Ceramic cookware is both pretty and functional, but it's worth reading up on what kind to buy and how to care for it. Chowhounds have tips and advice on buying it, using it, and storing it.

Teflon, Ceramic, Anodized Aluminum: A Guide to Nonstick Cookware

Teflon, ceramic, anodized aluminum...if you are on the hunt for new nonstick cookware, you may be overwhelmed by the options. With nearly a dozen different varieties of pots and pans to choose from...

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ceramic/kamado cookers - different makes pros/cons

by thew 13 years ago

I know there have been several discussions on the BGE, kamado and other ceramic cookers before, but i'm wondering if anyone has a strong opinion on one brand over another and why. i know of prim...

Recommendations on the best ceramic pepper grinder.

by MobyRichard 14 years ago

I have had three regular pepper grinders in the last two years and want a ceramic grinder. What and where is the best to be had, please?

anyone seen the ceramic lady at the farmer's market??

by tastycakes 13 years ago

i'm looking for a lady who sells handmade pottery and ceramics. she makes these lovely perforated colanders she called "berry bowls" that would be perfect this time of year for storing berries in ...

Ceramic Chinese Take-Out Box

by JeetJet 13 years ago

I am looking for a Chinese Take-Out Box made of ceramic, stoneware, glass or whatever?. I think I first saw one in a link in a CH post several years back. I now have a use for it and hope to find ...

ceramic knifes

by im hungry 13 years ago

i just got ceramic knife and i love it so far,seems kinda fragile though.anybody have any problems with theirs?its a kyocera 7" chefs.

Question regarding ceramic knives

by Zander 13 years ago

The Kyocera ceramic black blades claim to be made of an industrial-type ceramic, the hardest substance known to man except for diamonds. My questions is - will these knives shatter if dropped? ...

Japanese Ceramic Grill

by ErikaK 15 years ago

We just returned from a trip to Japan and became wildly addicted to various yakitori/skewered dishes. Korin sells a ceramic tabletop grill, which uses the special binchotan charcoal, a small one ...

Ceramic steel for Global Chef's Knife

by mliew 13 years ago

I apologize if this question has been asked before, I searched but couldn't find anything specifically about this. I just bought a Global 8" Chef's Knife and according to them I should only use ...

Anodized aluminum/ceramic frypan. Any good?

by budric 14 years ago

I'm looking for a new non stick saute pan. My current one lasted about 6 months and the surface has a brownish colour and food sticks to it. It was a KitchenAid pan that was fairly cheap, but had...

Ceramic Knives - Opinions? [Moved from Boston Area board]

by FoolForFood 14 years ago

My husband's birthday is coming up and I thought I'd get him the ceramic knife set (or as many individual ones I can afford) he's been salivating over for the last few years. Before I break the ...

Ceramic cooktop scratch

by mrotmd 14 years ago

I scratched the center of one of my cooktop's burners. It is superficial and doesn't interfere with the function, but is not pretty. Any suggestions to minimize the appearance?

Ceramic Apron-front sink

by mightycheesehead 14 years ago

I'm renovating my kitchen this fall and have been considering a ceramic apron-front sink (from Ikea). I'm curious to know what others experiences have been with this type of sink. Do they stain? ...

Kyocera ceramic knives

by chazzerking 14 years ago

I'm looking at buying a couple of Kyocera Kyotop ceramic knives(the ones with the Damascus-looking blades). Anyone have any good or bad experience with them? I have historically used Sabatier non-s...

Mixing Bowls - what type is best (stainless, ceramic, plastic)?

The Oracle
by The Oracle 14 years ago

I'm stocking a new kitchen and trying to figure out what type of mixing bowls to purchase. They'd be used primarily for baking (for use with a electric hand mixer). I've always used ceramic bowls...

Ceramic Muffin "Tin"

by marzeth 14 years ago

I'm locking for a recommendation for a ceramic 12-cup piece of bakeware for standard-sized muffins. I have used metal ones (common nonstick surfaces) for a while; the results have been fine, but my...

Ceramic knife

by Suzie 14 years ago

Does anyone have an opinion out there on them? I would like to buy one but there seems to be so many in the market place. I am a little hesitant about buying one on line ( I like to see how it fe...

Kyocera Ceramic Slicer or other mandoline

by caphill2320 14 years ago

I'm looking to purchase a mandoline but I'm confused about the best one to get. I am NOT interested in spending $150 dollars on a slicer, but I also want one that will hold up well, not cut my fin...

Cast iron pan on glass top ceramic range top?

by Diane in Bexley 14 years ago

I have read several recent threads that make me want to break out some cast iron frying pans I stored 6 years ago when I bought my glass top range. At that time, I was told not to use the cast iron...

Removing a "burned in spot" from my ceramic electric stove-help

by drobbia 14 years ago

Tried barkeepers friend,BKF in a paste,tried the goop that comes with the stovetop,tried scraping with a razors edge, tried banging my head against the stove (no luck either!) any ideas????thanks!

can i use a ceramic pizza stone in a woodfire?

by brian j 15 years ago

just posted this in another thread, but afraid it might get lost there so here it... Does anyone know if it's safe to use a ceramic pizza stone within a campfire? I made some campfire flatbre...

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