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[MSP] Wheelchair Accessible and Moderately Priced

by jaycooke 12 years ago

I have family visiting from Iowa in a couple weeks, including my grandmother who uses a wheelchair (although she can walk a few steps at a time and would prefer to sit in a chair at a restaurant an...

Wheelchair-accessible near Penn Station

by merrymc 12 years ago

Hi all -- my mother and stepfather, who is in a wheelchair, are coming to grab some light eats/drink/coffee with me, and they want to be not too far from Penn Station. Yes, Koreatown, but most of t...

Wheelchair accessible in Baltimore?

by maddogg280 12 years ago

Can anyone recommend two categories of wheelchair accessible establishments? 1. Coffeshop 2. Restaurant- reasonable priced, please-everyone type menu Very interested in ease of parking and we...

Wheelchair Accessible Recommendations

by susan1353 12 years ago

I am (temporarily) in a wheelchair, but well enough to get out. I'm new to the area (living on Roosevelt Island but we have a car) and would love some recommendations of accessible restaurants in ...

handicapped accessible?

by cambridgeMike 12 years ago

My wife has a friend coming into town this weekend who is in a wheelchair. It's my job to come up with a place for dinner Saturday night. Any reccomendations for places that don't require stairs ...

Lunch Rec with 90 year-old in wheelchair

by elzbeth71 12 years ago

Grateful for lunch recommendation for Friday with an older, frail woman. Need wheelchair access and preferably valet parking in the Woodley/Cleveland Park area. Dupont Circle also seems pretty clos...

Seeking Handicap accessible gourmet food in Madison, WI?

by yummyewe 12 years ago

Why is L'etoile STILL handicap INaccessible? What's the best chow in this town and can I access it in a wheelchair? I love to eat and I hear there's great food here but I'm stumped! Thanks chowhou...

Birthday Gang of 40 - wheelchair accessible

by Andria 12 years ago

What are the best bets for a gang of 40 for my birthday? My accountant is in a wheelchair, so it must be accessible. Great food and fun ambiance would be best.

Great 21st Birthday restaurant for son in wheelchair, group, in midtown?

by janeer 12 years ago

My son turns 21 end-June, he is in a wheelchair, sophisticated foodlover, pretty omninvorous, lover of special places. Any suggestions for completely accessible (including bathroom!), special/memor...

Wheelchair accessibility in Toronto?

by hungry_pangolin 12 years ago

This is somewhat urgent. I'm having dinner with some family on WEDNESDAY NIGHT, one of whom (though youngish) needs to use a walker. Does anyone know of a good restaurant in the downtown area (broa...

Meiwah - Handicapped Accessible?

by celebrate 12 years ago

I'm supposed to be going to an event at Meiwah on New Hampshire, but haven't been able to find out if it is handicapped accessible. 3 of us in wheelchairs! Can anyone tell me if we'll have any tr...

Handicap accessible group dinner in Bethesda/Chevy Chase

by lermande 13 years ago

Any suggestions on nice restaurant in the Bethesda/ Chevy Chase area with a private dining area that would be accessible for a walker? Need an area that can accommodate around 15 people. Thanks i...

DiBruno's Chestnut-- Handicap accessible?

by drewcifer 13 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knew off-hand whether the upstairs cafe at DiBruno's was accessible to those unable to walk the stairs. I don't recall seeing any sort of lift there-- anyone know if they...

Mystic/Groton handicapped accessible

by Lindsay 13 years ago

Hi All! We are going to meet friends in the Mystic/Groton area of Ct. We haven't seen each other in a while and it is a special occaision. Our friend has MS and is confined to a wheel chair. Do ...

Wheelchair accessible and family atmosphere - east bay?

by crepevine 13 years ago

Hello I am planning a birthday party (erm, mine) and am looking for a moderate, Kincaids-type East Bay restaurant that easily accomodates somebody in a wheelchair and has a relaxed atmosphere ap...

inexpensive, wheelchair accessible, rehearsal dinner

by e 14 years ago

Hi! I am trying to organize an inexpensive, casual rehearsal dinner for about 40 people in July. We had been thinking pizza, italian, or chinese, but are fairly flexible. The catch is that the re...

Brunch/Lunch, Handicap Accessible

by Anon 14 years ago

Hey All, I'm looking for a place to take the grandparents (a party of 6 total, I think) for a lunch/brunch on an upcoming FRIDAY. We'll be in the Richmond area, but are willing to travel to the ...

Handicapped-Accessible Flushing Dim Sum

by ForkinMouth 14 years ago

Looking for quality dim sum in Flushing, without stairs/steps and convenient for automobile drop-off of eldery diner. My usual favorite spot (Gum Fung?) doesn't qualify. Any suggestions?

wheelchair accessible / hip / fine dining experience...

by am 14 years ago

...in dupont or other areas accessible by metro. other suggestions were vidalia and ceiba. neither are accessible but maybe that gives you an idea of what type of place we're looking for. any he...

wheelchair accessibility

by hopping mad 14 years ago

I'm interested in Indian food and wanted to try someplace on Devon. I am concerned about seating. I need a place that can accomadate my wheelchair although I am able to sit in a chair at the table ...

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