I am reconstituting some dried porcinis for a dinner I'm making. I'll be using mostly domestic mushrooms, and supplementing them with the dried ones and their liquor. My question is, after the 20...

One More....dried mushroom mix!

by Tina1981 9 years ago

I have one more question I would like to ask my fellow chowhounders.................... I am trying to eat all the food in my cupboards to make room for fresh supplies. I have a box of portabel...

dried mushrooms

by kitchendeeva 9 years ago

I was at a little local italian market today and they had a bag of assorted woodland mushrooms, for what seemed like a really reasonable price (when you consider those tiny packets in the grocery s...

Easy Mushroom Broth made with dried mushrooms - need recipe

by Rella 9 years ago

http://www.chow.com/recipes/30304-easy-mushroom-broth This 'easy mushroom broth' on chow reminded me that I've never made a good/acceptable mushroom broth with dried mushrooms - any and all kind...

Dried Mushroom Question

by jenniferCordes 10 years ago

I'm planning on making the Epicurious recipe Porcini-Crusted Filet Mignon with Fresh Herb Butter. I have dried morels on hand and am wondering if I can substitute them for the porcini. I'm not su...

dried mushrooms question

by itryalot 10 years ago

I bought 4 pounds of gourmet dried mushrooms (porcini, oyster, morel). Can these be sauteed if I soak them. I have heard pouring boiling water makes them more moist. I've only every used them in a...

Dried mushroom powder

by ecs67 10 years ago

I pulverized dried mushrooms and tried to make crepes using the powder instead of regular flour. The taste was great but the consistency was not. Any ideas? Thanks.