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K cup ?

by ThePrettypoodle 8 years ago

Please tell me a version of hot chocolate that comes in K cups is sold by amazon and is Kosher. I need to order some:)

K cups, Single servings, Starbucks...

by Florida Hound 8 years ago

I heard on the radio that Starbucks is introducing a single serving machine for sale for your own kitchen, and I assumed it was to cash in on the Keurig craze. It got me thinking about the weekend...

Coffee Pods in Toronto

by donn 12 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy coffee pods in a retail store in Toronto besides Timothy's or Starbucks ?

Keurig K-Cups

by singingfoodie 9 years ago

Which flavors are Chalav Yisrael and yummy? Thinking of getting one even though I'm not a big coffee drinker! Need the morning caffeine. :-)

Starbucks K-Cups?

by Crepes Suzette 9 years ago

Has anyone seen these yet? (and where?) According to their website they are new this fall and should be available in grocery stores, etc. They are not yet available at Starbucks stores or their onl...

keurig k cups

by humbert 10 years ago

I just got a new keurig machine that uses those little k cups ( sure, maybe a fad but my boyfriend really really wanted one) and they are pretty good. We went to a few places to get either variety ...

My K-Cup (Keurig)

by CanadaGirl 9 years ago

I recently purchased a Keurig and am loving it. I've finished most of the coffees that came with it and, for environmental and cost issues, will use the My K-Cup most of the time. I prefer coffee t...

K Cups?

by Scribbler 9 years ago

OK, I don't want to start a coffee war, but I just bought a Keurig coffee maker (being delivered today from Amazon) and I was wondering if there were local places to by the k-cups, rather than purc...

K-Cups Kosher for pesach?

by MartyB 9 years ago

In lieu of OU''s statement "All regular ground coffees are acceptable for Passover use when bearing an OU." Would that imply that unflavored k-cups that bear the OU is kosher for pesach? http:/...

k-cup coffee, god help me

by chowcito 10 years ago

greeting folks, the office has just purchased a k-cup machine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K-Cup_Coffee#K-Cup_system) and I'm hoping we can get a decent coffee to go with it. I'm a coffee drink...

What is in the 18 k-cup Keurig variety pack

by ap1994 13 years ago

Can anyone please list what is in the 18 k-cup variety pack that comes with Keurig brewers? Specifically I'm wondering what brand the Kona cup is. I went through the box and made the mistake of not...

Keurig k-cups

by bxgirl 12 years ago

Just got a Keurig coffee-maker, and we love it. It came with a bunch of different k-cups which we are quickly going through!!, I was wondering which is the best place (on-line or in an actual store...

Senseo coffee pods...do you swap?

by chelleyd01 13 years ago

I got the $15.00 Senseo a few weeks ago. The only adaptations I make to it are I fill the reservior with hot water and I microwave a mug 1/4 full of milk before I add the coffee and it makes a nice...

Freshdirect's new coffee pods

by Aimee 14 years ago

They only sell them in batches of 100. Has anyone tried them? How is the coffee? thanks.

Euro Senseo Coffee Pods

by julie_profumo 15 years ago

Does anyone know of a store in the NYC area that carries the European Senseo pod flavors that are not available here yet (Sidney, Milano, Rio)? I have seen them for sale online but shipping costs ...

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