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Pop's Diner & Kettering Italian Oven - Dayton, Ohio area

by Dayton Dining 12 years ago

Pop's Diner - American/various, north Dayton After I had finished a plate of salad, my son said he really enjoyed the chicken and rice soup they had brought him. Just a couple of minutes later, th...

Place for after work drinks that has intersting non-alcholic choices [Dayton, OH]

by runabout 12 years ago

I may be in fantasy land here... are there any immediate Dayton places to hang out after work that have some interesting beverage choices in addition to the standard beer, wine, liquor? Not m...

Dayton to Atlanta

by The Kernal 12 years ago

Am traveling to Atlanta Ga. next week from Dayton. Looking for lunch stops along the way. Thank you!

Dayton, Ohio ideas

by Bada Bing 12 years ago

Hi, Everyone. I am driving with my son (10 years old) to spend the weekend in Dayton for the US Air Force Museum. I searched the Chowhound posts for Dayton and wanted to see if there are curren...

'Locavore' dining in Cincinnati/Northern KY/Dayton area??

by dumas 12 years ago

Hi, Chowhounders... We're looking for recommendations and I know you will have some good ideas...! We are expecting two sets of out-of-towners to visit in the next couple of weeks, and we wan...

Rue Domaine, Dayton OH area

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 12 years ago

OK, full disclosure - we travel quite a bit and we both cook, so when we're home we frequently prefer to eat at home. We visited Rue Domaine a few weeks after they opened in 2007 and we kept meani...

Great Clam Chowder? (Cincy/Dayton)

by qkalis 12 years ago

Fellow Hounds, I need help finding some great clam chowder in the Cincy/Dayton area. It should be a nice mix of creaminess, thickness, fresh and not too salty and I'm looking for the New England st...

City BBQ Dayton - disappointment

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 12 years ago

City BBQ, a small chain out of Columbus OH, has always been our go-to Q place. It's never been on the level of the BBQ meccas, but then, this is Ohio, not Texas or Memphis or even NC. Still, they...

Wah Fu - Dayton, Ohio

by jackrugby 13 years ago

O.k. Chinese food in Dayton leaves a lot to be desired, the glut of buffett's have put a lot of Chinese places out of business. So after about 8 years I tried Wah Fu on Brown St. and I thought it w...

Looking for Breakfast Recommendations in Dayton

by pittpanther 12 years ago

Hello all - I have been scouring the boards for some decent breakfast spots in Dayton for our trip there this weekend (will be eating breakfast Saturday and Sunday). Have gathered some excellent r...

Dayton, Ohio - Need Steakhouse reco

by CincinnatiGal 12 years ago

Business dinner next week in Dayton, Ohio and need Steakhouse recommendations. Any suggestions other than Pine Club? Thanks in Advance!

Can't Miss in Dayton, OH

Mid Michigan Dining
by Mid Michigan Dining 13 years ago

Will be in Dayton, OH Valentine's weekend...is there any bar, restaurant, pub, pizza joint, etc. that we need to check out. We're not necissarily looking for a fancy date night...just a good hole ...

Mr. Lees Fine Asian Dining in Dayton, Ohio

by king_patton 13 years ago

Hey, I'll bet you have seen the sign for Mr. Lees when heading north on I-75 just north of the Dayton city limits. It has been open for just about a year and is located in the old Cooker building ...

Pacchia in Dayton, Ohio Good (not so much)

by king_patton 13 years ago

Paccia is a fusion restaurant located in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio. The restaurant has a bar, jazz music, and a cafe. Over the past 6 has gone through and ownership change. In September...

Restaurant Week returning in Dayton

by grigs 13 years ago

Just weeks away, July 27- Aug 1 is a week worth making some dining plans for. With over 40 area eateries participating in the 3 course pre fixe meal promotion for just $20.08, you're going to want...

'the viet' restaurant on linden - dayton/fairborn OH

by bklyngreen 13 years ago

I was wondering if anybody knows if the Vietnamese restaurant on Linden Avenue, I believe it was called "The Viet," is still open. I used to eat there all the time and I'm going to be in the area ...

Rue Dumaine Dayton Oh

by David W 13 years ago

Having been alerted to this restaurant by other chow postings, we planned a stop for dinner during our recent road trip. We had no trouble finding it by following the directions on the website. W...

Dayton Business Dinner - opinions requested

by SVarney 13 years ago

Hi, I'm taking a couple of LA clients to dinner Tuesday evening after picking them up from the airport.... should be excellent food but a fairly casual atmosphere. I'm considering a few places, a...

any good restaurants in dayton ohio, philly cheese steak sandwiches...

by bpongtor 13 years ago

can anyone post some restaurants in the dayton oh area that serves good philly cheese steak sandwiches.... thank you !!!!

Korean in Dayton

by elhcpa 14 years ago

Will be in Dayton next week and would like to take a friend to a Korean restaurant. Are there any in the Dayton metro area? Thanks.