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Craft beer is a discerning drinker's dream. Chat with fellow beer-lovers about the best craft brews, where to find them, great new small breweries, and more.

What Is the Difference Between an Ale & a Lager?

When considering beer—and I'm often considering beer—there are really two overarching styles to consider: ale and lager. While the process for brewing both beers is similar, slight variations in the...

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Craft Beer Festival

by NegativeSleep 11 years ago

This is sadly after-the-fact, but did anyone end up going to the Craft Beer Festival on July 29 at Hart House? It was certainly a fun and well-organized event. It was quite crowded (about 600 peo...

Need Help to find a restaurant for this week. (Shareable plates, craft beer)

by matts124 11 years ago

I am going out to eat this week and am looking for a place that has outstanding food in shareable plates size. It can be any type of cuisine as long as nothing it too exotic, and a good craft beer...

SESSiON - A craft beer festival

by lilith 11 years ago

I picked up a postcard on this beer festival on June 26th. Does anyone have any info on this event? Their website (www.session2010.com) does not help much other than the map and the direction. ...

new to Montreal- looking for good French/ Canadian tavern food, craft beers

by dishwasher1 11 years ago

Hi Im new to town and looking for some restaurants and food that is indicative of the French and Canadian influences with some emphasis on local/ seasonal foods and of course some great local beer...

Craft beer/microbreweries in Mexico City?

by loumarie 11 years ago

Hi all, Heading to DF in a few weeks and interested in seeking out local beers I'm not familiar with. So far I've heard of a brewpub called Beer Factory, but that's about it. Does anyone know if (...

Coming to SF to find gastro pubs and craft beer

by dishwasher1 11 years ago

Hi Im coming to SF in a couple of weeks to enjoy some gastro pubs and micro brews. Looking for some suggestions with great food, not the nacho quessadilla type. Any beer bar reccomondations too? ...

Looking for good eats and craft beers near UPenn

by jb72 11 years ago

Been a lurker for a while; I always check this place out when I need a good recommendation, but I can't seem to find a good answer to this Q. I'll be in Philly for business soon and am looking f...

Good spot for craft beers near the Convention Center?

by samsmom1127 11 years ago

My brother and sil will be in town on Friday for the Auto Show. Any suggestions for a spot not too far from the Convention Center for great beer and good bar food? With the weather coming in on F...

Bet Craft Beer Bottle Shop in SD???

by mmjgam 11 years ago

Looking for the Best Craft Beer Bottle Shop in SD. Besides BevMo what is there? Thanks

Wine Bar/Shop with craft beer for sale

by tples69 12 years ago

Newly opened wine bar/shop with craft beer and lite food menu is available for sale in the near west suburbs. Great decor/build-out with reviews comparing us to tasting rooms in Napa and Sonoma. ...

Stores for craft beer and nice wine?

by AgentRed 12 years ago

Hey folks, I'm new to PA and the licensing laws seem so odd. But when in Rome...! I don't know where to find good beer/wine. I'm not looking for Pabst or Budweiser, but are there any places ...

Annapolis Craft Beer Bars/Restaurants

Trip Klaus
by Trip Klaus 12 years ago

Planning a pub crawl in Annapolis.Other than Ram's Head Tavern, what are the best bars/restaurants in town for a craft beer lover?

Irish craft beers?

by chimay5 12 years ago

Seems that even the Italians are doing some real interesting craft beers even though it's truely wine country. Other than Sir Arthur's beers is anyone familiar with the beer culture in Ireland? An...

craft beer in the valley?

by mikkel obe 12 years ago

i'm a SF transplant and a current westside craft beer devotee and have been to virtually all of the spots in my neck of the woods in search of my favorite barleywine or double IPA. however, i visit...

Craft beer in Montreal

by flatbread 12 years ago

Visiting from San Francisco and looking for establishments with a good selection of craft beers. I'll be in town for several days and hope to try a number of places. thanks.

"Roadhouse Craft Beer and BBQ "

by Dan J 13 years ago

Fans of The Public House in Brookline will love their new sister restaurant and retail store. About two blocks west of The Public House on Beacon Street you will find "Roadhouse Craft Beer and BBQ"...

Craft Beer in West Coast

by trauty32 12 years ago

Midwest guy here traveling to San Diego in May wondering if I can get some ideas on what craft beers to try while I'm out there? I am aware of the famous Russian River Pliney the Elder and cannot ...

Looking for commentary/ recs of Mid-western U.S. craft beers

by Silverjay 13 years ago

Making a trip to Chicago-land soon and I'm interested in some recs on beers from breweries like Goose Island, Two Brothers, Kalamazoo, Founder's, Three Floyds, Dark Horse, and Surly (edit). I"m int...

Quiet watering hole with craft beer?

by twitchology 13 years ago

Hey everybody, I have a bunch of reading and writing to do today and would like to do it someplace quiet with a strong AC and good beer. Any ideas?

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