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Road trip from New Orleans to Columbus, GA via interstates I-10 and I-65

by Ms. Verde 4 years ago

We will be stopping in Biloxi, Mobile and Montgomery, but hope to find some interesting small town diversions off the...

72 hour pass in Columbus, GA

by citygrrll 5 years ago

Hey Hounds! WIll be picking up my little bro & some of his fellow Soldiers-In-Training June 1-3 for their 72 hour pas...


miss piggy commented 5 years ago

Oyster Po boy, between Atlanta and Columbus

by kengk 6 years ago

I've got a craving. I know where to get good fried oysters. Maybe I can ask them for the fried oyster plate and smu...

Sue in Mt P commented 6 years ago

Best regional food in Columbus, GA

by Streetmink 6 years ago

My wife and I will be at Ft. Benning in early April. We (and a very hungry basic training grad) are looking forward t...


kengk commented 6 years ago

Top Hat Cafe, Columbus, GA

by Kyoji (Japanese) 14 years ago

How about Top Hat Cafe, Columbus, Ga? Please give me Store's info.(open hours, recommended menu)


WillDockery commented 6 years ago

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Bavarian House - Columbus Georgia

by hueyjock 6 years ago

My wife and I stopped at this restaurant in Columbus, Georgia. We wanted some German food and had heard about this ...

Columbus/Fort Benning

by lilah 6 years ago

I'm going down in a few weeks to visit my boyfriend who has been in basic training at Fort Benning. I'm looking for ...

Jake Dear commented 6 years ago

Places to eat from Charlotte, NC to Columbus,GA

by eagle6894 7 years ago

Traveling that way and staying in Columbus for a few days. Like more Roadfood style places but up for anything. Pleas...


Littleman commented 7 years ago

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Good eats in Columbus GA

by BontheC 8 years ago

Will be traveling there in two weeks. Did a search and this city doesn't seem to get too many inquiries. Looking fo...

Brunch in Columbus, GA

by JenD 9 years ago

We're going to be in Columbus, GA for a wedding this weekend. Any recommendations for a good Sunday brunch?


mtanner33 commented 8 years ago

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Food gift basket delivery to Columbus, GA

by torontofoodiegirl 9 years ago

I'm hoping to have a gift basket delivered to friends who live in Columbus, Georgia. They love good food and, in par...

Columbus, GA - Taking My Graduating Soldier to Dinner

by pcdarnell 9 years ago

I'll be travelling to Columbus next week to attend the graduation of my son from Basic Combat Training at Ft. Benning...


pcdarnell commented 9 years ago

Any great places in Columbus, Georgia?

by northside food 9 years ago

I'm going to a conference with a group of co workers in Columbus the first week of November. We'll be staying over ni...

ted commented 9 years ago

A thick, juicey Prime Rib in Macon or Columbus

by reddog1 9 years ago

Where would i go in Macon or Columbus or Mid -GA, to find a decent Prime Dinner? I forgot to mention Rare!


reddog1 commented 9 years ago

Columbus, GA

by cindyxinsun 9 years ago

Going to Columbus, GA next month. Does anyone know any good places to eat? I couldn't find much online at the usual...


quimbaya commented 9 years ago

Columbus GA recommendations?

by fara 10 years ago

Hi, We'll be in Columbus next week. Can anyone recommend some good places that won't break the bank ?(i.e. under $50 ...


fara commented 10 years ago

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Good Chinese food in Columbus, Ga?

by reddog1 10 years ago

I love great chinese food but can't fand any in Columbus GA. Help ...

Restaurants in Columbus, GA

by tennreb 10 years ago

A friend that lives in Columbus, GA says he hasn't found a decent restaurant in the six months he's lived there. He ...

ted commented 10 years ago

Columbus, GA HELP!

by natalie.warner 11 years ago

I am heading to columbus this weekend to visit a "friend" at Benning... I am a little bit of a foodie and have never ...


Blue Eagle commented 11 years ago

Macon Road BBQ in Columbus GA

by GT-ACC man 14 years ago

I was driving through Columbus recently, but it wasn't at a mealtime. I had heard Macon Road BBQ had good barbecue, s...

ted commented 11 years ago