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Problems w/ Ina Garten's chocolate cake recipe?

by foodISlove 9 years ago

Ina Garten's recipe for chocolate cake -- Beatty's Chocolate Cake -- driving me nuts. First time, cake batter bubbled...


scallop5 commented 5 days ago

What new flavor of M&Ms would you like to see?

by chompie 4 years ago

After trying the Candy Corn and seeing that they have pumpkin pie ones and birthday cake coming out, I was wondering ...


alaynam223 commented 8 days ago

Simple Dark Chocolate Cake...no icing, no glaze

by Pakistanicook 5 years ago

I have probably romanticized and embellished, as most childhood memories (food memories in this case) tend to be, my ...


smfan commented 15 days ago

Chocolate Snaps...where'd they go?

by howboy 10 years ago

I really miss these, espeically when I'm drinking a gleass of milk. When I was young, they came in a long box. They ...


Sking44 commented 16 days ago

Some personal highlights from Piacenza, Pavia & Genoa

by Michaelspont 2 years ago

Piacenza, Pavia, Genoa I recently did a quick jog through these three very lovely, highly atmospheric Italian citi...


Leely2 commented 27 days ago

Tempering Chocolate question

by JoeBabbitt 3 years ago

I've been thinking about making candy (Turtles in particular). I have good quality dark chocolate. Is tempering nec...


sbp commented 1 month ago

Light chocolate cake recipes?

by babymole_bob123 3 months ago

Having a family get together tomorrow and I am making the cake shown below again however I need a really airy but stu...


taco_queen commented 3 months ago

Recipes for homemade, filled chocolates

by babymole_bob123 3 months ago

Hi guys, so recently I’ve been thinking about how much I love thorntons and all their wonderful, creative chocolates ...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 3 months ago

Any place to get Fazer chocolate eggs (real eggshell) in Toronto?

by willhamiltonw 3 months ago

I bought these many years ago--real eggshells with chocolate nut filling. Would love to buy again this Easter but can...


willhamiltonw commented 3 months ago

Where to buy chocolate bars?

by eateat22 1 year ago

Guys - I'm finding it difficult to find chocolate bars from renowned makers like Amedie, Amano, Michel Cliuzel, etc. ...


migmigmig commented 3 months ago

Help with Chocolate Fudge Recipe (crystallized/traditional)

by TimeMachine 10 years ago

I had never made fudge before and looked up a chocolate recipe online (choc. chips, can sweetened condensed milk, but...


Ttrockwood commented 4 months ago

Nabisco Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

by cestmoi 18 years ago

In the 50's, growing up in Brooklyn,I could purchase packages of chocolate covered graham crackers by Nabisco, (made ...


acgold7 commented 4 months ago

Decaf chocolate?

by Shep 12 years ago

Lately, I've found that caffeine has been producing unexpected effects, beyond the desirable ones such as irritabilit...


evmcg98 commented 4 months ago

Substitute for Coffee in Chocolate Cake Recipe?

by adventuresinbaking 10 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for a substitution for coffee in a chocolate cake recipe. Should I just use water or add someth...


happylilkt commented 4 months ago

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Chocolate Recipes from Bon Appetit in the late 80's

by Rachelhind 4 months ago

Subject: Mini Chocolate Liqueur Delights Help me find this recipe from Bon Appetit in the 80's. (87-89), which cont...

Chocolate and ice cream without vanilla - please help!

by jaina_rose 10 months ago

I just found out I am allergic to vanilla and that consuming vanilla has been causing a LOT of stomach issues for me....


shannonalexanderphotography commented 5 months ago

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Chocolate / Cocoa in Calgary - Favourites?

by arachidinett 6 months ago

I have tried various brands such as Camino, Baker's, Callebaut. But I find they all taste the same Have you found a...

Chocolate cake/icing like William Greenberg's used to make?

by seattledebs 11 years ago

No, I'm not looking for his precise recipe since I'm sure that's not public information. However, I grew up in NYC a...


jelizg commented 6 months ago

Rolled Florentine Lace Cookies with Chocolate Stuffing

by justanotherpenguin 8 years ago

Many years ago there was a meat market/deli in Glendale, CA called "Tip-Top Meats". I'm pretty sure that it was owned...


greenfinn commented 7 months ago

Powdered Chocolate Frosting Mix?

by vvvindaloo 7 years ago

My mother, a chocolate frosting fanatic, tells me that there was once a superior alternative to frosting in a tub (as...


shazzz commented 7 months ago

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