Top Hat Cafe, Columbus, GA

by Kyoji (Japanese) 18 years ago

How about Top Hat Cafe, Columbus, Ga? Please give me Store's info.(open hours, recommended menu)

Road trip from New Orleans to Columbus, GA via interstates I-10 and I-65

Ms. Verde
by Ms. Verde 8 years ago

We will be stopping in Biloxi, Mobile and Montgomery, but hope to find some interesting small town diversions off the interstate. Love seafood, BBQ and other regional specialties. We are from San...

72 hour pass in Columbus, GA

by citygrrll 9 years ago

Hey Hounds! WIll be picking up my little bro & some of his fellow Soldiers-In-Training June 1-3 for their 72 hour pass from Ft. Benning. None us being from the area, & them not having had "good fo...

Oyster Po boy, between Atlanta and Columbus

by kengk 9 years ago

I've got a craving. I know where to get good fried oysters. Maybe I can ask them for the fried oyster plate and smuggle in my own bread.

Best regional food in Columbus, GA

by Streetmink 9 years ago

My wife and I will be at Ft. Benning in early April. We (and a very hungry basic training grad) are looking forward to trying the regional foods, especially BBQ and Southern/soul food in the Columb...

Bavarian House - Columbus Georgia

by hueyjock 10 years ago

My wife and I stopped at this restaurant in Columbus, Georgia. We wanted some German food and had heard about this place from a local friend. Food prices are very very reasonable and you get a q...

Columbus/Fort Benning

by lilah 10 years ago

I'm going down in a few weeks to visit my boyfriend who has been in basic training at Fort Benning. I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for a nice meal with his parents as well as a place w...

Places to eat from Charlotte, NC to Columbus,GA

by eagle6894 11 years ago

Traveling that way and staying in Columbus for a few days. Like more Roadfood style places but up for anything. Please help

Good eats in Columbus GA

by BontheC 12 years ago

Will be traveling there in two weeks. Did a search and this city doesn't seem to get too many inquiries. Looking for good local spots, bbq, steak (or someplace for a special night out), and any p...

Brunch in Columbus, GA

by JenD 13 years ago

We're going to be in Columbus, GA for a wedding this weekend. Any recommendations for a good Sunday brunch?

Food gift basket delivery to Columbus, GA

by torontofoodiegirl 12 years ago

I'm hoping to have a gift basket delivered to friends who live in Columbus, Georgia. They love good food and, in particular, have a real appreciation for high-end Italian items (though their inter...

Columbus, GA - Taking My Graduating Soldier to Dinner

by pcdarnell 13 years ago

I'll be travelling to Columbus next week to attend the graduation of my son from Basic Combat Training at Ft. Benning. He wants to take us out to dinner on Friday night and I'm looking for suggest...

Any great places in Columbus, Georgia?

by northside food 13 years ago

I'm going to a conference with a group of co workers in Columbus the first week of November. We'll be staying over night on a Sunday. Any recommendations for dinner? I've googled around and I foun...

A thick, juicey Prime Rib in Macon or Columbus

by reddog1 13 years ago

Where would i go in Macon or Columbus or Mid -GA, to find a decent Prime Dinner? I forgot to mention Rare!

Columbus, GA

by cindyxinsun 13 years ago

Going to Columbus, GA next month. Does anyone know any good places to eat? I couldn't find much online at the usual sites. thanks!

Columbus GA recommendations?

by fara 13 years ago

Hi, We'll be in Columbus next week. Can anyone recommend some good places that won't break the bank ?(i.e. under $50 for two). Not a big fan of bbq itself, but definitely interested in local specia...

Good Chinese food in Columbus, Ga?

by reddog1 14 years ago

I love great chinese food but can't fand any in Columbus GA. Help

Restaurants in Columbus, GA

by tennreb 14 years ago

A friend that lives in Columbus, GA says he hasn't found a decent restaurant in the six months he's lived there. He says he's gotten many recommendations, but they have never panned out. I'm visi...

Columbus, GA HELP!

by natalie.warner 14 years ago

I am heading to columbus this weekend to visit a "friend" at Benning... I am a little bit of a foodie and have never been anywhere that can remotely be catagorized as the south before. What do I ha...

Macon Road BBQ in Columbus GA

by GT-ACC man 18 years ago

I was driving through Columbus recently, but it wasn't at a mealtime. I had heard Macon Road BBQ had good barbecue, so I bought some barbecue to go. It was some good pork - moist and smoky. But i...