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Suggestions for a new Denver-ite?

by Carl Haynes 19 years ago

I'm moving to Denver (from San Francisco) in about 2 weeks and am looking forward to having a new city full of restaurants to explore. I'm hoping to get a few tips on places to start. Mostly I li...

Butcher to buy goat in Denver?

by Carl Haynes 19 years ago

I'm looking for suggestions on places to buy goat meat in Denver. A recent thread on Trinidadian places in the San Francisco newsgroup has me craving some goat roti and I thought I'd try to make my...

Julia Blackbird's -- Denver

by Barb in Denver 19 years ago

My fiance and I tried Julia Blackbird's in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver a few weeks ago, and we were both very impressed. My fiance lived in Albuquerque for about seven years, and he loves ...

Noodles from Heaven - Denver

by Maria 19 years ago

Last weekend we went to Patsy's at 37th and Navajo in NW Denver. I had a melt in your mouth eggplant parmesean and my dining partner had the lasagna, so filling she was only able to eat a few bite...

Fine Dining in Golden/Denver, CO

by Amy 19 years ago

Hello all - visiting your board from Seattle. Have read several good posts re: cheap eats in Denver. I am finding myself in Golden, CO this December and am looking for input from local chowhounds...

Colorado Springs help

by Ruth Lafler 20 years ago

I'm heading off to Colorado Springs in about a week, and I just wanted to check one more time for restaurant recommendations. I'm going to be meeting up with some friends there, at least one of w...

Little Anita's -Denver?

by Chimayo Joe 20 years ago

I've seen restaurants of this chain in Albuquerque and Santa Fe but never eaten at one. Has anyone tried the Little Anita's that opened in Denver not too long ago?

Vail, Denver, and Boulder experiences

by TC 20 years ago

Hello all!! This is just a review/rant about the difference a good waiter can make in a meal, and some places I tried and the experiences I had.... First off, the Vail crap. I was in Vail a cou...

Bold in Boulder

by J. Wilson 20 years ago

I'm relocating to Boulder, Colorado and enjoy innovative cuisine. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Denver: Beer, Breakfast, Ethiopian

by Jim Dorsch 20 years ago

Continuing our talk on the Manhattan board, first of all realize that I was in Denver to cover the GABF as a journalist, hence I needed to give that preference over the Ethiopian festival. I did wa...

Colorado Springs Restaurant Help-I'm Desperate!!

by Chica 20 years ago

I noticed a previos post was also looking for restaurant info for Colorado Springs. I am going there for one week on business, have never been there before and wanted some restaurant suggestions. I...

Denver (east side) or Aurora info

by Barbara S 20 years ago

Heading to Denver on Sunday. Hoping that hounds can offer suggestions for east side dining, with a couple of requirements: No Mexican, and needs to be wheelchair accessible. Visiting a relative ...

Relocate to Fort Collins, CO?

by HJH3 20 years ago

After 13 years of living in New York, I have finally reached my limit with the hassle/expense of the City and had it with my job. My folks have a place near Fort Collins and it seems like a nice c...

west of Denver

by SharonA 20 years ago

If you're traveling on I-70 west of Denver, as I was last week, stop off in Georgetown, a tiny restored Victorian mining town maybe an hour out of Denver. Touristy shops, but a terrific homey break...

Ethiopian in Boulder Area

by Lisa L. 20 years ago

My boyfriend and I are going to Boulder for a week to meet a up with a chef friend of ours who lives there, (so I know we'll be eating well) and I wanted to find something to surprise her with, so ...

West Denver - Cheese Steak, Produce, Gourmet Markets

by Jewel 20 years ago

I'm looking for opinions for any of the above and especially a good cheese steak sandwich. Thanks in advance

Looking for great chow in Denver

by John Berendzen 20 years ago

An associate and I will be spending 4 nights in Denver in Mid May 2001. Any recommendations for great places to eat would be appreciated. We are staying Downtown but will have a car. I am especi...


by Peter Flom 22 years ago

I'll be in Denver for a few days in Mid-July. Any advice on good spots to eat? Low to moderate prices preferred. I like pretty much all cuisines. I'd like to try stuff that's better there th...

Nostalgic for Colorado Springs

by Beth 21 years ago

I found myself thinking about all the food I ate in college because of the discussion on the general board about formative chowhound experiences. I searched to see what had been posted about the S...

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