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How do you turn Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate into German Sweet Chocolate?

by juliehallharkey 5 days ago

Went to the store today to purchase Baker's German Sweet Baking Chocolate for making German chocolate cupcakes and they only had unsweetened baking chocolate. Does anyone know how much sugar I nee...

Paris Sweet Shops/ Desserts

by dallarose23 7 months ago

I'm taking a trip to Paris in the fall and am seeking recommendations on the following: - Best shops for marshmallows - Favorite chocolate shops - Best place to have il flottante - Best place...

Chocolate rum banana bread

by Rosiepigs 9 years ago

I'd like to make a chocolate-chip banana bread, mainly because who doesn't like chocolate, and i just bought some rum. Any suggestions? By adding rum to a basic banana bread recipe, will it ensur...

Dutch-processed cocoa powder and baking powder proportion

by winzee 25 days ago

Hey guys! I’ve been trying to bake a chocolate cake, it rises quite high then when it cooled, it seems to sink in the center and becomes quite densed. They key ingredients that I want to seek advi...

HELP! I put too much unsweetened chocolate in my chili!

by Detroit Slim 12 years ago

So I overestimated how much unsweetened chocolate to put into my Super Bowl chili. As a secret ingredient, it's AWESOME, but it's also too much. What can I do to blunt the bitterness of the ...

Looking for Alpine Cake recipe, Chocolatier magazine

by ruotsi 2 months ago

Does anyone have the recipe for Alpine Cake that appeared in Chocolatier magazine? I have a note in my recipe book that it was in the March 1987 issue but when we moved a few years ago, sadly my ...

Decaf chocolate?

by Shep 13 years ago

Lately, I've found that caffeine has been producing unexpected effects, beyond the desirable ones such as irritability and general hype-itude. Such symptoms as dizziness and light-headedness are, I...

Is a Hershey’s chocolate really chocolate?

maria lorraine
by maria lorraine 12 years ago

First…about Hershey’s regular chocolate candy bar. My understanding of Hershey's is that during their manufacturing process the cocoa solids (the actual chocolate) are separated from the cocoa bu...

Anthon Berg Chocolates... in AZ?

by Sadistick 3 months ago

Have some family traveling in AZ and would like them to bring back some Anthon Berg chocolates (rarely available in Toronto, sadly!). Can anyone suggest where one might purchase some? They are sta...

Chocolate Recipes from Bon Appetit in the late 80's

by Rachelhind 1 year ago

Subject: Mini Chocolate Liqueur Delights Help me find this recipe from Bon Appetit in the 80's. (87-89), which contained a rolled out chocolate crust in a mini muffin and the filling was with cho...

Double Chocolate Cake

by kobewright79 3 months ago

This is my second go at this delicious double chocolate cake and my first try on piping rosettes. A few of them didn’t quite turn out as planned but a few definitely did

Factory leak

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

" . . . After hitting the chilly pavement, the milk chocolate quickly hardened. About 25 firefighters worked to pry the chocolate off with shovels. They also used hot water and torches to remove re...

Chocolate covered cherries

by lil 15 years ago

Any tricks to making these? I'm thinking of using the jared marischino ones since good cherries can't be found right now and just drying them off before I dip in the chocolate? Any other suggesti...

Ooey Gooey Delightful Peanut Butter Blossoms

by rainymuffins 4 months ago

I made this recipe for Thanksgiving, and MAN, it was a hit. My guests couldn't stop eating them, and they are so easy to just pop in your mouth and deliciously fun to chew, savor, and swallow, tha...

The Perfect Cookie for a Cozy Weekend

by rainymuffins 4 months ago

Hello All, Today is my last day of work before a week of Thanksgiving Break, and I am creating a wish list of everything I plan to bake this week to get into the festive spirit. For me, Thanksgi...

Looking for (out of production?) commercial chocolate chip cookies that came in red bag in 1980s and early 1990s

by Neekstah 11 years ago

Most supermarkets used to sell these "red bag" chocolate chip cookies in the 1980s. I am not talking about the "Soft Batch" red bag cookies commonly seen today - I am talking about the much better ...

Valrhona Chocolate Feves or Pistoles in TCs?

by s4zando 5 months ago

Does any one have a retail source for Valrohna Chocolate Feves or Pistoles here in the twin cities? I'm primarily looking for: Valrhona Araguani Bittersweet, 72% Cocoa Valrhona Equatoriale Noi...

Does anyone remember this candy bar?

by lvecch 12 years ago

I've asked many people about this over the years, and no one has any recollection of it, but here goes: a solid chocolate bar made up of three thin layers - one milk, one dark, and one white. I don...

Chocolate Pudding Just Won't Set

by GenoveseC 4 years ago

Hi. Does anyone know why once I put my homemade pudding in the fridge, it turns soupy? While cooking, it smells and tastes delicious. I pour it into a bowl and it's pretty thick. I'm thinking i...

Seeking basic recipe for turning baker's chocolate into eating chocolate

by Howard_2 8 years ago

I just tried this experiment: 1 tsp of water; dissolve 2 T sugar into that; add 1 block of baker's chocolate. Cool. Eat. This came out OK and I think is on the right track. Might need some ...