Cinco de Mayo

Break out the margaritas! Get inspired to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with recipes and party ideas from our community plus tips on where to go get your fill of Mexican food near you.

What Is the Difference Between Tequila and Mezcal?

There's a never a day more suited than National Mezcal Day (Oct. 21) to wonder: What is the difference between tequila and mezcal? They're both made from agave, sure, but different species from different...

So What Did Cinco de Mayo Look Like On Your Dining Table This Year?

by mtskeeter 4 days ago

This year, Covid Cooking Year #2, found our Cinco de Mayo celebration meal toned down, again. Add to that, we celebrated a day early to make it work with our household (added to May the Fourth Be W...

Cinco de Mayo: How will you celebrate?

by gutreactions 22 days ago

We lost a lot of our culinary celebrations last year due to the pandemic. Seems to be coming back ever so carefully. Cinco de Mayo is Wednesday, May 5th. How will you mark the occasion? Prepare som...

Where to for Cinco de Mayo?

by gutreactions 2 years ago

It's a Sunday this year, so brunch or dinner would be fine. I heard there will be festivities all weekend at such spots as Rio Bravo in Larchmont & Crestwood. Even Growlers Beer Bistro in Tuckahoe ...

Where to for Cinco de Mayo, May 5th?

by gutreactions 3 years ago

We may go the day before or the day after to avoid the crowds, but who does the job well these days in greater Westchester? Where does good Mexican cuisine meld well with a good dose of celebratory...

'Avocado hand' is sending people to the ER

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Ages ago I recall hearing in epidemiology class about the regular weekend outbreaks of bagel cutting injuries in NYC. From the sound of this, "avocado hand" may be overtaking it. " . . . Doctors...

Nieves Cinco de Mayo (artisan ice cream) update [Oakland and San Francisco]

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 13 years ago

I stopped by Nieves Cinco de Mayo today -- it looks like he got another freezer case, as there are more ice cream flavors in the menu than I remember. The most exotic flavor was rose petal and I th...

Dishes from Puebla

by Andrew H 5 years ago

Celebrate 5/5 by eating regional specialties: Chiles En Nogada, Mole Poblano, Cemita sandwiches, and rajas Poblanas. Skip the taco salad and strawberry flavored margies.

Cinco de Mayo

steve h.
by steve h. 11 years ago

Any excuse for booze. Old school margaritas: lime juice, sugar, blanco tequila, orange liqueur and coarse sea salt. Ceviche will be on the table, too. Fresh fish, kissed by lime, cilantro, wh...

Revisiting Cinco de Mayo cocktails

by eatingjoy 6 years ago

The CH archives go back to 2008. What would you add to your home bar for the celebration?

San Antonio Riverwalk on Cinco de Mayo Suggestions

by hotel 7 years ago

Coming to San Antonio for work over Cinco de Mayo and would like to have a nice meal with a group of 6 people. We are looking for entrees around 30 dollars in the Riverwalk area and the only restri...

Cinco de Mayo pot luck suggestions?

by medrite 7 years ago

My company is having a Cinco de Mayo pot luck lunch this Friday (this is the same company that held their Christmas party in February). I'd appreciate some dish/recipe suggestions for a crowd that ...

Local Butcher Shop - Cinco de Mayo Sandwiches [Berkeley]

by judge dee 7 years ago

The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley is featuring five different Mexican inspired sandwiches for each of the first five days in May. Today's was pulled chicken with ancho salsa, Jack cheese, avocado...

Cinco de Mayo Grocer Tamales

by shanemio 8 years ago

I have a serious crush on the green chicken tamales that Cinco de Mayo sells. Finally checked it out - having to navigate god-awful construction and road closure - and I will be back. I tried the...

Miami Beach Cinco de Mayo

by lizpersichetti 9 years ago

I am getting married at the Palms on May 4th and wanted to go out the following night for Cinco de Mayo with the small group of people that came down for our wedding. Any suggestions for good f...

Cinco de Mayo 2012 - Want to cook from your Mexican books with me?

by Breadcrumbs 9 years ago

I'm excited that CdM falls on a Saturday this year as that means I can plan a special meal cooking from my Mexican cookbooks. I'm going to plan my menu this weekend and wondered if anyone else is ...

Cinco de mayo LA

by Jrvra14 8 years ago

What events are happening in LA Hollywood for Cinco de Mayo, restaurants/ bar/ live music?

Cinco de Mayo dessert

by jessinEC 9 years ago

I'm going to a silent auction on Cinco de Mayo and will be entering a dessert contest. The desserts don't have to be connected to the theme, but I thought it would be fun. The ideas I have so far a...

Cinco de Mayo - Easy Dish for a Group

by Kat 9 years ago

hello- we have been invited to a Cinco de Mayo party where the host is dishing up rice and beans and asked the guests to each bring a potluck dish. I expect that it will need to serve at least 15 p...

Cinco de mayo --- WHERE???

by smilingal 9 years ago

Where are peeps going tomorrow night to have fun? I really would love a great fresh suggestion.