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Irene Kuo's Key to Chinese Cooking Discussion Group

by bluesman13 11 days ago

I'm interested in a thread that discusses this cookbook. Also, I'm interested in discussion about the recipes that yo...

bluesman13 commented 3 hours ago

Jinhua ham substitute

by sjsto 10 hours ago

So, I want to make XO sauce, and for that I need Jinhua ham. Can't get that, however, so I need to sub something. A f...


sjsto commented 5 hours ago

Can someone tell me give me a good description of what this meal I ate in Shanghai is?

by MadaMirjam 21 hours ago

They sell it at almost every supermarket, but I had never seen or heard of it before. You could choose a neutral or s...

Dan Dan Noodles - Triangle Area

by Panski 15 days ago

Lately I have received a few e-mails about the food of Chengdu, China (I subscribe to several travel blogs). Today's...


durhamois commented 2 days ago

Sugar in Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese food - eek!

by frenetica 11 years ago

I grew up in Hong Kong. I cannot take the amount of sugar that, in Westerners' eyes, instantly converts any savoury ...


climbert8 commented 3 days ago

Cooking from LAND OF FISH AND RICE by Fuchsia Dunlop

by clcorbi 7 months ago

Hi all! I know there has been a lot of excitement about this gorgeous cookbook. Let's cook through Land of Fish and R...

clcorbi commented 3 days ago

Good brand of Chinese Black Vinegar?

by ninrn 12 days ago

Hi, I wondered if anyone can recommend a good brand of Chinese Black Vinegar (aka Chinkiang Vinegar). I've been u...


BwinCA commented 3 days ago

Journey to the Dumpling | Xlnt XLB in Elk Grove

by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Highlight of my recent trip to the Capitol was a dinner stop at Journey to the Dumpling in Elk Grove on my way home. ...


ricepad commented 3 days ago

New Chinese BBQ in Hamilton!

by pumplehoober 6 years ago

As of Monday this week, there is a new Chinese BBQ place in Hamilton. I think its called SUPREME CHINESE BBQ. T...


dchan_hogtown commented 5 days ago

Replacement for Sun Hung Heung [San Francisco]

by anoriko 9 years ago

Hello, As a little girl visiting my Gong Gong, we would always, always swing by Sun Hung Heung after running erra...


Xena58 commented 7 days ago

The Best Sichuan I've Ever Found in NYC

by Jim Leff 8 months ago

Legend of Taste 2002 Utopia Pkwy, Whitestone, Queens 718-423-4888 Good photos on Yel...


villainx commented 8 days ago

Chinese in Chinatown, DC?

by Deborah R. 1 month ago

Hello -- We have some young cousins visiting from Rome who are convinced they want to eat at a Chinese restaurant in ...


manolotraveler commented 9 days ago

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Oldschool 'hounds, I am looking for Chinese in Kaneohe

by indelibledotink 9 days ago

Trip Advisor has lots of info, but are all the Hawaii 'hounds posting elsewhere? My email is indelibledotink at gmai...

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Zen Noodle Bar | San Mateo

by Melanie Wong 10 days ago

A few months ago, I stopped for lunch at Zen Noodle Bar in San Mateo. It offers a limited menu of Shanghainese specia...

Any one else miss Seafood Sizzling Rice Soup?

by chefdekoven 11 days ago

Just so I am clear I mean the white one, not the red one. But is it just me? I know it is so antiquated and not reall...


chefdekoven commented 10 days ago

Cheap and Cheerful in Downtown Vancouver - Chinese or?

by islandgirl 13 days ago

My family is coming to visit from Toronto and I'm looking for some cheap and cheerful dining options in downtown Vanc...

LotusRapper commented 11 days ago

Lobster E-fu Noodles @ Empero Taste, San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 18 days ago

Last month I dropped into Empero Taste for a late, solo lunch. I confess that this was my first time to this neighbor...

Melanie Wong commented 14 days ago

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Yum Noodles | Changsha Hunan in Santa Clara

by Melanie Wong 16 days ago

Tonight I stopped by Chromatic coffee on my way home and noticed Yum Noodles a few doors down. What a happy find! Yum...

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