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Elderly/Disabled at Tickets, Hisop and other Barcelona Restaurants

by Tohono Rat 5 years ago

In the Fall, my wife and I will be in Barcelona for two weeks with my elderly (80's) parents. I don't have the usual "Where should I eat?" questions. We all appreciate everything from the most tra...

40th birthday SURPRISE for my husband around Baltimore

by Princessmurf 5 years ago

I want to have a party/luncheon/dinner for my husband who is turning 40 in January. I am looking for a bar or restaurant or even wine bar that offers packages for about 20 to 30 people. In the Balt...

Wheelchair accessible in Baltimore?

by maddogg280 12 years ago

Can anyone recommend two categories of wheelchair accessible establishments? 1. Coffeshop 2. Restaurant- reasonable priced, please-everyone type menu Very interested in ease of parking and we...

Wheelchair Accessible Restos Near City Line?

by Misha 5 years ago

Anyone have a suggestion of a good restaurant near the Crowne Plaza on City Line Ave.? Needs to be wheelchair-accessible and, of course, NOT a chain. Friends of friend are flying in from Iowa and h...

Wheelchair Friendly Restaurants

by Pincus 5 years ago

I'm looking for some wheelchair friendly restaurants in East End Toronto or western Scarborough to take my mom out for a meal. Food should be fresh and tasty, I don't require fancy dining, but s...

ISO wheelchair accessible resto for sophisticated bday dinner

by annamac 6 years ago

I'm looking for a fully wheelchair accessible resto (bathroom included) in the GTA - central is better for a 55th birthday dinner for 12 people.

Wheelchair accessible restaurants in Portsmouth NH

by shoes 6 years ago

Some friends are headed to Portsmouth in June 2014 for a mini vacation. One uses a wheelchair to get around. Can you recommend places for foodies that also accommodate wheelchair-using patrons? ...

Wheelchair accessible nightlife in nyc

by LaurenCo34 6 years ago

Saturday night we are going out in NYC for my boyfriends birthday, and one of his friends is in a wheelchair. I need a hot spot to go to, that won't be troublesome in a wheelchair.

Handicapped Accessible Restaurant near Frick

by jroukens 6 years ago

I'd appreciate any recommendations for a handicapped accessible restaurant for lunch near the Frick Museum. Indoor seating. Nothing too outrageously pricey.

Looking for a wheelchair accessible restaurant for Thanksgiving near 72nd and York

by mr. f 6 years ago

Hoping for quality but really any suggestions or recommendations are welcomed. We really do need to be near York and 72nd as one family member is recovering and in a wheelchair and does not want t...

need italian that is vegetarian-friendly and wheelchair-accessible

by mntwin 6 years ago

Hi, We're staying in Kendall Sq for a week, looking for an Italian lunch from the N End to anywhere north of Cambridge, where wheelchair access is easy (and parking is not impossible for the friend...

ADA Wheelchair accessible Restaurants

by shindiganna 12 years ago

I'm hoping to compile a list of accessible restaurants. We go out for brunch nearly every weekend and one of our party uses a wheelchair. We've had some really good experiences at the following p...

Need a decent restaurant, wheelchair accessible, easy parking IN CHAPEL HILL/CARRBORO

by CookingForReal 7 years ago

And open on Mondays for lunch. The parking issue leaves most of downtown Chapel Hill (that run along Franklin St) right out. I'm struggling to find a handicap accessible place with decent foo...

wheelchair accessible

by sharonlong 7 years ago

We need a restaurant that is wheelchair accessible. Italian, Chinese would be great. The handicapped person lives in Cote Saint Luc, so if anyone has any ideas we would really appreciate it. Th...

Any New Wheelchair Accessible Restaurants?

by Moorepark 10 years ago

I'm always on the lookout for wheelchair accessible restaurants with washrooms on the same floor. I started a thread on the subject in 2007 and got a lot of good leads which led to many enjoyable ...

Wheelchair accessible restaurants in Bloomsbury, London

by sophiebuttons 8 years ago

My father and his wife are passing through London for 2 days in April. He uses a wheelchair and I'm looking for accessible restaurants for both lunch and dinner. They are staying at Montague on the...

Lunch in Providence for mixed group, with handicapped accessibility?

by maine puppy chow 8 years ago

I am planning a small/medium gathering (10-12) with a mix of age groups (older than 18, younger than 95) and would like suggestions for sit-down, relaxed environment with cuisine that is more accep...

Genuine British Bar/Restaurant in the NYC area? With wheelchair.

by jtc244 8 years ago

Hi, I'm an American/Brit that has moved from New York to London, but getting married in NYC in a couple months. I am looking for an authentic/not too kitschy British feeling restaurant or pub I ...

Wheelchair accessible special occasion restaurant?

by lisaf 8 years ago

Looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate a birthday with easy access via wheelchair. My mom broke her ankle and will only attend if she can be assured there will be no curb to navigate and a seat...

DC area wheelchair accessible dinner for 4 tomorrow?

by caerphilly 8 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a place to take an old friend, his wife, and my boyfriend to dinner tomorrow night. The friend is a rehabilitating vet who was very seriously injured in combat and ...