A 15-Minute Chicken and Cashew Dish That's Faster (& Tastier!) Than Takeout

Everyone invariably has their favorite Chinese takeout spot. After all, ordering takeout has become something of a ritual: The white, squat boxes of noodles, fresh out of the wok, and fluffy white rice...

Help!! I bought a huge tub of cashews. Way to salty. Recipes please.

by crispy1 8 years ago

in my attempt to eat healthy I have decided to add nuts to my diet. I left cosco today with a huge container of cashews and find them too salty to eat on their own. Any suggestions or recipes. I...

Cashew Milk Rancid?

by alikaprincess 3 years ago

I make my own nutmilks at home but I'm no expert. I just blend up nuts and water and use cashews because I'm too lazy to strain anything. I had a weck rubber seal glass carafe that I keep it in an...

Trader Joe's recalls "cashews pieces"

by MikeG 4 years ago

Saw this on various news sites and figured some people might be more likely to see it here first. Apparently it's just the (raw) cashew * pieces * that are a potential issue, and more specifical...

Cashew Cheese

by fldhkybnva 5 years ago

I've been fascinated with this concept for a while now and decided to finally give it a try. I've searched the Internet and most seem to keep it pretty simple so I was just curious if this was the ...

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