What's the Origin of the Word 'Cocktail'?

No, it doesn't have anything to do with a rooster—but it does have something to do with a horse. Type origin of word cocktail into your search engine and you may see a dictionary entry that explains...

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Olympic Cocktails

by Hobsons Choice 12 years ago

We broke out the cocktail books to find some classic drinks with Olympic-themed names in honor of the 2008 games. We are sharing these in the hope that others can contribute other ideas. The fi...

Chinese cocktails?

by lisaf 12 years ago

I am having a party for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games and wanted to serve Chinese cocktails to go with the Chinese food. Any suggestions? Would lychee martinis qualify?

Virgin 1920's-esque cocktails?

by zph 12 years ago

The girlfriend is hosting a 1920's themed party and would like to serve up some cocktails representative of the era. Unfortunately as most of the attendees don't drink, the drinks will have to be v...

Cocktails/Punch for a BBQ

by ooroger 12 years ago

We're having a BBQ next weekend and need some ideas for the perfect cocktail/punch to serve with our BBQ dishes. Would be most convenient to mix up something in a batch, rather than mixing drinks ...

A New Take on Old Cocktails

by sku 12 years ago

I've been fooling around with cocktails lately and have made a few fun discoveries. I like whiskey cocktails so I've been making the classics and substituting different whiskies that I think will ...

Cocktails with egg in them....

by roscothechump 12 years ago

I want to hear about cocktails with egg in them. If you have a recipe for a cocktail like this, please post it. A particular favorite of mine, for example, is the Los Angeles Cocktail: 1 1/2 o...

Having cocktails at my house

by fishie 12 years ago

Bags and bags of mint in the garden. I would like to make a cocktail with it, the only two things I can think of are mojitos and mint julep, neither of which I have a recipe for....I am looking fo...

Good/Favorite Summer Cocktails?

by bworp 12 years ago

Historically beer has been my choice beverage during the summer months, it goes so well with the outdoor activities of summer. With that being said, this past weekend I was introduced to a new su...

What are the new cocktails trends for 2008

by flameworkart 12 years ago

Hi What are the new cocktails of the year- we have had our share of cosmo martini's, mojito's etc..... looking for some fresh new ideas- have any?

Sweet n' Creamy Cocktails...

by pringle347 12 years ago

Okay, call 'em what you want...but what was the best one you've ever tried?? Yes, most of them have been called martinis, and I know that offends many...but I don't honestly care what they're c...

Liquor brand/quality used in cocktails

by mrpotato 12 years ago

Sorry if this is a dumb thread to some but I'm newcomer when it comes to cocktails(and spirits for that matter). Right now, I'm trying to put togeter a inventory so that I can make an array of coc...

High End Liquor in Cocktails - A contrarian flow

by fussycouple 12 years ago

I have always endorsed something of a contrarian flow in my cocktail drinking, in that I like to use the best liquors in them. I've always been inordinately fond of two semi-quotes I heard at o...

Port Cocktails

by mhoffman 12 years ago

Okay, I know port is a wine, not a spirit, but I'm asking for cocktail suggestions here, so I feel I'm in the right place. My cocktail books don't contain many recipes that call for port. DeGrof...

Diet Cocktails

by momskitchen 12 years ago

Hubby and I are on WW, and we're looking for low points cocktails. For those of you not familiar with the ways of WW, this means drinks with non sweet liquor, i.e. vodka, run or gin - a shot is 2 ...

Cocktails for Non Alcohol lovers

by offthebeatenpath1 12 years ago

I have a friend that insists on drinking because he feels it is part of the social atmosphere of going to bars and such and because a couple of drinks never hurt anyone on a Friday or Saturday even...

Cocktails from 1967

by BatMan 12 years ago

We're throwing a 40th birthday dinner party on Friday and the theme is "what were they eating and drinking in 1967". The dinner entree is Beef Wellington. I need some drink ideas. The first on...

cranberry vodka cocktails?

by hobokeg 14 years ago

soon it will be time to strain the cranberry vodka...what are you all planning to do with yours? any recipes?

Cocktails with Cassis?

by kenito799 13 years ago

I just got some delicious Creme de Cassis in Ile d'Orleans, Quebec. Apart from Kir/Royale, what are your favorite drinks with cassis?

Cucumber Cocktails?

by Oliverstreet 13 years ago

Please share any cucumber cocktails you have (other than a Pimm's Cup). I've decided to have something cucumber-y for my taco party...

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