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Fantasy Cuisine, Hartsdale, Revisited

by vinouspleasure 7 months ago

In the past we've limited ourselves to soup dumplings and mapo tofu at fantasy cuisine. Tonight we decided to furthe...


gutreactions commented 3 hours ago

Best Chinese BBQ Duck (take-out)?

by JoeAllen 5 days ago

Chinese BBQ Duck; looking for a good one at one of the markets, maybe along Univ. Ave. in St. Paul? One they will hac...


KTFoley commented 3 days ago

Spicy & Tasty Group Dinner 2017

by chefdekoven 4 days ago

I had a group dinner with fifteen people at Spicy & Tasty last week in Flushing. They gave us a nice table on the top...


chefdekoven commented 4 days ago

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Where can I buy Chow Fun noodles?

by WishIWasAsian 5 days ago

Looking for chow fun wide rice noodles. They are sometimes called he fun, ho fun, hor fun. I would prefer fresh but c...

Help improve chinese dishes

by zwiller 8 days ago

So a year or so ago my favorite chinese place closes when the owner retires. I find myself completely unhappy with t...


zwiller commented 6 days ago

Chicken stuffed with sticky rice

by Tumkers 16 days ago

My sister is visiting from Boston next week and is looking for a dish she had at her wedding banquet some 40 years ag...


Tumkers commented 8 days ago

Chinese fine dining restaurants in Vegas

by towkay 1 month ago

Any recommendation for fine dining ( good) chinese restaurants in Vegas. There's supposed to be a good char siew nood...


Dave Feldman commented 8 days ago

Diabetic Friendly Kung Pao Chicken Recipes

by Danybear 6 months ago

Looking to find or create a diabetic friendly recipe for Kung Pao Chicken. Commercial restaurant recipes include too ...


CookingForReal commented 8 days ago


by strawberry drago 7 years ago

Where can I find Chinese sesame candy It was served at Chinese restaurants after dinner Candy is soft and sweet of ...


izzyizzo commented 9 days ago

Chinatown BBQ (old Daisy Garden)

by LotusRapper 23 days ago

Anyone been there yet ? I only found out yesterday. Super excited that Carol Lee breathes some life into Chinatown. ...

grayelf commented 10 days ago

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"Oxyleotris Mamorata" any one??!! O Mei has it!

by Charles Yu 11 days ago

Had one of the freshest and tastiest fish dish in Toronto yesterday at O Mei, Richmond Hill 'Oil Poached live Ox...

Cold sesame noodles

by elise 13 years ago

I still dream about the cold sesame noodles from the Hwa Yuan Szechuan Inn that used to be at 40 E. Broadway. Anyone...


vinouspleasure commented 11 days ago

MSP: Chow Mein

by slexie74 10 years ago

Hi everyone~ I am looking for a good chow mein around town. I prefer chicken but, most importantly, a chow mein t...


ChancesR commented 11 days ago

Locally-Made Frozen Chinese Dumplings in MD/DC

by SnackyOnassis 15 days ago

Is there a resource in the area (preferably in MD) for good, locally produced frozen Chinese dumplings? There is ...


Steve commented 15 days ago

Chinatown Thanksgiving recs

by luckiestduck 26 days ago

Can anyone recommend a great Chinese restaurant for4 of us on Thanksgiving? Thanks!


foodwhisperer commented 18 days ago

Looking for Spicy & Tasty Specifics Recos

by chefdekoven 22 days ago

Hey all. I am having a group dinner at Spicy and Tasty in about 10 days and was wondering if anyone could give me som...


chefdekoven commented 19 days ago

1950's Old Style Chinese Steamed Pork (Hom Yu)

by Mochi 12 years ago

Hello, Anyone remember the steamed pork that was served back in the l950's at Chinese restaurants Far East Cafe in Ja...


tfsushi17 commented 29 days ago

Anyone remember Harbinn Inn

by iris b 12 years ago

Many many years ago my first Chinese meal was at Harbinn at Broadway and 100th Street and it seems there were dishes ...


chefdekoven commented 1 month ago

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