15 Ridiculously Good Chorizo Recipes

In the realm of food subscriptions that don’t exist but should, a chorizo of the month club would definitely be one worth signing up for. And not just because it would mean a regular supply of...

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Chorizo, Chevre, ____?: How to Top This Canape ?

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

In an attempt to cut down on carbos, i have developed a taste for a snack of thinly-sliced-on-the-diagonal Palacios (Spanish) chorizo(not the hot version), topped with a large mound of Chavrie (a s...

Soy chorizo at Trader Joe's

by escondido123 12 years ago

I live in Southern California where Mexican style chorizo is readily available. I love the spice and flavor of it, but am trying to cut back on meat and fat. So when I saw Soy Chorizo at my local...

Dry Chorizo in GTA?

by howdydoody 14 years ago

Can someone refer me to a store where I can buy authentic Spanish chorizo in Toronto?

Help Cooking Chorizo

by cherno 6 years ago

I have had pizza with nice bits of chorizo on it (similar to browned hamburger meat) from restaurants but I can't seem to make this work at home. I think I am using the wrong kind of chorizo. I k...

Help me find the chorizo I want!

by jen223 6 years ago

I had some delicious chorizo in Spain, and I can't seem to find the same kind here. I'm not looking for the dry, hard kind, which is delicious as well, but I can easily find this. I don't know if I...

Mexican chorizo?

by stiv99 6 years ago

Just watched a Panna video where Rick Bayless prepared chorizo-potato tacos...and it's got me jones-ing to make them myself. He was specific about using Mexican chorizo as opposed to other types (...

where to buy chorizo sausage in winnipeg?

by tim from wpg 10 years ago

help. i am a transplanted torontonian and wpg has a pretty good food scene (somewhat disjointed, but pretty good) and sometimes i want chorizo but have been unable to find it. thanks. tim.

Chorizo Recipe Needed

by johnmarzy 6 years ago

Hopefully I wont be flamed for what I am about to say but I grew up on Reynaldo's & Cacique Pork Chorizo sold at all the Supermarkets here in LA. (Ralph's, Vons you get the picture) So I enjoy the...

cooking chorizo

mr mouther
by mr mouther 14 years ago

I've been cooking chorizo for 5 years now and I think my skills have diminished over that period of time. What I usually do is heat up a frying pan and throw it on there and then it burns and i sti...

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