We Taste-Tested 7 New Drinks and Our Favorite May Surprise You

Nutritionists tout that the key to a healthy lifestyle is hydration, which is precisely why we held a beverage taste test in the Chowhound office to determine which new drinks were the best on the market...

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cider donuts without the wait?

by bluebird 17 years ago

went to shelburne farms in stow and waited 45 min for great donuts. i'm wondering if there are any other orchards that serve hot cider donuts with fewer lines?

Cider donuts at Topsfield Fair

by K 17 years ago

Hot and fresh and sooo good. Somewhat small, but you can just eat more of them. At the cider hut opposite the tree farm booth, right near the main entrance. Other than the cider donuts, a pretty...

Cider Doughnuts?

by Matt 17 years ago

With fall finally here, does anyone know of a good orchard or bakery where they make cider doughnuts? Thanks! Matt

cider donuts

by Rob Kennedy 17 years ago

I just had a cider donut from Western Mass for the first time. These are apparently donuts made with apple cider. They are essentially a plain donut dusted with fine-grained granulated sugar. They ...

Fresh Apple Cider - How Perishable?

by LisaM 17 years ago

So, I'm flying out to L.A. this weekend, to visit an old pal. I asked her what she'd like me to bring her from NY (she's originally from the area), and she said, "Apple cider!" Now, as an aside, I...

Sparkling Cider in the freezer

by Elle 17 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I am trying to figure out if it would be safe to put a bottle of strawberry cider in the freezer for a couple of hours. I am trying to get it as cold as possible to take to a picni...

London pubs and cider and food?

by linza 17 years ago

Hoping you can help a NY hound with some pub and food suggestions in and around London. Not really interested in pub grub, more after pub fare such as Indian, kabab places or other tasty treats. ...

Bulmer's/Magner's cider

by Michelle 17 years ago

Fell in love in Ireland--Can't find it here Any idea if anyone sells this in the area? I won't drink anything until I find it--Save me from dehydration!!

Sammy's Ye Old Cider Mill Mendham NJ

by John Farago 17 years ago

I can't find any references to this place on the website, and I haven't been there in several years, but I'd call it one of the ten best steak places in America, with arguably the best french fries...

Availability of Wyder's pear cider in DC?

by Bob 17 years ago

According to their website, Wyder's is now sold in the city. Has anyone actually seen it in any area liquor stores? Back when I lived on the west coast, this was a reliable favorite. Link: http:...

schultz's cider mill

by pineapple 17 years ago

is it still around or not? last i heard it was closing, but then it seemed to be hanging around.... i'd love some of those donuts and hot cider! thanks!

Apple cider syrup - how to use?

by Linda W. 17 years ago

After reading about it here on Chowhound a few months ago, I just picked up a small bottle of apple cider syrup in a store in the town where I work on the north shore of Boston. I've never had it ...

mulled cider

by Celeste 17 years ago

Well, I've gone and gotten real sick for new year's eve, when I'm having a daytime get-together with friends. While I watch my friends drink and be merry, I think many cups of a good hot mulled a...

search for hot apple cider

by Queen of Hearts 17 years ago

Do you have any suggestions where I can find decent hot apple cider? I had some at Peets the other night, and it was okay..... but not spectacular. Just wondering if there was anything outstandin...

Rum Cider

by FrankT 17 years ago

The in-laws stopping over tomorrow night and the better-half wants to serve rum cider (watching a little too much M. Stewart if you ask me). MY chore for the day is to come up with some sort of ta...

Normandy style cider

by Sam Shanti 17 years ago

I saw on a recipe that calls for Normandy style cider. What is it? Can I get it here in the U.S?

apple orchards & cider

by LisaN 17 years ago

Does anyone know of apple orchards that are still open where I could either pick my own or at least buy some fresh apples and apple cider? Preferably not more than an 90 minute to 2 hour drive ar...

Cider taste-off: Derby's and One Stack Farm, Stow MA.

by MichaelB 17 years ago

Inspired by some recent posts on cider, I went on a solo cider crawl out to the Acton/Stow area off of Rt. 2 yesterday. Began with Honeypot Hill Orchards -- the cider hadn't received any raves, so ...

This weekend - Cider Day 2002

by Andy T. 17 years ago

A heads-up to all who love apple cider. This reminds me of The Simpsons episode where the Simpsons and Flanders visit a cider mill. Does anyone remember the rhyme Flanders used for telling juice...

Where to find good cider?

by Chris VR 17 years ago

Where do you go for good cider in the Boston area (especially north of Boston), both from a supermarket and from an orchard? I tried the 2 brands Wild Oats has, Naked and ...something or other an...

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