Coffee Grinders

6 Tips for Making Perfect Coffee at Home, According to a Barista

There's no time like National Coffee Day to learn how to make good coffee at home (it can be a struggle). [related_content align=left title=Eye-Opening Offers][related_content_data content_type=WpPost...

Best Grinder for Spices Like Thyme?

by westes 8 months ago

Can someone recommend a spice grinder that would work well to powderize thyme? I tried a nice burr grinder for coffee, which I thought would make short work of it, but many of the thin hard needl...

Manual Coffee Mills?

by ninrn 1 year ago

Have any of the hard-core coffee lovers here used the Hario Skerton Plus mill? How is it in terms of performance, grind variability, and ease of cleaning? Are there other, better manual grinders yo...

New (to me) espresso machine

tim irvine
by tim irvine 3 years ago

I just acquired a fairly old Elektra Micro Casa a Leva. I bought a Baratza Sette 270 grinder to go with it. I have to say, it pulls the tastiest shots imaginable. Plus it’s rather attractive. I...

Webinar: Coffee, A Chemical & Physical Perspective, 11/15

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

"Join the Atlantic’s 'Specialty Coffee’s Resident Scientist' Christopher Hendon of the University of Oregon in this free interactive broadcast as he uses chemistry and physics, to discuss how to is...

Grinding cinnamon

by sue 16 years ago

I recently bought cinnamon sticks, and have been using my microplane grater to grind it. This seems fairly labor-intensive. I've heard that people use a coffee grinder to grind spices, but I don't ...

Can one grinder do it all?

by RealMenJulienne 9 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for an ideal grinder which may or may not exist. I'm picturing something which can grind anything from sausage to spices to coffee to wheat flour, just by swapping out a set of i...

Durable Coffee bean grinder ?

by fatbob 9 years ago

Since Christmas 2011 I've burnt out 3 bean grinders. They were all brand names, Cuisinart etc. They all cost around $50. Professional models, besides having capacities of several pounds, cost $300 ...

Anyone have a Camano Coffee Mill?

by SGFoxe 14 years ago

It's very pretty -- and apparently hand crafted -- as good as a Zassenhaus?

What cooking gadgets changed your life?... Well at least your cooking?

by RhonelyInsanediego 7 years ago

I really love a good time saver in the kitchen. Rather than create a Zombie thread (revive a 9 or 10 yo dead thread), I thought I'd see if the hounds have any new kitchen gadgets that they just ca...

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