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Not feeling fancy? We hear you! We've got recommendations for the coolest dive bars wherever you are, plus fiery discussions about how much Chowhounds love or hate them.

Fascinating Facts About 8 NYC Bars to Impress Your Drinking Buddies

As one of the world’s top nightlife capitals, New York City’s got some pretty cool bars. But sometimes, you crave a place that offers something more than a fancy cocktail and a dark-and-sexy vibe—you...

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PDX - Favorite Dive Bars - now smoke-free!

by MichaelG 11 years ago

When I was younger, I used to enjoy a good dive bar - interesting ambience, cheap drinks, etc., but over the years the smoke got to me, so I stopped going. But now with the new non-smoking laws...

dive bars off ventura? help!

by west coast foodie 12 years ago

looking for a dive bar in the sherman oaks, tarzana area that serves tasty bar food and a good variety of draft beers. i have no idea what's out there 'cause i'm more familiar with the westside... ...

Best Dive Bar in Houston?

by bsabreboy 12 years ago

Looking for a local dive bar that is friendly and safe. Any places on the northside of Houston?

Impossible to find dive bars downtown?

by doublecure 12 years ago

In town for a conference, staying at the Sheraton on Dalton Street downtown. Looking for a place or places within walking distance to take a different group of 20-30 people per night for a few bee...

OC Dive Bars with BTA chow?

by OCBites 12 years ago

Seeking dive-y or low-key watering holes with suprisingly good fare. Even if it's just a burger or whatever. You folks know what I mean -- and you never let me down-- so thanks in advance for you...

dive bars in KC with good food or not

by Danimal 13 years ago

suggestions? I'll be out there looking for an escape from my gf. social+culinary KC is a positive.

EV or BK - Dive Bar with Good Pizza?

by thoughtfulpose 12 years ago

looking for a bar/restaurant in the east village or brooklyn (pref. park slope or prospect heights or fort greene) to go with some friends and get some good but inexpensive beer & pizza (and one of...

Off- Strip Dive Bars/ Las Vegas

by mcfly 12 years ago

Spending a week in Vegas and need a break from the strip. Any recommendations for some "locals" bars with good food/ cheap drinks?

South Bend, IN dive bars

by Danimal 13 years ago

I'll be up there for the hudson falcons show friday, and I'll definitely be getting pizza at politos, but does anyone have any recs on dive bars?

Cheapest Dive Bar near the Wiltern?

by Grog 14 years ago

Going to see the Pogues tonight and want to show up fashionably juiced up. I'm thinkin the Frank'n'Hank but that's a bit of a walk. Anything closer?

Dive Bars in the 60's and 70's and Lex...

by THM 15 years ago

Subject line says it all - tell me y'all's faves... thanks in advance thm

Favorite SF dive bars?

by Andy B. 17 years ago

Anyone have some favorite, locals kind of places in the city with inexpensive drinks? I'm particularly partial to the off-beat or unexpected types of places, friendly, low-key, un-trendy, but not s...

Seeking!! a dive bar with food

by Suzzane 15 years ago

Any place where a group of us (~20) can grab a huge table and not wait in line, get split up, etc? (I hear Old Town Bar has a large upstairs and great pub food...but is it crowded on a weeknight?)

Beach Bars/Dive Bars

by jake 15 years ago

Hello. I am taking a trip around Florida, from Tallahassee to the Keys. It is going to take a month to do it all, and I want to stop at all the best beach bars in this state. Some that I have b...

Dive Bars/ Seafood shacks

by Florida guy 16 years ago

I posted my message back on 8/29 looking for the best Dive Bars in this state, and got some great responses, lets see if we can go even deeper this time. I am looking for places like Jimbo's on Vir...

dive bars downtown?

by burny carbo 16 years ago

hi all. boston chowhound seeking rec's for a bar able to host a party for a magazine. i am attending a writing convention and would ideally like a cheap beer/eats place close to our hotel: hyatt ...

dive bar/resturants

by foster 16 years ago

Hello, i am looking for the very best dive bar resturants in the state of Florida. Places that look like they opened sometime before 1960, and are loaded with character. Good food is important, s...

Looking for Non-Touristy, Irish or Dive Bar in Midtown...

by Andrew Langer 16 years ago

Morning, all! I'm a New Yorker, transplanted to DC a few years back, coming into town for the "festivities" the week after next. I'm looking for a place that I can meet up with a few friends to ...

SF Hound Needs Dive Bars, Cheap-ish Eats, Best Cannoli, Regional Recs

by Pssst 16 years ago

I’m sure with the DNC you’re been getting lots of out-of-towner requests, it happens to us on the SF Board too, so I’ve tried to be specific. I’ve begun combing through the board for info. The ...

Valley Dive Bars

by prince 16 years ago

Are there any good dive bars in the valley to get a drink at during the afternoon tomorrow?

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