Cucumbers aren't just for salad toppings. From homemade pickles to cucumber margaritas, check out Chowhound's collection of advice, tips, tricks, and recipes using this versatile vegetable.

This Easy Panzanella Solves Stale Bread Woes & Farmers Market Overload

Panzanella, essentially an Italian bread salad, is an easy, one-dish meal that makes perfect use of stale bread and whatever bounty of fresh summer veggies and herbs you have on hand. This panzanella...


pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 3 years ago

Use this thread to report on recipes from the following chapters from DEEP RUN ROOTS: BLUEBERRIES, SWEET CORN; CUCUMBERS; TOMATOES (pp. 190-281) ****INSTRUCTIONS: If you are the first to repo...

Quick pickles using leftover pickle juice

by mushroomaffairs 28 days ago

I used a mixture of Trader Joe's and Mt Olive bread and butter pickle juices, there wasn't a lot of it so I added more white vinegar and a bunch of other useless spices before boiling. The existin...

Pickling cucumbers/supplies in NSW?

by Sonia Desai 12 years ago

We're attempting to make half-sour pickles and have so far tried the Lebanese cucumbers with rather mushy results. Anyone know where to get pickling cucumbers (and jars) around Sydney? I've trie...

Seeking old fashioned,very simple Cucumbers & Vinegar please

by AMETHYSTENERGY 4 years ago

Can anyone suggest the very simple easy recipe for a (European?) dish (not sure what it is called) that my Mother used to prepare...all I can recall is that it was served chilled, and basically con...

Pickle recipes?

by rbrbr 2 years ago

Anyone have an amazing pickle recipe? Specifically looking for something that tastes like any of Grillo's flavors. TIA!

The Three Sheep, Newark w/ PICS

by hhc 2 years ago

I tried out The Three Sheep in Newark. It’s in the alley behind Cindy’s Hair Salon, by 99Ranch, Newark. I got there at 5:30pm and was the first one in the restaurant. I ordered a lot to try: ...

Small harvest in Lorraine France 2017

by TJFRANCE 3 years ago

Hello all ! Go hop! A small share of my harvest yesterday! The first mirabelles I managed to pick! It is a fruit of the size of a big cherry. Gold color with often a pink / orange face. It is del...

Pollinating cucumbers

by small h 3 years ago

I've been moderately successful growing cucumbers on my 5th floor balcony in the past, but this year my attempts at hand pollination (with a little make-up brush) are apparently falling short, beca...

What to do with an overgrown cucumber

by Scott_R 5 years ago

Found a cucumber in my patch that had escaped my notice and is now about 18" long. What to do with it? I'm thinking something along the pickling/preserving route. Are there any recipes particula...

Pickled Cucumbers

by dubdeezzyy 5 years ago

Anyone know where to buy Pickling Cucumbers in the South Houston area. I've heard they aren't the same as regular cucumbers. Have a great spicy pickle recipe I am trying to make! Thanks

Persian cucumbers, my new favorite salad ingredient

by coll 8 years ago

Never knew about these before (only started loving cucumbers in general the last few years). My local store had them on sale, 3 for $1, and I liked the look of them. Perfect size, cucs are usually...

Need Recipe -- Gin, Cucumber, Jalapeño Cocktail

by Tehama 5 years ago

Hi all! Last weekend I had the most delightful cocktail I'd love to replicate. It was gin based and the 'mix' was tiny diced cucumbers, some jalapeños (not over-laden with jalapeños) and I am gu...

can anything be done about cucumber beetles?

by AmyH 5 years ago

I have a recurring problem with cucumber beetles. My plants look great but then the cucumber beetles cut the stems and they slowly die. I've heard that if I don't plant cucumbers for a couple of ye...

Crunchy Pickle Tips?

by foxspirit 5 years ago

I'm going to try my hand at some bread & butter pickles today. I've made pickles before and generally what I do is slice kirby cukes into long thin spears and shove them all (along with one thin sl...

Gigantic cucumber?

by tcamp 5 years ago

If it were a zucchini, I'd shred, squeeze out moisture and freeze for baking, fritters, etc. but what do I do with a couple of huge cukes that were hiding from me?

Remove a Cucumber’s Bitterness by Chopping and Rubbing the Ends

by edgarallanho 6 years ago

Has anybody done this before? What's the science behind rubbing it? Could you just rub it on anything?

Source of cukes for pickling?

by DUH CAR 5 years ago

Any hidden gems for sourcing a mess o'cukes for pickling in the next week or so?

Room temperature squash storage

by daves_32 5 years ago

I have been getting a lot of summer squash and cucumbers from my csa. Unfortunately, they seem to be getting soft, getting these little spots of goo, and going bad within a few days. I am getting d...

Female cucumber flowers not blooming to get pollinated

by windersnest 5 years ago

I have mine in containers and have lots of male flowers blooming but none of the female flowers. They dry up before they even open? It's very hot and humid so I'm watering twice a day now. Any id...