Deviled Eggs

Fierce debates rage among Chowhounds on how to make the perfect deviled eggs: paprika or not? Mustard? Spices? Find inspiration and tips here, and share your opinions on the ideal recipe.

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With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation via transportive flavors and travel-inspired ideas from around the world...

Deviled eggs a day ahead?

by anakalia 11 years ago

My mother and I are preparing the food for a birthday party which will happen tomorrow early-evening (about 27 hours from now) and we're trying to do as much as we can tonight to avoid too much str...

Deviled Eggs

by PappyAustin 6 years ago

If I wanted to buy some prepared deviled eggs, where would I find some good ones?

Large Amount of Boiled Eggs for Deviled Eggs

by walker 5 years ago

A friend sometimes makes deviled eggs for his deli and I reminded him to bring to a boil in cold water, then put on a lid, remove from heat, time it for 12 minutes, then drain and put into cold wat...

Football Deviled Eggs

by DuffyH 5 years ago

Love the idea, but I think I'd use my own recipe for the filling.

DEVILED EGGS! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (December 2014)

by Sandwich_Sister 5 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for the December Dish of the Month. This month we'll all be preparing Deviled Eggs. What will you prepare? This is a dish that can easily be tweaked with all kinds o...

How do you plate deviled eggs to be stable?

by rainey 10 years ago

I'm doing a plate of deviled eggs for Easter. Special request. Gotta have 'em. Anyone got a simple, cheap, elegant idea for making them sit securely on a flat plate? Extra points for somethin...

Transporting deviled eggs?

Liana Krissoff
by Liana Krissoff 13 years ago

Have to take something like 4 dozen eggs' worth of deviled eggs to an office party first thing tomorrow morning. (I couldn't find those special containers, but they only handle a dozen anyway, I th...

Would you stuff "deviled eggs" with a meat/protein blend?

Kris in Beijing
by Kris in Beijing 6 years ago

Would you stuff "deviled eggs" with a meat/protein blend? I have a Ladies SS* Brunch upcoming and want to do pretty, bite-sized, filling, different. *That's Sunday School, BTW AND-- THANK ...

Deviled Eggs

by JayDK 6 years ago

Had some at Russells bar on Stoneway, pretty tasty. Reports?

Deviled Eggs

by Gail 7 years ago

I would like to make deviled eggs about 4 hours in advance. I have checked covered egg dishes, but they are certainly not air tight. Any ideas to keep the yolk from getting hard and discolored? Pre...

Unique deviled eggs!

by ItalianNana 7 years ago

This link is from greygarious who posted it a year ago. I am happy to have found another way to delight the grankids on Easter! Thanks greygarious! These are the cutest deviled eggs I've ever se...

deviled eggs

by dutchdot 12 years ago

We have had deviled eggs with something crunchy in them. it's not visible and is not onions (I tried that) --- does anyone have a recipe like that with maybe celery? Have to take them to the wo...

your best deviled eggs please

by noya 9 years ago

Have never attempted deviled eggs--would love my first try to be a hit. Can you post your best recipe/technique? Please and thank you!

Deviled eggs -- for yolks smooth as buttah

by MrsJonesey 8 years ago

Add a little butter. Recently tried Virginia Willis' Deviled Eggs recipe. So good! She recommends pushing the yolks through a sieve or using a food processor. I only used 4 eggs to test the recipe ...

Deviled Eggs - Pasta or what?

by jounipesonen 8 years ago

There's a recipe on Chow for Deviled Eggs - the picture with it is not making any sense to me What are the thingamajiggies that look like pasta? Or is it the yolk stuff forced thru some kind of ...

"Cutey Baluty" - deviled eggs for Easter

by greygarious 8 years ago

This is majorly adorable, not to mention easy! http://kidtimes.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/egg-on-your-face/

question about deviled egg recipe

by Aticineto 8 years ago

Hi all, I am attempting an apetizer for our office potluck next week. I am band new to cooking, and wanted to bring in something home made instead of my usual peperoni, cheese and crackers. ...

deviled eggs without the M word

by waterisgood 9 years ago

Does anyone have a deviled egg recipe that does not include mayo (I hate even writing that word)? I have a good non-measurement recipe for a type of "fried deviled eggs" using mustard, but not sur...

Ssam jang - turns out it's great in deviled eggs.

by rcallner 9 years ago

As part of a party meal, I made a trio of deviled egg flavorings: wasabi with a pickled ginger garnish; curry with a roasted pepper garnish, and ooooh, ssam jang was lovely with toasted sesame see...

Deviled Eggs in Tampa Bay

by mtneer 9 years ago

I love Deviled Eggs, make them at home. Does anyone know where I can find good ones around here? I have has Z Grille's. They were good but not great. Thanks ----- Z Grille 104 2nd St S, St Pe...