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11 Reasons To Always Have Chocolate Chips in Your Pantry

Canned goods, condiments, and eggs are just a few pantry essentials we hear about most often. And while making a last-minute black bean omelette with yellow mustard sounds delicious interesting, we...

Things to make in silicone semi-sphere molds?

by ninrn 17 days ago

Have you made something really delicious and interesting in these molds, sweet or savory? If so, could you please share? The ones we have are this size: https://www.amazon.com/Sphere-Silicone-B...

bulk or wholesale gourmet chocolate for baking?

by Wendy Lai 15 years ago

The holiday season is coming up soon. The yearly xmas cookies and goodies box will need lots of chocolate. Are there any good website sources that you know that sells either Scharfenburger or Val...

Artsy Chocolate at Mast, Mount Kisco...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

The Mast Brothers moved their company Mast Chocolates up from Brooklyn to Mount Kisco about a year ago. They took over a long building along S. Moger Ave. just down from Metro-North station, and re...

Freezing Chocolate Truffles

by jasmine 14 years ago

Can you do it? If not, how long will they stay fresh. Thanks.

Percentage of cocoa mass and butter in chocolate bars

by the3rdPoliceman 5 months ago

I'm making chocolate ice cream and it's turning out a bit grainy - I read that it's because of the cocoa butter, and that I'd have better results with a chocolate with lower cocoa butter. In most o...

chocolate chip cookies in Lahaina

by emily 17 years ago

When I was kid in the 1980s, we used to visit Maui a few times a year and one of the food treats that stood out for me were chocolate chip cookies. These cookies came from a bakery located on the f...

Cacao powder for chocolate macarons?

by boran 7 months ago

Can I use Hershey's cacao powder to make chocolate macarons? I saw a lot of recipes call for cocoa powder instead and I'm wondering if it will make the difference?

Dandelion Chocolate on Valencia instant ordering/pick-up is open

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

"Beginning Friday, May 8th at 11am, the original Dandelion Chocolate at 740 Valencia Street will be offering a limited menu of drinks, pastries, and retail items via instant ordering from the sidew...

Chocolate chips cookies from Double tree hotel [moved from What's My Craving board]

by Monica 13 years ago

They were the most incredible tasting chocolate chip cookies i've ever had. Does anybody know where I can get these delicious cookies without spending a night at Double tree hotel where they give ...

Welch's chocolate covered fudge bar

by krinna 12 years ago

Does anybody remember Welch's chocolate covered fudge candy bar? It was the best candy bar ever. I used to buy them all the time in the '60's for 25 cents. It was a fudge center with a great fudgy ...

Sutters' crumb buns and chocolate rum squares [split from New York]

by Kathy M. 10 years ago

I grew up on Bank Street in the 1950's. We would stop at Sutters on the way back from church at St. Joseph's. I have FOND memories of Sutters' crumb buns and the chocolate rum squares!!! Does hav...

Powdered Chocolate Frosting Mix?

by vvvindaloo 10 years ago

My mother, a chocolate frosting fanatic, tells me that there was once a superior alternative to frosting in a tub (aside from making it yourself, of course): a mix to which you added butter and wat...

Making edible chocolate from baking chocolate?

by Howard_2 7 years ago

Can anyone point me to a recipe for turning baking chocolate into something edible--preferably dark chocolate? Thanks.

Chocolate Cake/pudding on the bottom

by LGD 12 years ago

In the late '60's before all the molten chocolate cakes, there was a cake recipe that was so simple. Ingredients were stirred together in a round casserole dish and boiling water was poured on top....

Chocolate Fondants

by spiidi 9 months ago

Help me out, what's going wrong. I've tried to make chocolate fondants several times now and every time the batter comes out mousse like, not runny, like I see in all the recipes and videos. And th...

ISO Devil’s Food Cake Recipe with Chocolate Frosting

by Redstickchef 9 months ago

I am looking for a Devil’s food cake recipe with Chocolate Frosting (whether that be ganache, buttercream, etc) that you have tried and would recommend. Thank you in advance for your help!

OMG...Chocolate babies are back!!!!!!!!!

by Cakegirl 7 years ago

A couple of years ago I lamented on this board the passing of Necco's Chocolate Babies...a sad day indeed. For a while I was able to find batches online but those eventually dried up. Then today I ...

How do I keep chocolate desserts cold while traveling?

by queencandy 5 years ago

I need to keep a large quantity of chocolate covered desserts cold for a trip of about an hour and in 90+degree weather. Texas is hot. What would be the best way to transport everything? Wo...

Chocolate bloom?

by Splendid Spatula 11 months ago

Made some lovely lebkuchen about two weeks ago, from Classic German Baking. Coated 'em in chocolate, into the tin they went. Opened the tin this morning, aargh, the chocolate has some bloom! The...