The 10 Best Diner Breakfasts in Los Angeles

There’s a time and place for a pricey brunch, but for classic American breakfasts you can't top LA’s diners. The menus may be sticky with syrup, the vinyl banquettes ratty, but the food is great, the...

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Great restaurant for "diner type" dining

by traveler01 4 years ago

If you get a chance to go to Roscoe Boulevard in Panorama City/Van Nuys don't miss the Horseless Carriage. This restaurant is located INSIDE a car dealership but don't let that fool you. They have ...

Orlando - top tips

by nod9889 4 years ago

Hi i am coming to Orlando with work. i am looking for some good food. Specifically any tips for top quality: 1. Cuban Sandwiches 2. BBQ 3. Diner for breakfast I am staying at the Hilton but a...

A Good Diner

by Hungrierthanever 5 years ago

Been living in LA for 6 months. I've enjoyed tons of great eats in many different places, but I've yet to find a diner. I've tried the 101 Cafe (which is amazing), but I'd like to find another grea...

Whither the Humble Diner Breakfast?

by oniontears 4 years ago

I'm not crazy about brunch fare or the long waits that seem to accompany it in the City. I've also been shocked to pay almost $20 for an entree of eggs and candied bacon in certain corners of our c...

Goody’s Diner – Finally an Ontario candidate for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives… and it’s in Scarborough

by Googs 8 years ago

I haven’t had time to write a proper review, but I think it’s about time Goody’s Diner had it’s own post. It’ll give me a chance to answer some of the questions I’ve gotten so far. Goody’s isn’...

Wild Horse Cafe in King City

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Last month I visited some friends in south Monterey County. As it got dark and we started to get hungry, we wound up at Wild Horse Cafe as one of the few non-Mexican options open on a Monday night ...

Star Ledger awards NJ's Best Diner to...

by ebchower 4 years ago

Broad Street diner in Keyport. I mentioned it to a guy at work who lives in the area. He seemed perplexed, but acknowledged that he does frequent the place. I'll have to check it out some day. ...

Heritage Family Pantry, Lakewood CA

by LorenzoB 4 years ago

Heritage House was a good bet, and the fact that it was a stone's throw from my destination was a plus. I opted for one of the chalkboard specials: bacon - swiss - avocado omelette. The bacon wa...

The Fine Diner Clinton NJ

by Gastronomic 4 years ago

Found this heartbreaking post on facebook today. "Dear Folks, With a heavy heart I must write this post..... Our sweet little restaurant is on the verge of disaster. The giant ugly For Sale sig...

Upscale diners and sandwich shops

by werdsdrew 4 years ago

Hello everyone, A group of us are headed to Chicago in early November to do research on upscale diners and sandwich shops. I noticed another similar post in April of 2012 for the Chicago area. S...

Old School

by kwass 4 years ago

I thought this deserved its own thread, since enough people are talking about it. Here's a link to Toronto Life's write up: http://www.torontolife.com/daily-dish/openings/2015/06/03/introduci...

California Cheeseburger Deluxe

by njange 4 years ago

When I grew up every diner in New Jersey made the same good California Cheeseburger Deluxe. It was made of fresh meat not the hockey pucks they have these days. The burger had a melted slice of che...

Diners in the Greater Danbury area

by sundeck sue 4 years ago

Just had yet another disappointing diner lunch, this one @ the New Colony V Diner on Stony Hill Rd. in Bethel. Servers were great--friendly, efficient. But the lettuce in my Greek Salad was o...

Family Owned or Diner type Local Restaurants

by BlueMagic 4 years ago

I am going to be in Grand Rapids this coming week and would like some suggestions for local breakfast and dinner places. We prefer smallish diner style or family owned.

Northern Grill & Cafe (S. Van riverfront old fashioned diner)

by LotusRapper 4 years ago

I do recall seeing this place when I drove by on Kent. I like to drive the backroads now and then for fun - you can actually drive continuously along the river from New West Quay to bottom of Oak ...

Is there a more authentic diner in downtown T.O. than the Patrician Grill?

by Eatertainer 10 years ago

Went to the Patrician Grill on King Street today. I think that as an authentic diner it was quite good. Are there any others downtown that compare?

Le Roy Jucep (Drummondville) report

by CaptCrunch 4 years ago

Hello people, Tried Le Roy Jucep at Drummondville yesterday. Le Roy Jucep is a 50's style diner (there are still parking spots where servers used to rollerskate the order in the car drive-in ...

First visit to New Rochelle Diner...

by gutreactions 4 years ago

They have been open for months now, but I visited for a late night diner meal last evening. Had a simple Greek omelet and home fries. Just what I was in the mood for, and it turned out quite good. ...

Memories of Diners

by ElsieDee 4 years ago

When I was little, my favorite outings were to local diners. If I was lucky, we'd get a spot at the counter, on the stools that spun, where we could watch the cooks skillfully wielding their spatul...

What makes a Diner special?

by OlosNah 5 years ago

Not just the food, but what is the experience of a Diner that makes it so different from every other restaurant?