2020 Advent Calendars Are Already Here (and Filled With Chocolate, Cheese, Wine & Beer)

The best advent calendar hinges on your personal taste, but if you prioritize food and drink, these 2020 advent calendars—full of everything from cheese and chocolate to wine and beer—are all delicious...

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Époisses de Bourgogne and a First Class Cheese Counter Come to Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 years ago

Two weeks ago Star Market announced the opening of a new staffed cheese counter. I happened to be there on opening day when the cheeses were being set up in the display cases. I've been back in t...

What is the best cheese for Roast Beef?

by phantomdoc 12 years ago

I have lots of roast beef left over this week. I am thinking of pressed grilled sandwiches. I use 2 cast iron skillets preheated to grill the top and bottom at the same time. What cheese and c...

*July 2009 COTM* SPICE: Nuts, Yogurt, and Cheese

foxy fairy
by foxy fairy 12 years ago

Our Chowhound July 2009 Cookbook of the Month is Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean by Ana Sortun. Please post your full-length recipe reviews here for dishes from Chapter Twelve: N...

November 2008 COTM The Art of Simple Food: Eggs & Cheese

by MMRuth 13 years ago

November 2008 COTM: Alice Waters - The Art of Simple Food Please post your full-length reviews of recipes for eggs and cheese here, including those recipes that fit in these categories that a...

What do you dip into fondue

by brooklynmasala 15 years ago

In the heat of the summer I am finding solace in thinking of the foods I will make when the temperature cools. It got me thinking, what are the options for cheese fondue and oil fondue? I would l...

Fresno State Farm Market?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 13 years ago

Didn't know about the Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market at CSUF until now, or I would have been so there this weekend when I was in town. Impressions from chowhounds? I'm especially interested in h...

Good melting cheese for pasta? Suggestions?

by bearzie 13 years ago

Other than mozzarella, what other suggestions do you have for good melting cheese to use with pasta with mixed vegetables? Would your suggestion work equally well with regular pasta verses whole...

Gorgonzola Substitute?

by BakingandBooks 13 years ago

I'm making an Italian sauce that calls for Gorgonzola but I can't find it .... what kind of cheese could I use as a substitute? Thanks for your help!!

The Silver Palate Cookbook: Cheeses and Breads

by JoanN 14 years ago

November 2007 Cookbook of the Month: The Silver Palate Cookbook by Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins. Please post your full-length reviews of cheese and bread recipes here. Please mention the name of ...

Vegetable Harvest: Eggs, Cheese, and Friends

by JoanN 14 years ago

September 2007 Cookbook of the Month: Vegetable Harvest by Patricia Wells Please post your full-length reviews of eggs, cheese, and friends recipes here. Please mention the name of the recipe y...

Cowgirl Creamery

by Marty L. 15 years ago

. . . has opened on F Street between 9th and 10th. Will Baude raves here: http://www.crescatsententia.org/archives/2006/06/14/#006599. Anyone been? For those of us who live far from Cheesetique...

Does cheese ever REALLY go bad?

by Denise K. 20 years ago

I was at a friend's house, and she left some cheese sitting out, I don't remember what kind (maybe mozzarella?) and I rushed to put it back in the fridge so it didn't spoil. She insisted that chee...

Gourmet Shops in/around Charleston?

by Carolyn 18 years ago

I'm going to be moving to Charleston in the next few weeks from Los Angeles. Here in SoCal, there are a plethora of gourmet shops from where I can purchase cheese, meat, and other gourmet ingredien...

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