Chicken Broth

The Best Bone Broths for Easy & Warm Nutrition This Winter 

Bone broth has always been a thing, but more recently it’s ascended from pantry item and soup starter to full-blown meal trend, with folks sipping tasty warm broth like an afternoon latte. Advocates...

Stock pot with a valve on the bottom

by FlamBay 7 days ago

I have been making metric shit-tons of stock from scratch lately. I have been using a pretty basic stainless stock pot that I keep just for that purpose. I was thinking that it might be a whole ...

Reproducing "Epic Beef Jalapeno Sea Salt Bone Broth"

by Mastove 8 months ago

Anyone know how to reproduce this? First time making bone broth and I live on this stuff. I want to home cook it myself for cheaper. I'm a terrible cook but if there's one thing I will try masterin...

Help w/ "Cheater's" Soup Base using Rotisserie Chickens and Commercial Chicken Stock

by spygrrl 12 months ago

I'd like to hear from people who have used rotisserie chickens and purchased broth or stock for their soup, on your method and proportions. I DO NOT have a pressure cooker so this would be in a pot...

Where to find a beef pelvic bone for broth?

by tangoking 1 year ago

I want to make a rich and creamy sipping broth, and mid-femur bones just don't have what it takes. I want to make broth from the biggest bone of the animal: the pelvic bone. Where can I find a b...

Ancient Chinese Secret? Chicken Broth

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 6 years ago

I'm a devotee of chicken broth and stock. Love it in virtually all its forms. The best chicken broths/stocks, however, seem to reside in Chinese-American restaurants. Any clue as to why they're so ...

Tori Paitan

by yohhendry 1 year ago

hello, anyone had any experience in making tori paitan? im trying to learn to make one myself. would appreciate any knowledge anyone can shares. =]

Chicken pho w/ frozen Home made broth

by kdh325 1 year ago

Hey everyone, 1st time on the site. So, I’m wanting to make a small (2-4 servings) pot of chicken pho (pho ga). I pretty much always have slow simmered Home made chicken broth/stock in the freezer....

Fresh chicken that stank somethin' awful but smells fine after rinsing - safe to eat?

by juliacb 1 year ago

I got a fresh whole chicken from my local farm on Saturday, and today, Monday night, I open the plastic bag to an *awful* stink! Truly. I would have thrown it out has I not lost a lot of meat on my...

Making chicken broth from bones

by bshee 9 years ago

Ok, so when I try making chicken broth from bones, it never comes out right. It always tastes funny. I usually reserve bones from cooked chicken, and then throw them in a pot. I boil them first and...

Turkey-Chicken broth -- OK or not?

by Sarah 7 years ago

I have a bunch of frozen roasted turkey bones and chicken bones -- can I combine the two and make a Two-Fowl broth/stock -- or is this just not done, too weird? This would be used for soup or jook.

Turkey vs. Chicken Broth -- Is Turkey weaker?

by CuriousCat 9 years ago

(Bit of a long post, TLDR at bottom) Last night, I made some turkey stock/broth for the first time, ahead of our Christmas Turkey dinner. I want to use this stock in the gravy and "stuffing" (wh...

Reuse chicken broth multiple times?

by TracyPark 2 years ago

I poach chicken once a week and end up with more broth than I need for a recipe. I strain the broth and put it in the freezer. Although I do remember to use the chicken broth the next time a recip...

My chicken broth is dark and flavorless

by Pate 13 years ago

I've made 2 batches of chicken broth lately using the Joy of Cooking (mid-70's version) recipe. The first batch smelled exquisite but was taking too long to reduce so I turned up the heat and boile...

Help over simmered chicken broth

by heylids 2 years ago

I simmered the bones of an organic chicken in a crockpot from 9 pm to 2ish then added vegetables. I forgot it till noon and know it has an odd flavour and smell. Is there anything I can do to ...

Chicken broth vs. stock

by E_M 3 years ago

My turkey (the basting part), make ahead gravy, and day-after turkey pot pie call for chicken broth. I have a can of chicken stock that I'd like to use up. Can I substitute it in the gravy and/or p...

Should I throw this batch of chicken broth out?

by Bradley2815 4 years ago

Making a huge pot of chicken broth. It hasn't been tasting like it should - even though I have 2 chickens + 2 lbs of necks and wings in a 32qt pot + onions, garlic, celery, carrots, parsnips and t...

Help! Unused but opened boxed chicken broth. How long in the fridge is it good for?

by Peej101 5 years ago

So I made a silly mistake. I bought a bunch of lamb and veggies to make a slow cooker stew with chicken broth. I dumped it all in the slow cooker but inadvertently used an older box of organic Paci...

Help! Can I use expired chicken broth base?

by sophia519 5 years ago

It is chicken broth base made by Knorr, expired 6 months ago. Is it still okay to use for the soup I am making tonight? I should clarify that it is those little individual packets of "concentrated...

Your best chicken broth secrets

by toodie jane 14 years ago

It's that time of year again when I serve a lot of my favorite winter comfort food: whole roast chicken. I usually make a broth with the carcass and any bones left over, throwing in whatever savo...

Slow cooker chicken broth?

by sreese68 8 years ago

I've never made chicken broth before, so I'd appreciate a little help. I've recently found out that I can't tolerate onions or garlic, so I can no longer use store-bought broth in my recipes. I'd...