Find the best restaurants and bars in Charlotte. Or share your favorite places to eat, from pizzerias to North Carolina barbecue joints.

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Old fashioned doughnuts near charlotte NC

by Docshiva 5 years ago

I love old-fashioned doughnuts, especially chocolate. They're so common in the West, but out here in Charlotte, I just can't find them. We take a cross-country drive each summer and I don't run acr...

Looking for the best seafood restaurants in Charlotte

Terrie H.
by Terrie H. 5 years ago

My father has requested a list of the best seafood restaurants in Charlotte, "money no object." He has a business dinner to arrange. We can't think of an upscale restaurant that focuses on seafoo...

Fahrenheit Charlotte

by rcburli 6 years ago

I know the view might be great, but is the food any good at Fahrenheit?

Charlotte North Carolina suggestions

by kbrowning 12 years ago

I'm looking for restaurant suggestions in the area-fresh food, from scratch, low cost casual "dives". Thanks much!

Breakfast & Breweries

by rushbikes 6 years ago

Down in Charlotte for the weekend. Any good breweries around there worth paying a visit? Also looking for good breakfast/brunch favorites!

Pizza in Charlotte

by nearlywild 18 years ago

Recently I've had the opportunity to go to two Charlotte area Pizza shops. The first one was Fuel Pizza Cafe. I had read a lot about it and how it has won all these "best of" awards but I have to...

Pad Thai in Charlotte

by foodiecursed 6 years ago

After having three abysmal versions of Pad Thai, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a place in Charlotte that serves good, homemade Pad Thai that doesn't taste like rice noodles in ketchup and c...

Tricky request - Charlotte

by MelMM 6 years ago

I have some friends coming to visit from San Francisco in a couple weeks. Generally, their visits consist of me cooking for them three meals a day for five days, and they have no interest in eating...

Musashi Japanese Restaurant in Charlotte

by nearlywild 18 years ago

On Saturday night a friend and I planned on going to Musashi to try their sushi. I had read about it in the Charlotte Observer and it sounded like a place I would enjoy. We ended up going very lat...

Local Bottled Water Question...Charlotte

by ChiKen 6 years ago

I'll be in Charlotte for a business conference from Monday to Wednesday (Oct 19-21). Unfortunately, because virtually my entire days (and evenings) will be taken up with conference activities...I'm...

Sunday lunch/Brunch uptown

by cwmcm54 6 years ago

I need a recommendation for Sunday lunch or brunch (not a buffet!) in uptown Charlotte. One foodie and a craft beer lover ( not required) in the group.

Sunday lunch/Brunch uptown

by cwmcm54 6 years ago

I need a recommendation for Sunday lunch or brunch (not a buffet!) in uptown Charlotte. One foodie and a craft beer lover ( not required) in the group.

Looking for White Lily Flour and Corn meal in Charlotte,NC

by mutti 6 years ago

Have friends going to Charlotte,NC sometime this month and have asked them to bring me back White Lily flour and corn meal,so am asking anyone to help direct them to a grocery chain which carries t...

Charlotte - Ramen

by GodfatherofLunch 6 years ago

Tonkatsu Ramen at Futo Buta. Every element of this soup is perfection. The broth, the pork belly, the mushroom, the egg, the noodles.... Totally mind blowing.

Soup in the Charlotte Area

by HungryDonkey 8 years ago

Since it's getting colder out, I thought I'd do a survey of soups in our area. What's your favorite? La Unica in Huntersville might have my favorite soup lately. The Sopa de Tortilla is a large ...

Charlotte- Ballantyne Area

by belleNOLA 6 years ago

need a nice dinner close to the Ballantyne area for tomorrow night ..... Help?!?!?

What happened to the Charlotte based 'hounds?

by MGZ 6 years ago

My usual last minute attempts to peruse the recent posts concerning the Charlotte, NC dining scene left me feeling as empty as a dinner at a vegan, raw food, tapas joint. When did that sub-board d...

Charlotte lunch/dinner recommendations near Northlake Mall

by romansperson 6 years ago

I know this is going to be tough - but if possible I'd like to get some lunch and dinner recommendations for the Charlotte area that are NOT in the downtown/uptown area. I will be in the Northlake ...

Driving from Charlotte to Bristol, TN

by consequences 6 years ago

I have about a 3 1/2 hour drive facing me, and clearly, I will need to stop for BBQ along the way. The question is where. The floor is open to the experts - thanks in advance.