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Cheap Corkage in OC

by Orion 15 years ago

Another recent thread talked about inexpensive corkage in the LA area. What about those of us stuck in OC? What are your favorite restaurants that have corkage under $10?

Wine Corkage

by Savvy Spender 16 years ago

Anyone have any new restaurants that allow me to bring wine? Morrell's does on Monday I know... also, what is the typical corkage for bringing wine in NYC??

wine/corkage etiquette

by fooddude37 16 years ago

So I'm going out to La Cachette in L.A. tomorrow, and decided to bring 2 of my own bottles. It will just be myself and my girlfriend. My own tolerance is about 1 bottle, and my girlfriend is on m...

Pacific Dining Car - Corkage fee - Report

by Hugh Lipton 16 years ago

Late in July we thoroughly discussed the issue of corkage. I just took my stepson to dinner for his birthday to the Pacific Dinig Car and took a bottle of 1986 Forman, Napa Valley Cabernet. ...

Corkage Project

by smogqueen 16 years ago

Hey all- I'm constantly wondering about corkage fees around town and am going to put together a little cheat sheet with as many as I can compile. I will also include half-off wine nights and the ...

Free corkage at Rocca

by Tessa 16 years ago

While doing some research for a previous post I just learned that Rocca will charge no corkage from wines purchased at the Wine Expo on Santa Monica blvd. Not sure what it was before, but I will ce...

Do "Bring your own" places charge corkage fees?

by Leo in B.R. 16 years ago

I've noticed a lot of "bring your own wine" restos for Montreal and Q.C. When you bring a bottle to these, what charges, if any, do they typically charge? (Bit strange to this South Louisiana l...

Restaurants with liberal corkage policies?

by nomadfromcincy 16 years ago

I am looking to host a wine dinner at a Boston area restaurant -- ideally, it would be a ~5 course meal with a menu which is somewhat flexible based on the wines that are brought. Ideally, the res...

Corkage fees

by Jimbo 16 years ago

Going to Vancouver in a few weeks and trying to figure out if restaurants allow diners to bring their own wine and what typical corkage charges are. Anyone know? It's a big anniversary for us an...

Josie and Corkage Fee

by jaydee 16 years ago

Am I imagining things - or does Josie (or did they) have a night where corkage fees are (were) completely waived? I understand that if you buy one of their wines - they waive the corkage (though I...

Corkage at Katana on Sunset

by Raww Dogg 16 years ago

I know there was a corkage thread back in OCT 03., but there wasn't a notice on Katana on Sunset. Does anyone know what the corkage is there???

Westside Restaurants with Reasonable Corkage?

by Jamie 16 years ago

I have purchased some very interesting wines lately and would like to enjoy them when I go out to dinner at places that are comfortable with this, like Cafe Bizou and Cobras& Matadors. I would app...

Wine Prices/Corkage at Saddle Peak

by Stretch 16 years ago

Anyone have any sense of the wine list at saddle peak? how extensive? cost? corkage policy and fee?

Prime Rib bday dinner - wine and corkage fees

by Nancy 16 years ago

Hounds - I am taking my beau to The Prime Rib for his birthday (it's a milestone one too). I've never been there before but he LOVES red meat and all the reviews here and other places have convinc...

Ultimate Restaurants 2003 CORKAGE FEES

by RickB 16 years ago

Using Mr. Grub’s previously posted "Ultimate Restaurants 2003" compilation as a departure point, I gathered the following info by telephone this afternoon. A few restaurants on the list were not a...

Corkage friendly restaurants??

by john gonzales 18 years ago

I'm admitted wine geek, with a jones for wine collecting so I like to byob. Any favorites with good stemware and/or low corkage and good food?? I often hit up the Bizous, Lawry's, Provence, ZAX is ...

Fancy BYO or low corkage fee

by Kurt 17 years ago

Dear Manhattan Chowhounders, Every year my brother comes to town with a couple of nice bottles of wine that he likes to bring to a restaurant of my choosing. Living in the Village, I have only ...

Sommeliers, corkage, laws - question

by Suzanne 17 years ago

I read about people bringing wine to restaurants, paying a corkage (I hate that word!) fee, and customarily offering the sommelier a glass of the wine. My question - is that last part legal? I b...

BYOB or Corkage Fee in NYC for friday

by Josh 17 years ago

I need to take a friend out to dinner, a nice dinner, and we have some very expensive wines that we'd like to drink. We own the wines ourselves and dont want to drink them at a home dinner. I have ...

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