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caterer-asian food

by Adrienne 20 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know of an asian food or californian with asian bent caterer for weddings? I've searched; there is only one listed: Yank Sing. Please let me know (name and/or URL appreciated). If...

Good Caterer

by Dana B. 20 years ago

Don't know if they are still around, but attended a couple parties catered by The Invisible Chef and was pretty impressed with the range and originality of their food.

La Violette vs. Movable Feast (caterers)

by Vee Bee 20 years ago

I'm trying to decide between La Violette and Movable Feast as caterers for my wedding in Brooklyn. I've read a few posts about Movable Feast, am wondering if anyone has recommendations for La Viole...

Big City Kitchen and Blue Earth Caterers???

by Mark M 20 years ago

New place under construction on 3rd Ave just south of 25th st. Anyone know the details about this place? Its going up in the space vacated by the sandwich shop (Suzies?) that used to have the ...

New catering place/restaurant on 23rd and 2nd

by Mark M 20 years ago

Anyone been to the new restaurant on 2nd Ave between 22nd and 23rd? Sorry, but I have no idea what it's name is. It was mentioned in the NY Times Dining Section a few weeks ago. Apparently, the ...

Downtown office catering

by geoff 20 years ago

I work in an office downtown and am looking for a good caterer who can handle food for my office meetings, staff lunches, etc. It doesn't have to be a company that comes in and staffs the lunch, ju...

Two Chowhounds Seek Wedding Venue (Caterers too)

by Jodi Kantor & Ron Lieber 20 years ago

The great news is that we're engaged. The even better news is that we'd like to get married in Brooklyn (the other boroughs are second choices). We would be delighted and honored for your sugges...

Yet another Brooklyn catering query

by Neil deMause 20 years ago

So to add to the clamor for Brooklyn caterers: My partner and I are planning a 10th anniversary shindig for this summer, and are presently looking for caterers. The first place we've actually been ...

Need A Caterer

by Joan Winston 20 years ago

Can anybody recommend a good caterer? I'm having a sort of cocktail party/wedding reception in the middle of June. Finger food for forty - 2 to 6 pm. Thanks!

More Bklyn CATERER questions! - Fanfare Catering

by fkerm@cloud9.net 20 years ago

Hello I inquired about Moveable Feast some time ago and got some helpful feedback. NOW we REALLY like the quote we got from Fanfare (on Atlantic Ave.) and I was wondering if anyone had experi...

Ethnic Party catering

by Ivan Stoler 20 years ago

I'm throwing a party in a couple of weeks. Usually I go to Queens or Brooklyn and pick up some good ethnic food to self cater. Previously I've brought back Greek, Italian, Mid eastern etc. Does any...

Charleston Locals? Which of these is the best caterer for a wedding?

by Chuck 20 years ago

We are planning a wedding in Charleston, SC. We have narrowed our caterers to three. Any information would be great. 1.Hamby Caterer 2.Smith Caterer 3.J. Bistro Look forward to your feedback!

Moveable Feast, caterers

by fkerm@cloud9.net 20 years ago

Hello: We are thinking of using Moveable Feast for our wedding, and was wondering if any chounds had opinions or experience with MF or other caterers (bklyn based? - fanfare?) I was impressed w...

Help! Need caterer for Bar Mitzvah!

by Jennifer 20 years ago

Need caterer for East Bay outdoor summer Bar Mitzvah luncheon. Do NOT want to do the typical stand in long line for someone in a paper chef hat to carve a slice off a hunk of really awful roast be...

Affordable wedding caterer?

by Rachael 21 years ago

Hi. We are getting married in New Orleans and although my fiance is a local, I'm not. We are also both grad. students and are trying to plan our wedding on a limited budget. But...it is New Orleans...


by fkerm 20 years ago

Looking for a caterer for a Brooklyn based wedding. Why am I posting this here? Well because we all try to share a passion for food. We are looking to incorporate some Puerto Rican elements into ...

Know an amazing Big Sur/Carmel Caterer?

by Andrea 21 years ago

My fiance and I are getting married in the Big Sur area next summer and need to reserve a caterer as soon as possible. The catch is we live in New York and won't be able to taste test until AFTER ...


by Jacquie 21 years ago

I would like to do a "Babette's Feast" dinner for my birthday, but need a caterer who can cook like at the Cafe Anglais for between 6-12 people. Can anyone suggest anyone. I will even accept self...

Saratoga Springs caterer needed for wedding

by Lila 21 years ago

I know this is the NY metro boards, but I figured Saratoga was a frequent destination for some of us NYC residents. I have booked the site - the Canfield Casino Museum. Now I need the caterer. I ...

your favorite caterer

by Emily Newfield 21 years ago

We're planning a wedding and want to provide tasty, sumptuous, unforgettable hors d'oeuvres for the 100+ people we are inviting to the ceremony. We'll be having a smaller, intimate dinner for our ...

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