Dive Bar

Not feeling fancy? We hear you! We've got recommendations for the coolest dive bars wherever you are, plus fiery discussions about how much Chowhounds love or hate them.

Fascinating Facts About 8 NYC Bars to Impress Your Drinking Buddies

As one of the world’s top nightlife capitals, New York City’s got some pretty cool bars. But sometimes, you crave a place that offers something more than a fancy cocktail and a dark-and-sexy vibe—you...

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Dive Bars..San Diego

Beach Chick
by Beach Chick 12 years ago

Love Love Love a great dive bar.. Pacific Shores in Ocean Beach and Nunu's in Hillcrest are some of my fav's. Star Bar in the Gaslamp, Night Owl in PB and Jamacha Junction in El Cajon are some re...

Dive bars, holes in the wall, quirky places full of character in Chicago

by briansy 7 years ago

Hi all, Before I start, I need to put this thread into context. I am an Irish guy living in London and have just returned from a trip to the South (Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina) where I...

Any suggestions for a LES dive bar tour, kind of in the same vain as RGR's "(in)famous Lower East Side food tour." ?

by porker 7 years ago

Heading to NYC for Allman Brothers, staying near Little Italy/Chinatown. Can anyone suggest a self-guided LES dive bar tour? Perhaps another neighbourhood would be better suited? All suggestions w...

Dive bars near The Moore

by vandan 7 years ago

I know of Nitelife (part of the hotel) but any other good ones that would be just a stumble away, heard about a place with a bunch of pinball machines

Lima: fancy and dive bars, casual food?

by Joanie 7 years ago

Hi, off to Peru for the typical tourist visit as part of a tour which kind of kills me but it was a good deal and makes life easier. Staying in the Miraflores area and looking for a good but not ex...

Dive bars in Long Branch

by riverman18 7 years ago

Hey all, meeting some friends next weekend for the Polar Plunge and we're in search of a neighborhood "shot-and-a-beer" joint. Pier Village looks a little too upscale for us with the possible excep...

Free pool tables in dive bars

by Shattered 7 years ago

Does anyone know dive bars with free pool (aka open tables)? My fave dive Bar Montenegro (formerly Miami) closed permanently a while back. I heard Mad Hatters has free pool. Can anyone verify? ...

Dive bar L.A.

by emglow101 9 years ago

Will be in Los Angeles in February. Yea, I like to put back a couple. Looking for a bar with nostalgia or not. Dark and crummy. But has good drinks and maybe some good eats, I was in downtown LA a ...

Cheap and Dirty: Thrifty Dive Bars of the GTA

by doubledust 10 years ago

Hey all. I like drinking beer in seedy spots, and places full of history or character. I also want to make a documentary on the seediest, and most interesting bars in Southern Ontario. If anyone...

Searching for great neighborhood dive bars in Honolulu

by ChervilGeorge 8 years ago

I've just about got my list finished up of where to visit, swim, hike eat etc. for my upcoming visit to Oahu in a few days. Then I realized, I don't have any dive bars on my itinerary. Oh the hor...

top dive bars in new orleans

by joedontexan 11 years ago

heres a couple sweet ones Snake and Jakes, saturn bar erin rose any others?

Need a dive bar with really good food in Downtown Boston

by dcethridge 8 years ago

Any recommendations? Have a loud New Yorker coming in for a business lunch - need to stay in walking distance of Financial District. Thanks.

Looking for Latino dive bar near Arepa Lady in Jackson Heights

by StayHungry 8 years ago

I am going for the first time to have an arepa from the Arepa Lady on Roosevelt Avenue and 78th St in Jackson Heights (I know, it's really sad, I've been in NYC for two years now). Anyway, lookin...

Irish Bars and Dive Bars

by bennyt2271 9 years ago

Guys, trip to the city and next week for Big East tournament and we are looking for some nice dive bars and Irish pubs to hit either on the way to or around The Garden?? Any suggestions will be gr...

Cool Dive Bar Near Sheraton Downtown Denver

by fulloflife 8 years ago

I have an 8 day business trip to Denver and would love some feedback on any restaurants and dive bars that are really local in flavor and walkable from the hotel. Thanks!

SD Dive Bar Crawls...your fav's?

Beach Chick
by Beach Chick 11 years ago

As you all know, I LOVE dive bars.. What's your favorite dive bar crawls in SD.. I like the Point Loma/OB dive bar beauties starting with my fav..Pacific Shores "Pac Shores" on Newport..it is the...

Dive bar with good food ??

by Lpiper 9 years ago

Looking for ideas of a fun dive bar with good pub food on the Peninsula for a birthday party

Dive Bars and Lounges - Near North Side?

by bjm87 9 years ago

Another tourist here. I'll be staying in the Near North Side at the end of the month, and while I know this likely isn't the best area of the city for what I'm looking for, I figure there's got to ...

ISO dive bar nr. Met Museum

by ab70 9 years ago

It doesn't seem like there would be a dive bar near the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but if there is, I would love to know! Barring that, can anyone recommend an inexpensive, unpretentious, relaxed ...

Good dive bar in Midtown/Hell's kitchen?

by mummer43 9 years ago

I'll be in the area on Saturday and I'm looking for a cheap place to grab a beer or 6. I already know about Rudy's. I remember going to a place that was below street level a couple years ago, but...