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Husk On vs Husk Off: The Best Way to Grill Corn This Summer

Knowing how to grill corn on the cob is a necessary summer skill, so here's how to do it right—whether you grill corn without the husk or with it on. Summer corn is so sweet and tender you can happily...

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Need Good Source for French Dessert Wine

by Barry 20 years ago

I recently had the pleasure of sampling an incredible dark, ruby red dessert wine, accompanying a chocolate dessert...it completely blew me away! The French dessert wine was : Mas Amiel Vintage, ...

dessert restaurant theater district

by amy 20 years ago

One of my clients asked me to find a restaurant in the theater district that he read about...According to my client it only serves desserts after theater and is run by a brother and sister...any id...

Best Places for Dessert

by Steve 20 years ago

I am very interested to know of good places to go for dessert in Queens and Manhattan. I will also post on the Queens board as well with my reccomendations there. I don't get to Manhattan as often ...

S'mores at First (genius dessert, not-great dinner)

by Nils 20 years ago

Don't know why other restaurants haven't thought of this (oh, yes i do, scorched-marshmallow smoke billowing through the restaurant), but we had a fantastic dessert at First (1st ave bet. 5-6) last...


by Steve 20 years ago

I am very interested to know of good places to go for dessert in Queens and Manhattan. I will also post on the Manhattan board as well. Here are a few of the places I like and can suggest, but woul...

Do the 4 stars allow for Dessert only?.....

by Mike 20 years ago

I am a big fan of Jacques Torres, pastry chef of LeCirque 2000 and I would love to try one of his desserts. The dinner menu does not appeal to my better half though. Do restaraunts like LeCirque or...

Brooklyn Chinatown Dessert- Peanut Inside?

by Sue Kalb 20 years ago

My favorite dessert has long remained nameless. It is easily found in brooklyn chinatown. It has a thick gooey rice outside that is covered with coconut. on the inside are salted peanuts... when a...

Dessert Wine Search

by Dena 20 years ago

A few years back, there was a short-lived Italian restaurant on First Avenue in the low 80s called Tre Pazzi. The host used to pour a complimentary dessert wine for his customers and it was really...

Best takeout dessert

by Adam Stephanides 20 years ago

The best takeout dessert in NYC may just be the hummingbird cake at the Magnolia Bakery (Bleecker and West 11th). It's nothing fancy, basically just a banana cake with nuts and pineapples and sour...

Dessert near Lincoln Center

by Caitlin 20 years ago

Looking for dessert following a LC show. Can be a cafe or a restaurant that doesn't mind a small party popping in just for dessert at 10:30 or so on Saturday night. This isn't just social; we wa...

Cinco De Mayo Desserts

by LT 20 years ago

Anyone have any suggestions for what and where to buy take out Cinco de Mayo dessert this week. And Flan is not a option (or any pudding like stuff). What is tradtional and available. WOuld prefe...

After theatre dessert

by Peter Cuce 20 years ago

Some guy posted the same question before Christmas, but nobody answered. He was looking for a good place to have dessert in the Theatre District. Can anyone help?

If you love dessert...

by Jared 20 years ago

Where are some of the best desserts in Manhattan (no, Jim, its not Brother Jimmy's)...the Magnolia Bakery in the West Village. WOW! Has anyone else been there? The cakes are great, but the best ...

In search of desserts of the past 10 decades

by Martine 20 years ago

I am looking for desserts that are specificly representative of each of the past 10 decades. For example, Baked alaska - definitely popular from the 1950's any ideas for say the 1920's, 30' & ...

Dessert tasting menu

by Tara 21 years ago

I was reading in the Times about some restaurants that are doing multi-course desserts. Has anyone partaken?

dessert in the east cambridge/kendall square area?

by a. rao 21 years ago

ok, so here's another question on the topic of desserts. i'm trying to find a nice place to go with a fairly large group of people for dessert in the east cambridge/kendall square area. i had or...

Charlotte Russe containers

by Susan Nolan 21 years ago

Can anyone help me as to where Charlotte Russe cups can be purchased? They seem to be almost extinct. Anyone I talk to only has there last handful. I need only 300 of them. If anyone knows wher...

Passover dessert...HELP!!!

by Maria 21 years ago

With Passover coming up next week does anyone know of a good...no, great (I want the boyfriend's family to remain impressed with me!) place to purchase dessert for the night's seder? Some place in...

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