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Delicious food in Dayton

by antonia2 8 years ago

We had a great meal at a newish restaurant in Dayton last night. Olive on East Third is small -- make reservations, it was crowded on Thursday night. Food locally sourced, prepared carefully and ...

Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton dining

by salesgirl19 9 years ago

upcoming business trip: I am flying into Columbus, driving to Cincinnati and leaving out of Dayton for a quick three day trip. Looking for the following: Columbus: great lunch place(easton a...

Dayton - Blue Nile Ethiopian

by runabout 9 years ago

They apparently just opened on North Main somewhere... Anybody know anything about it, been there??? website? anything at all? been missing eritrean and ethiopian since leaving SF and am very...

Dayton, OH, please help me find the name of this restaurant

by jacquelyncoffey 9 years ago

My BIL wants to go to a restaurant that he went to about a month ago, cannot remember the name. It's something like Firehouse or Engine 9 or something Fireman related. I believe it's pub-style food...

Dayton or surrounding area - where do I have to go.

by DFWBuff 9 years ago

In from Dallas and wanting a place for dinner that is truly Ohio (something I would not be likely to find in Texas). Price is no object but welcome good dive recommendations. Have a rental so wil...

Toledo to Dayton via I75

by The Kernal 9 years ago

Will be traveling to Dayton from Toledo via I 75 and need a recommendation for lunch. No fast food please. Thank you!

Roost - Dayton OH

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 9 years ago

Roost, on 5th St near Wayne, in the Oregon district, describes itself as modern Italian. We stopped in last night and sat outside on the patio. Decent fairly priced wine list; ordered a Kermit L...

Dayton Ohio - Tsao's Garden

by jackrugby 11 years ago

This restaurant was mentioned in an earlier post, since then it has become my favorite Chinese restaurant. Their regular menu has many of the same items that you will find anywhere, But if you chec...

Dayton OH - Jimmie's Ladder 11

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 9 years ago

Once upon a time, Jimmie's Cornerstone was a divey bar and grill with suprisingly decent food located on the corner of Warren and Wyoming next to Miami Valley Hospital. MVH continues to expand and...

Dayton - Pho Mi Vietnamese Restaurant

by jackrugby 9 years ago

Just read the review about a new Vietnamese restaurant in the Dayton City Paper. The name of the place is Pho Mi and was wondering if anyone has tried it yet? It's behind the Dayton Mall and I wasn...

Dayton - Stars at the Crowne Plaza

by runabout 9 years ago

Is it worth going to for any reason... food, music, drinks??? I like the idea of jazz and a view, but I never hear anyone talk about the restaurant, crowd, ambiance... nothing. Is this stri...

local brew pubs - not sports bars? [Dayton]

by runabout 9 years ago

Seeking your expert guidance again. I miss going to brew pubs... not the mainstay of my social life, but used to go many times a year back in ol SF, and just hang out with friends. Anybody out ...

Dayton - restaurants that offer wine flights?

by runabout 9 years ago

Hi all, you folks are so darn helpful! I am wondering if there are any restaurants in the Dayton/Miami Valley that offer wine flights. Not looking for the wine bars, know about those already....

Olive, An Urban Dive, Dayton

Longing for Italy
by Longing for Italy 10 years ago

I'm hearing some buzz about this restaurant--got "rookie of the year" from local asssociation. Has anyone been there? Great website, but does food/service equal the PR?

Best Sushi in Dayton, OH

by king_patton 13 years ago

I finally found the best Sushi in the Dayton, Ohio area. It is a little place called I-Zu. It is very small, but quaint. There are about 10 tables in the entire restaurant. It is a Japanese menu, b...

Dayton Help needed

by rf24230 10 years ago

I am looking for a good local restaurant for a Sunday night dinner by myself, as I am traveling for business. Never stayed in the area before so I am looking for some help . I am staying at the .Do...

[Dayton OH] Smash Burger

by jjspw 10 years ago

Any good? I saw one along I-75, and had heard a few chirpings about this chain in the past. I'm considering stopping there for lunch on my way back home to Michigan. Is it worthwhile?

Dayton, Ohio, Ice Pops

by lunabliss 10 years ago

I have been dying to get to Nashville ever since I heard about Las Paletas, an ice pop shop with all kinds of luscious-sounding flavors. So, I was thrilled to discover that an ice pop shop has now ...

Spending a week in the Dayton/Piqua area, Coldwater Cafe was great, what else?

by askdrtodd 10 years ago

Had a great Asian inspired duck salad and a nice IPA at Coldwater a few weeks ago, really appreciate the reco from a fellow chowhounder. Looking for similar in that area, staying in Troy and would...

Meadowlark brunch, Dayton OH

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 11 years ago

Yesterday we finally got around to brunch at Meadowlark, on Miamisburg-Centerville Rd, AKA State Rt 725, not too far from the Dayton Mall. Meadowlark has long been a favorite for lunch and dinner...