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Dinnerware Distress

by itryalot 11 years ago

I sold all of my very expensive Royal Doulton fine china (14 place settings and serving pieces). In the 15 yrs I've been married, we used them about 20 times and they were like new. Our entertaini...

Why is this Dansk dinnerware so cheap?

by Illustrator51 11 years ago

They have nice sets for reasonable prices, too reasonable perhaps. They say they import on their website. I'm not knowledgeable of these things, but I suppose it must be because of the backlash fro...

Need recs for dinnerware and stemware

by itryalot 11 years ago

Just got rid our fine Royal Doulton China with gold trip and fine stemware (set of 12). Most of the time when we have people over and want to use it, we need more pieces. Plus, I don't like the id...

Lead In Dinnerware & Slow Cookers-Test Results...

by blondelle 11 years ago

There was a thread not too long ago on this topic. I'm starting a new thread as I didn't want this to get buried in it. I just came across this and I think it will be of interest. The main article ...

What kind of dinnerware would Frank Lloyd Wright have used

by javaandjazz 11 years ago

Looking for dinnerware in the mission or arts and crafts style. Just curious what would have been used in that period. Thanks, Richie

Where to buy: Vertex or Fortessa Dinnerware

by AK21 12 years ago

Hi all, I am having trouble finding a source for these brands, and was wondering if anyone knew of a place that sold them. Thanks.

Everyday dinnerware and flatware discount sources

by Diane in Bexley 12 years ago

Six or seven years ago I bought service for 16 in dinnerware and flatware at Bloomingdale's and it has lasted a while. Alas, the DDs are not careful scraping plates or clearing the table and presen...

BB&B / Macys Casual Dinnerware

by Mothership 12 years ago

So, I just got home from Bed Bath and Beyond and Macys, as I am in search of inexpensive, casual dinnerware. On sale at Macys is their "Macy's Cellar" Everydayware dishes - Solid white in either ro...

Everyday Dinnerware Help Needed

by ptownjab 12 years ago

My wife and I just got married and registered for fine china and what we thought was an everyday plateware....but have now found out it is "white bone china". The style we chose was Lenox Tin Can ...

Bennington dinnerware vs. Fiesta

by karenand 12 years ago

We've had a set of Fiesta everyday dinnerware for more than 12 year, and I don't think we've every broken a single piece. However, it's is completely scratched up, and we're looking for a replaceme...

Good Place To Buy Dinnerware/Cutlery?

by hyenaswine 13 years ago

I live in the Marina Del Rey area. Looking for a place to buy dinnerware(plates) and cutlery. Not just basic blank, white china, but something design and character. Logos even. Thanks for any...

Dinnerware That Doesn't Clank

by techbod 13 years ago

The other day, as I stacked clean dishes in the cabinet, I wished that plates didn't have to be so noisy. Even when I'm careful, there's clatter, clank, squeak and rattle emanating quite noisily. ...

Finest White Dinnerware?

by Frank 14 years ago

I'd like to buy some nice white dinnerware along the lines of a Bernardaud, Apilco, or Raynaud. I live alone, and I don't entertain at all. The thing is I bought this really nice set of Chris...

Looking for regular sized Dinnerware

by brooklynamasala 14 years ago

I recently bought my everyday dinnerware from Create and Barrel and now think I made a mistake. The bowl and mug is gargantuan and I use the salad plate for my dinner instead of the dinner plate. ...

Where do restaurants get their dinnerware and serveware?

by NeedPlates 16 years ago

I'm looking for affordable, stylish dinner plates, ones you find in trendy restaurants.


by Cliff Abrams 18 years ago

Anyone know of sources for dinnerware (plates, saucers, cups, bowls, etc.) that is fairly plain in design but done in earth tones? Either production or handmade sources are all right. Should be dis...

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