Friday Food Finds: New Dr. Pepper, Grain-Free Crackers, Truffle Ranch, and More!

Before you stuff your face with mint juleps and guacamole for this weekend's Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo, you'll want to pay close attention to the latest and greatest in grocery store offerings...

The Nabisco Royal Lunch Milk Crackers Dilemma

by anutternate 10 years ago

These were the best crackers around and unfortunately have been discontinued after a 90 plus year run. One of the first crackers they made. Oh well my area depleated there supply around 5 years ago...

What Were These Called?!

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

Driving me nuts. You know "oyster crackers"?- a tiny soda cracker that New Englanders often eat with chowder? Well in the 60's we used to have 6" round flat discs just like oyster crackers. "low fa...

Devonsheer / Old London / Wise cheddar waffle snacks

by Tony Miller 9 years ago

When I was a kid (1940's) my mother used to buy "Devonsheer Wafers". These were sharp cheddar process cheese filling in a sandwich of miniature waffles -- about the size of a Ritz cracker. I was cr...

Nabisco's Royal Lunch Milk Crackers have been discontinued

Pat Hammond
by Pat Hammond 13 years ago

I've been waiting for a Nabisco delivery at my local market, since the manager kept promising Royal Lunch would be delivered "any day now". Yesterday he told me that they've stopped making them. ...

Really Great Senbei?

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 12 years ago

When I visited Japan, I acquired a taste, unfortunately, for really good senbei (those crunchy soy-dipped crackers). I haven't been able to find any for sale here in the states. Does anyone have su...

Triscuits flavors...any good?

by avena 11 years ago

Has anyone tried the newer Triscuit crackers with olive oil and tomato, rosemary, or cracked pepper? I've been eating my favorite Tasty Little Crackers, but I want to give these Triscuits a try if...

Are there any brands of crispbreads that are actually edible?

by omotosando 11 years ago

For breakfast, I had a Wasa Light Rye crispbread. What's not to like? 30 calories and 7 grams of carbohydrates (only 4 grams if you are into that "net" carb thing). All well and good, but it tast...


by jounipesonen 2 years ago

Has anyone found a true 'copy' of the US Nabisco's 'SALTINE? outside US/Canada' - or 'Oyster Crackers' - ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saltine_cracker A bunch of Euro/UK 'crackers' are jus...

Really Good Graham Crackers?

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 11 years ago

I'm craving graham crackers. I want six or seven notches better than Keebler, but nothing clever. Can anyone suggest a widely-available store brand or mail order source?

Cheese Whisps "Crackers"-low carb

by zackly 3 years ago

I try to avoid carbs when possible. Cocktail hour is difficult because I love salty snacks. I discovered these recently @ Costco. They have very little carbohydrate because they are 100% cheese and...

Whole Wheat Flavor

by mikemoran87 3 years ago

I'll say right now that this post is going to come across somewhere between insane and ridiculous. Don't worry; that's only because I am, in fact, insane and ridiculous. That being said: I am n...

Goute crackers - available in the U.S?

by blackpippi 4 years ago

I'm traveling in Asia and have found these yummy crackers, sweet with the slightest hint of salt. Does anyone know if they are available in the U,S.- Or do I need to bring home a suitcase full?...

Saltines as binder for delicious, back to basics meatloaf

by janniecooks 5 years ago

I have tried all the complicated meatloaf versions - Paul Prudhomme's Cajun Meatloaf, Killer Meatloaf, Take No Prisoners Meatloaf, Pretty Good Meatloaf, Cooks Illustrated Meatloaf, and so forth. W...

MYO Saltine Crackers?

by helmut fig newton 6 years ago

Has anyone made their own saltines? I'm looking for a good recipe/technique to give a try. Thanks!

Crackers in Chili: Yes or No?+ Toppings You Love...or Hate

by bbqboy 9 years ago

Just a simple survey on whether you eat crackers with your Chili, and if you do what kind? I'm an Oyster Cracker guy myself, but what's your preference? Or is it an abomination to add toppings to C...

ISO: Cheese 'cracker' recipe using cold-pack cheddar

by LJS 9 years ago

This is a recipe that in my household was made by my Mum for all our special family dinners and house-parties in Canada in the 50's-'70's. It was made with MacLaren's Imperial Sharp Cold Pack Ch...

Eating stale food

by nothingswrong 4 years ago

I have wondered for a while about eating stale cereal, crackers, chips, etc. I'm talking things that were crisp but now have that strange chewy texture. I know bread goes stale from losing moisture...

origin of Cracker Pie

by kariin 4 years ago

Researching for a friend and cause I'm interested. Some people know it as 'cracker pie' or soda cracker or Ritz cracker pie or mock apple pie. Some use whole eggs, some whipped whites only. Som...

Skor Bits Bars? Help with question on Ritz Crackers in it.

by lexpatti 11 years ago

Below is the recipe which I've had and is sooo awesome. When cooled, the cook put cream cheese frosting on top and sprinkled with more bits. Question: - I have a larger then normal box of ritz ...

What to do with crackers & cracker crumbs?

by Janine 12 years ago

hi all, I had a party last night and ended up with lots of leftover crackers. There's no way I can eat them all and they will definitely go stale before I can use them up. I already grounded up...