Cream Cheese

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Cheesecake

When you think cheesecake, there's a good chance you picture some platonic ideal of a creamy, smooth, ivory dessert. But there are actually several different types of cheesecake, and while some would...

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Alternatives to cream cheese? Counting fat calories.

by Deborah R. 5 years ago

Hi -- I realize that cream cheese comes in reduced fat and non-fat versions, but it's my understanding that those products use not-very-healthy ingredients to achieve the creamy texture. It's al...

Help me find the ultimate vanilla buttercream recipe

by principessa del pisello 4 years ago

I'm in love with the vanilla buttercream from my local cupcake shop. They told me they use a little cream cheese in their recipe. I've search online for a vanilla buttercream that includes some cr...

Cream cheese without gums?

by fldhkybnva 5 years ago

I can't for the life of my find a cream cheese with added gums (e.g. xanthan, guar). Does anyone have a recommended brand?

Using up Cream Cheese

by RedTop 5 years ago

I have 20 oz(s) of Cream Cheese with a USE BY DATE of April 14, 2014. I'll never eat that many bagels by then ;-) Any suggestions on how to use up the majority before it goes bad? Thank you

storing philadelphia cream cheese

by medusaorange 10 years ago

I really want to know what is the best way to store the philadelphia cream cheese in my fridge. What is your storing method? I hate it when the wrapper gets all crumbled and hard to close after few...

Best method to soften butter or cream cheese - FAST

by replay 12 years ago

I need to make a cheesecake tonight when I get home. Of course the cream cheese has been in the refrigerator. Any tricks/tips to soften evenly? While we are at it, how about butter too. TIA

Olive and Cream Cheese Sandwiches a Baltimore Only Treat?

by placidothecat 10 years ago

My grandma used to make them for me, and I see them on the menu at some old school style delis downtown. My question: is this culinary delight a local Baltimore phenom, or is it more widespread?

Cream Cheese left out of fridge!

Rocky Road
by Rocky Road 9 years ago

I came home from shopping yesterday with the intent on making cheesecake. I got home at 4pm in the afternoon and put the cream cheese and some eggs on the counter to get to room temp. I checked o...

Moravian Kolaches recipe (from C-hound potluck)

by Katerina 17 years ago

In response to, um, overwhelming demand (thank you Tigerwoman!), here it is... MORAVIAN KOLACHES (BTW... Moravia is the eastern part of the Czech Republic, with Brno as its capital; the western ...

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