Finding good coffee spots in any city is an essential. Ask other Chowhounds where they love to get their caffeine fix, and share your favorite coffee recipes, tools, and brands.

I Tried the Starbucks Tie-Dye Frappuccino & Have Some Feelings

By now, you’ve probably heard of Starbucks’ newest sweet summer sensation—the Tie-Dye Frappuccino. Described as a “deliciously tropical fruity drink” decorated with “vibrant...red, blue, and yellow...

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Coffee Roaster in ABQ

by marelyisdead 9 years ago

Hello coffee hounds. Can you recommend a good roaster in ABQ? Preferably one that makes good espresso as well. Thanks in advance for your help.

where to buy green coffee beans in LA?

by naomi 13 years ago

i just recently moved to la from sf and am missing the convenience of having sweet maria's right across the bay. i purchased some green beans from groundwork on rose ave in venice, but was disappoi...

Would like your opinion on what coffee supplies to provide for a nicer end vacation rental

by nadine3600 4 years ago

I have a rental cabin in NC and would like to upgrade my Mr. Coffee maker to something nicer. The vacation rental is on the nicer side but I would not say it is full high end. Currently I provide...

Coconut oil in coffee. Not quite "bulletproof" but delicious low-carb "breakfast"

by shanagain 4 years ago

I'm terrible about eating breakfast and stumbled across the whole Bulletproof coffee thing not long ago. While butter in my coffee wasn't "bad" it also wasn't really.. anything. (Very odd, because ...

How many tablespoons of coffee....

by mrsmegawatt 11 years ago

How many tablespoons of coffee do you use in your coffeemaker at home, per cup? I remember a time when I used to use 1 tablespoon per 2 cups of coffe. In other words, if the I was making 12 cup p...

Best coffee beans for iced coffee?

by Lambretta76 16 years ago

Can anyone recommend the best coffee beans for making iced coffee? I've been using an organic, Fair Trade Mexican Espresso Roast from Porto Rico (St. Marks Pl. in the E. Village, NYC) brewed at reg...

Keurig and freshly ground coffee

by bxgirl 5 years ago

I have been buying a variety if k-cups for my Keurig, since I got the machine about 4 years ago. I have decided to try buying fresh coffee beans, and then having them ground at the store. What gr...

Favorite mug?

by Olivia_Oil 1 year ago

I have been looking into new dish sets and have not been liking the mugs in any of them so am thinking of buying a set separately. Does anyone have mugs they currently love. I want ones that are ve...

Ice cream recipe?

by laraibcooks 2 years ago

I want to make a coffee ice cream that isn't overly rich or sweet. How does this sound? One and a half cups each whole milk (or half and half?) and heavy cream, three eggs yolks (I don't want i...

Stove top Italian espresso maker

by Monica 2 years ago

This one is 'missing' the top part....i think it's made like this purposely. Am I suppose to hold a cup while it's brewing coffee?

What am I going to drink?

by soccermom13 2 years ago

For two weeks running, I've had a very hard time finding Starbucks decaf Sumatra coffee beans, which I regard as essential for (my) life. Finally I ran into a knowledgeable manager at the Starb...

Non-coffee drinker needs to know difference between espresso & coffee beans?

by wineaux 12 years ago

I've been sent on a mission to obtain fair trade espresso beans to send to my daughter in college. The store she told me to go to sells only fair trade items, but had only a variety of coffee bean...

Scout Coffee Co. in San Luis Obispo

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

My first stop on hitting town was Scout Coffee Co. Open for two years, the husband-and-wife founders are alums of Santa Cruz's Verve. My full-caff macchiato was a quick pick-me-up, served with a...

Disposing of Coffee Grounds

by CJinGA 12 years ago

Is it OK to just rinse coffee grounds down the sink? I don't have a garbage disposal. (Sorry, I don't compost.)

Looking for green/unroasted coffee beans

by beforesunrise 8 years ago

Any suggestions where I can buy green/unroasted coffee beans in the Boston-area? We received a roaster for a present and have blown through the initial batch it came with. I'd prefer to buy locally...

Cold Brew Ice Cream

by Pwelsh4 2 years ago

Hello there everyone! So to get straight to the point, I was going to make some coffee ice cream for a friend of mine. However, me being me, I have looked at so many different recipes that I was...

Cat & Cloud Coffee | Pleasure Point - Santa Cruz

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Five years ago, Mom and I spent two weeks holed up in a vacation rental in Pleasure Point while her home was being repaired. Yesterday I had a chance to return to our old neighborhood to see what's...

Authentic Vietnamese black coffee

by karen a bolla 2 years ago

Just spent some time in Hanoi and loved the coffee when dripped to an intense, espresso-sized black shot. no milk, please! We have not found the same coffee yet in the Bay Area Vietnamese restaura...

Coffee in a 100 cup coffee maker - Advice?

Dave MP
by Dave MP 11 years ago

I am planning for a party this weekend, and I'm renting a 100 cup coffee maker for the first time. I am assuming it will come with some instructions, but I thought I'd ask some advice here too. ...

How does one make a decent cup of coffee in Paris?

by hychka 2 years ago

We will be in Paris for a month with friends in an apartment in the 2nd. Morning coffee is an issue. Which system should we use? Which beans? Where do we buy the beans? Should we just go to Starbuc...