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Thai Spice in Costa Mesa

by Dashiell 16 years ago

Has anyone recently gone to Thai Spice? Previous post give thumbs up in 2001 but how is it now? Any other good thai in Costa Mesa? Recommeds appreciated.

Tried the Wild Rabbit/Costa Mesa?

by marti 16 years ago

Has anyone tried this fairly new arrival on Irvine Blvd. in Costa Mesa next to Irvine Ranch Mkt.? If so, what's the menu and service like? Any not to be missed items?How about prices? TIA

Lunch in Santa Ana/Costa Mesa/Irvine area

by Loree 16 years ago

Looking for suggestions for lunch, we have an hour and work in the Santa Ana/Irvine area, 55/dyer, any suggestions for must haves? Hole-in-the-walls are great too! Thank you

REcs for Habana's in Costa Mesa

by Pink Wasabi 16 years ago

My daughter, who lives on the East Coast, is coming home and wants to go to new restaurants she hasn't tried. She loves Opah (we're big fans of this restaurant), Sage, Zov's. Please tell us all t...

the lodge in Costa mesa

by fatguyinalittlecoat 16 years ago

ate lunch there today it was decent. good food but very new york lounge feel. meatloaf sandwich pretty tasty. what are your thoughts?

Reeeeeeeally quick question about Shibucho in Costa Mesa.....

by jaydee 16 years ago

Do they serve "american-ized" rolls such as a shrimp tempura roll? I need to do some research to determine if I can take a client to this place (please don't think it's for me). Thanks.

Sushi in Costa Mesa

by Dashiell 16 years ago

Just moved to Costa Mesa. I notice a ton of Sushi places some look iffy. I hate trying the hit and miss method with sushi. Any suggestions?

SHIBUCHO in Costa Mesa

by Pate' 16 years ago

I called Shibucho today to see if they are open for lunch on Saturday. The fellow that answered the telephone answered in Japanese. I asked if he spoke english he said "no". There was a long silenc...

Sushi Shibucho, Costa Mesa, questions

by elmomonster 16 years ago

Was thinking of finally going to Sushi Shibucho this coming Friday or Saturday night with a few friends. Before I go, I have some questions to those in the know. 1. Is there a need to make rese...

Asian restuarant crawl- Costa Mesa

by cdmedici 16 years ago

My wife and I are gonig to hit a bunch of Asian restaurant before we end up at the movies at the end of the night. I wanted to start with the Imperial Rolls at Oki Doki and then head over to Sant...

OC - Costa Mesa/South Coast - Quick cheap eats

by J 16 years ago

Hi, Will be based in Costa Mesa, in the area near South Coast Plaza, for 4 days next week. Would love to hear tips for quick, cheap places to eat. Have been to Whole Pita/Greek Island Grille,...

Super Corokke - Costa Mesa

by elmomonster 16 years ago

This hole-in-the-wall is one of those places where pretentiousness is non-existent, and the food speaks for itself. The lady that owns it operates it. She's taking orders up front and giving them t...

Carnivore Grill: Bristol/Paularino, Costa Mesa

by Stuartmm 17 years ago

Heading for lunch to California Wok yesterday we saw a new place in the same strip mall ( The one that also has Oki Doki and Anjin ) I think it used to be an italian restaurant but really cannot re...

Chat Noir (Costa Mesa) for Lunch Yesterday

by torta basilica 17 years ago

My fellow shopper & I wanted a light late lunch & since she had never been to Chat Noir & loves all things French, we decided to do that (& the fact that there was no salad with buratta on the Troq...

SantokoRamen - Mitsuwa Costa Mesa - A Review by another

by Diamond Dog 17 years ago

I love trying Elmomonters places. I went here over the weekend and had the #1 as well. Its called "Salt Ramen" even though it tastes much more than just "salt". Its porky, creamy and so delicious...

Frank's Philadelphia--Costa Mesa (review)

by Funwithfood 17 years ago

Frank's Philadelphia is located at 2244 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa (949) 722-8725. I ordered a #1 (small) Cheese Steak Sandwich, only onions added. The onions had a surprisingly sweet and carameli...

Let Them Eat Cake, Costa Mesa--Wow! (review)

by Funwithfood 17 years ago

Wow! This place has always caught my eye, but I have never had the time to stop in. Today I purchased their Five-Chocolate Decadence Cookie. When I bit into it, the chocolate was still warm and o...

Globe Deli in Costa Mesa

by JR 17 years ago

Has anyone eaten at this German deli off Harbor? If so, what is good there?

Boba Smoothie - Costa Mesa - Review

by elmomonster 17 years ago

I wanted something to drink on Saturday and we were in the Costa Mesa area. We also were a little bit hungry, so we decided on Boba Smoothie and tried the lunch special. We tried the Meatball Spa...

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