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Dishwasher Recall

by DuffyH 4 months ago

If you own a Bosch, Gaggenau, Jenn-Air, Thermador or Kenmore Elite dishwasher, installed between 2008 and 2013, check...

Dishwasher withdrawal

by Cam14 7 months ago

Our 14 year old Bosch dishwasher burned out the control panel last week. I'd started the dishwasher just before we l...

Cam14 commented 6 months ago

Want a dishwasher that not only washes,but dries the dishes thoroughly

by Registrar 2 years ago

I just purchased a Whirlpool. The one I had before was great, washed the dishes fully and dried them fully. So I ch...


medlar commented 6 months ago

Bosch Dishwasher Problems

by neighborguy 9 years ago

Does anyone have experience with a problem Bosch dishwasher? I've read about these previously and hoped mine would no...


ferret commented 9 months ago

What did you put in the dishwasher which the manufacturer said to hand wash?

by Nikki NYC 5 years ago

I'll start by telling you what prompted me to post this thread. My wonderful, amazing husband whom I love dearly put ...


az4257 commented 9 months ago

Appliance emergency - dual fuel v induction v gas only?

by MrsPatmore 12 months ago

I bought a little vacation house and normally I would have spent months researching every appliance on the market and...


alexrander commented 12 months ago

Upgrading to higher-end appliances, want to hear your installation experience

by enickerson 1 year ago

Hi! My husband and I are looking to upgrade from the appliances that came with our house to something more premium. W...


mobiledynamics commented 1 year ago

Don't buy this Bosch!

by jamiemichelle2 1 year ago

I am so bummed out that we are now stuck with our new Bosch dishwasher. First off, I will admit t does a decent job o...

DuffyH commented 1 year ago

What does CLEAN indicator mean on a Bosch dishwasher?

by ebchower 1 year ago

My Bosch dishwasher has 3 indicator lights. Sanitize, Clean, and Add Rinse Aid. The Clean indicator comes in after ...


suburban_mom commented 1 year ago

Do not buy this dishwasher

by MargaWJ 1 year ago

This brand new dishwasher (model number PDT750SMF8ES) was installed in May of 2016 in our new kitchen. Since we were ...


zackly commented 1 year ago

Cookware in the DW: Yay or Nay

by chefwong 1 year ago

Is it like cheating on your diet when you have the urge to put the cookware in the DW after a long night of cooking/e...

kaleokahu commented 1 year ago

Impact of dishwasher

by imesbah 1 year ago

I like to know the impacts of the dishwasher on various cookwares in detail. Thanx in advance. Actually, I have coo...


imesbah commented 1 year ago

This is CRAZY, but my dishwasher will not CLOSE. HELP!

by alkapal 6 years ago

I am pretty good mechanically, but I caNNOT figure out why my dishwasher door will not close. The trays are fully ...


at098 commented 1 year ago

appliances for condo

by Mtmpharm 2 years ago

I am looking for a mid price appliance set up for my condo. I need a dishwasher, 30" gas range, over range convectio...

ninrn commented 2 years ago

Dream Kitchen on a budget. Please help with appliances!

by AllieM 2 years ago

We started shopping recently to begin building our dream kitchen on a budget. Depending on what establishment we ente...

DuffyH commented 2 years ago

commercial dishwashers in the home--long idosyncratic post

by Wendy Leonard 16 years ago

I've never seen a posting on this, so wanted to share my experience with chowhounds. Dishes have always been a huge ...


ferret commented 2 years ago

Kitchen remodel: no Viking, no S/S, just basic white appliances.

by chefdaddyo 2 years ago

We're ready do a whole new kitchen in a 40 year old townhouse. Only been here about a year. 10' x 9'. Not a lot of...


chefdaddyo commented 2 years ago

Miele vs Bosch dw

by palomalou 2 years ago

i've been pondering bosch benchmark vs Miele dw. Like the idea of the Bosch leakguard. But the Miele dimension has th...


chefwong commented 2 years ago