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Good East Asian recipes done in a pressure cooker?

by ninrn 3 days ago

I know there are lots of South Asian recipes that call for or can be adapted to a pressure cooker. Are there any good...


stayathomesommelier commented 19 hours ago

Is Shanghainese food greasy?

by learntocookchinese 1 day ago

In the bay area, Shanghai Garden/Chef Zhao are greasy. However, other Shanghainese restaurants that I like -- Happy C...


learntocookchinese commented 21 hours ago

Vancouver/Richmond Cantonese (and Misc other types) Food help

by night07 11 days ago

Hey CHers, just wanted a little help in sorting through some restaurants in Vancouver/Richmond for about four days. I...

LotusRapper commented 1 day ago

Gui Lin Mi Fen - Flushing

by Pookipichu 2 years ago

Gui Lin Mi Fen is a noodle shop that opened up on 40th Road in Flushing, across from the Main Street LIRR stop. ...


chefdekoven commented 1 day ago

Wan Chai Seafood in Flushing - Excellent

by Pookipichu 2 years ago

Wan Chai Seafood is a new Cantonese restaurant in Flushing, it's across the street from the handball park next to the...


chefdekoven commented 1 day ago

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New RTP / west Cary place Szechuan Heat

by D R C 1 day ago

Heads up, there is a fairly promising new Chinese place called Szechuan Heat at the intersection of 540 and 55 near R...

China Live | San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

The door is open, so I'm taking a look around after hours. Anyone else check it out yet?


jzc commented 1 day ago

Guide to Taiwanese Stinky Tofu

by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

One of the few foods that I've yet to acquire a taste for . . .

tcamp commented 2 days ago

Silver Noodles in NYC Chinatown / Flushing?

by chefdekoven 8 days ago

Hey. There is a type of noodle called "silver noodle" or "thistly noodles". A short rice noodle with a thick center, ...


chefdekoven commented 3 days ago

RIP Henry Chung, founder of Henry's Hunan restaurants

by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

Saddened to read that Henry Chung, the founder of the Henry's Hunan group of restaurants, has passed at age 99. Until...

toitoi commented 3 days ago

Best roast duck and pork in Chinatown

by Monica 3 years ago

I have been craving Chinese style duck for awhile and thinking about going down to Chinatown during lunch hours. One...


ejml commented 3 days ago

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings

by honnay23 9 days ago

Where in Seattle can I buy good zongzhi, the sticky rice tamales wrapped in bamboo leaves? I like both the ones with ...


pandathebaker commented 5 days ago

Looking for Shanghai Pork Buns - DTW

by grouper 11 days ago

During a trip to Shanghai in August I think we had Shanghai pork buns at least three times. We loved them, the proces...


ulver commented 6 days ago

Shanghai You Garden Dumpling House - Shanghai Cuisine

by Pookipichu 1 year ago

I was skeptical of this restaurant (previously a buffet selection/takeout place that was terrible), because the outsi...


chefdekoven commented 8 days ago

Nanjing Bistro in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 2 years ago

Only open about a month, this may be the only place around to try out Nanjing Cuisine. I was happy to find out that ...


Foodgeek commented 8 days ago

Cooking from LAND OF FISH AND RICE by Fuchsia Dunlop

by clcorbi 4 months ago

Hi all! I know there has been a lot of excitement about this gorgeous cookbook. Let's cook through Land of Fish and R...

RainyRamone commented 9 days ago

Pan Fried Noodles?

by Bryan Harrell 12 years ago

Where in SF is a Chinese restaurant that serves Chow Mein made with pan-fried noodles? For some reason, when I ordere...


walker commented 10 days ago

Wonderful home-made Yunnan meals [Berkeley/Oakland]

by 1 year ago

A meal pick-up service, Josephine, started in the Berkeley/Oakland area a while ago with the idea that a home chef ma...

Melanie Wong commented 10 days ago

Hot and Sour Soup in the Village

by Tom Steele 14 days ago

Ever since Charlie Mom closed some years ago, I've been unable to find Hot and Sour Soup that compares with theirs, w...

Steve R commented 12 days ago

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