The Chili Garlic Sauce Our Readers Can't Stop Talking About

You can secure the right cookbooks, find the very best recipe and arm yourself with the best kitchen gadgetry around but if you don't have the right ingredients, that dog just won't hunt. Just ask the...

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Ramsay's Prep bottles

by MalcolmL 5 years ago

Can anyone tell what's in those prep squeeze bottles Chef Ramsay uses. One looks like some kind of oil mixture, another has a light green color and another is darker.

Lemon Infused Olive Oil

by janniecooks 2 years ago

Suddenly lemon olive oil has disappeared from store shelves in my area; my sister reports the same happened in her area (1500 miles away). So I'm going to have to make my own. In searching fo...

Great non-perishable condiments

by Pan 2 years ago

Hi, everybody! I'm thinking of starting a business selling great condiments that are hard to find. Do you have any favorite condiments that you have trouble finding near where you live? I'm looking...

Mushrooms in salsa?

by NateHevens 2 years ago

Man... it's been a few years since I last posted on Chowhound! Anyways... so I wanted to get y'alls thoughts on this... I've been making a simple salsa recipe. I came by it trying to create a...

Any ideas on the wonderburger sauce?

by simondlamb 2 years ago

Now that they have been closed for 2 years I am craving a Grant's wonderburger. Think we have all the other components down, but the sauce I cant get just right. Anyone have any ideas? i believe th...

How do you get condiments found while traveling abroad stateside?

by youdoofus 3 years ago

I traveled to Romania this last summer and had some of their wonderful food, influding a mustard made by Knorr called "Mustar Calsic" Ive contacted Knorr directly and they dont sell it in the USA. ...

Giardiniera - getting rid of the oil

by michaeljc70 3 years ago

I love using giardiniera on sandwiches, pizza, etc. The issue is it is packed in oil. I put what I am going to use in a strainer, and that helps. I thought about rinsing it, but wondered if that...

Make your own Hot Sauce

by egbluesuede 3 years ago

Any hounds out there have experience making their own hot sauce? Somehow I got the idea that in 2017 I was going to perfect my own brand of hot sauce the way I like it. As you can imagine, there ...

Spicy Greek Yogurt and Mint Dip

by mikidep 3 years ago

I needed to use some leftover fresh mint, so I drew some inspiration from the Internet and came up with this: - 150g (about 1/2 cup) whole greek yogurt - 1/4 cup finely minced fresh mint leaves...

What to do with Homemade "Chili" Sauce

by mmpott 3 years ago

My husband's uncle gave me a jar of his homemade chilli sauce that he made from produce in his garden but I have no idea what to do with it. It looks like a mix between salsa and ketchup. I haven...

Store-bought Spice Mixes and Condiments Recommendation

by ad7yn 3 years ago

Hi guys, please recommend your favorite US grocery store-bought spice mixes or condiments. (Preferrably American or Mexican) To give you a little background, my mom and I do a quarterly exchange...

Condiments in Chinatown

by toby1355 3 years ago

Recently moved into Manhattan and can't find some Chinese condiments I usually use. Specifically, I'm out of Sichuan chili bean paste ( dou ban jiang). This very much a basic in "Every Grain of Ric...

Need a suggestion to make a condiment with preserved lemons

by TheEnigmaFacade 3 years ago

maybe it's the pregnancy hormones kicking in, but i have a weird request: i was craving salt last night and ended up with fistfuls of pretzels, but i was also making new batches of preserved lem...

Condiment on table at Asian Legend

by Olivia 3 years ago

Can anyone help me with figuring out what the condiment I had at Asian Legend is? I asked the server and she mentioned it was made in the back, from a bottle, and from the south (I think that's wha...

Shout out for Sir Kensington's Mayo!

Science Chick
by Science Chick 4 years ago

Has anyone tried this stuff? Best mayo EVER....! Very yolky taste and nicely seasoned. Rivals my homemade, for sure. I have thus far found it at WF and Stop and Shop, not Shaw's/Star. Stop and ...

Maggi sauce?

by YAYME 3 years ago

Hey you guys I bought a bottle of maggi sauce and I have NO idea what to do with it. I tasted it and it's bit like steak sauce. Any other suggestions?

What is the best sauce/condiment you've ever made?

by potbeagle 8 years ago

I love sauces and condiments. I am beginning to make some on my own hot sauce and tartar sauce and hot dog chili and I was wondering if you guys had any recipes for some good sauces too. I parti...


by sea97horse 3 years ago

So I bought this very small, very expensive bottle of colatura di alici. What should I do with it, please?