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Has anyone ever seen COPPER muffin tins?

by BangorDin 15 years ago

I find it hard to believe that copper canele molds could be any better than steel ones. Since they are small, like muffins, the conductivity of the metal is not so important? Or am I wrong, as s...

8" Mauviel copper saute pan @ Bridge Kitchenware $140 + no shipping

by Sherri 15 years ago

Have just ordered one of the discontinued 8" Mauviel copper (stainless steel-lined) saute pans for the good price of $140 (free shipping, on-line orders only) from Bridge Kitchenware in NYC. Though...

bar keepers friend / copper pots

by Nalega 15 years ago

OMG, I finally got around to cleaning my all clad copper pot with bar keepers friend... I forgot how beautiful it was! (I ran into the living room to show my fiance who burst into laughter, thinki...

de-rusting a copper pot?

by ndl 15 years ago

so, my mom recently let me take a lovely copper pot from her basement. but it is pretty rusty. the good thing is that the rust is mostly on the top of the lid so it should be salvageable. i'd love ...

My Copper Bleu (Lakeville, MN) experience

by AliceS 15 years ago

We ended up going to Copper Bleu for my b-day out of convenience. I will give it a solid B-, which is respectable. We started with the green beans, which were one of the 2 highlights, and I am dy...

Copper Chimney Feedback

by eve 15 years ago

Thanks to the board, I finally checked out Copper Chimney--upscale, modern take on well prepared, tasty Indian food. It's located at 28th and Lex. It's not cheap but we thoroughly enjoyed the me...

Copper Kettle

by Walter 15 years ago

Just noticed that the sign on the Copper Kettle now simply says The Kettle. I'm wondering if it's under new ownership. I was never crazy about the food there, and I'm wondering if perhaps it will b...

Copper vs: Aluminum Cookware Question

by Niki Rothman 15 years ago

I received a catalog from JC Penny featuring their house brand "Cooks" cookware and it's very interesting. They offer two All-Clad clones: #1 = a 3 ply satinless/aluminum/stainless sandwich at $99 ...

Anyone been to Copper Chimney?

by Tanya 15 years ago

Heard about a new Indian place, Copper Chimney-has anyone been? What is it like compared to upscale places like Tabla and ada and on the flipside, Curry Hill joints.

Copper Beach Inn-Ivoryton

by David W 16 years ago

There was a slight problem with my prior post-but for the record, I can't say I recommend the CBI: We spent the weekend at the Copper Beach Inn in Ivoryton-large, comfy rooms that come with breakfa...

cannele copper molds

by Sonia 16 years ago

Anyone know where I can buy copper molds for making canneles? I've tried Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma with no luck.

Retinning Copper Pots (in L.A.)

by MaryC. 16 years ago

I've got two that need it. They've been in the family for awhile. Is it worth it ? Who does a reliable job, in Los Angeles ? Thanks.

Copper Chimney -- wont go back (long)

by disappointedgirl 16 years ago

Went there for dinner last night because I was craving Indian and thought I would try something new in that 'hood. I don't like to go to empty restaurants and they only had one other table filled ...

Retinning Copper ? (pointer)

by MaryC. 16 years ago

I posted a question, re: above, on the not about food board. Thanks for any help.

Re-tining Copper Cookware

by CMBen 16 years ago

Need referal(s) for copper re-tining of my French saute pans. Thank you.

Copper Chimney Review - Negative and Long

by chowgal 16 years ago

Last night dined on the early side (6.15PM) at Copper Chimney. 28th off of Lexington. We were the only two there and the staff was sweet, friendly and VERY attentive. There was a lovely English ge...

Copper Chimney (replacing Euro Diner in Curry Hill)...info...

by dkstar1 16 years ago

So, taking Andrea Strong's advice in last evening's food blog discussion (nice to see some of you there), I stopped around the corner to Copper Chimney to poke my head in to see how its coming alon...

Copper River Sockeye at Costco

by applehome 16 years ago

Sitting next to the regular farm-rasied coho, they had a few packages of real copper river sockeye, so I decided to try it. I treated it more like trout than I would a salmon - it is a smaller and...

Copper Chimney (replacing Euro Diner in Curry Hill)...info...

by dkstar1 16 years ago

We've already covered this topic before, but I just found out that the owners of Pongol are the ones putting the new place, Copper Chimney, together. I stopped by to talk to the one guy and he said...

Champagne Brunch at Copper River Ranch Country Club/Fresno

by kim c 16 years ago

Well, it was meet the future in-laws at the Copper River Ranch Country Club on Sunday. We decided on this place for the gorgeous setting and very good buffet that is set out each Sunday from 11-2....

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