Rabbit food, maybe, but carrots are tasty for humans too: raw, roasted, glazed, and more. Chat with Chowhounds about recipes, your favorite varieties, creative carrot dishes, and more.

Fall Recipes Perfect for Those Sick of Pumpkin-Flavored Everything

Many of us have had it with the pumpkin madness. Enough already with these pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin cheesecakes, ad nauseam! But that doesn't mean we're anti-autumn. Oh, no. We love the warming...

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by krissywats 16 years ago

Alright - so same applies to the carrots that applied to my potato post awhile back. I currently have 4 bags of carrots (piled up from the CSA). Full disclosure: I've only had two types of carro...

carrot pulp

by charm city nosher 17 years ago

We just got a juicer and found that in turning carrots to juice (delicious!) you end up with a lot of carrot pulp. Does anyone have ideas or recipes for using carrot pulp? Thanks.

Roasting carrots...what to season w/ for the best flavor?

by kimchee 17 years ago

I love roasted carrots but they never seem to taste as good the few times I have tried to make them at home. What's the secret to seasoning them? Broth, herbs, spices, salt and Pepper, or a combo...

Purple Carrots

by Dipsy 17 years ago

I bought some carrots last week at the Union Square Farmers Market. They were a beautiful purple-ish/crimson-ish color. When I went to peel them the other night, I was disappointed to see that th...

Tons of carrots -- need suggestions (but not juice!)

by blitzy 17 years ago

I have a ton of carrots. And outside of using them for juice (which I've done and am now sick of), I'm wondering what to do with them. Ideally, I'd like some ideas that uses a lot at once. Most ...

How to dice carrots?

by Bill 17 years ago

Can someone out there tell me the best way to dice carrots?

Why are these carrots rubbery?

by David in Olympia 17 years ago

I bought a bunch of organic carrots at a farmers' market Saturday. I went to eat them tonight, and they are rubbery. Surely, I didn't store them too long. Were they probably not that fresh? I d...

Spicy Mexican Carrots @ Trader Joes

by Lana Tolman 17 years ago

I loved the spicy carrots at Trader Joes and now they say that they are disconinuing them. Does anyone know the brand that they had to try to find somewhere else. I threw out my last container.

Simple Simple Carrots

by carrot top 17 years ago

I want to serve a very simple carrot dish as one of the side dishes at my Passover sedar. I would even prefer to use the microwave (please, not chastizing...I know!) I would prefer to make it ahe...

Lost Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe

by WC 18 years ago

All this talk of soup turned my thoughts to my favorite - carrot ginger soup published in the Boston Globe a few years ago. To my horror, the clipping is nowhere to be found. Does anyone have it ...

Regular carrots vs. baby carrots

by Nut Meg 18 years ago

I was feeling virtuous, and bought myself a big bag of baby carrots to snack on. What a grim snack - I gave up after eating several. Now I have lots of baby carrots sitting in the fridge. So, c...

yellow carrots

by DeeDee 18 years ago

I saw yellow carrots at the Union Square Farmer's Market. Do they have a different flavor from regular carrots?

Carrots - to eat or not to eat

by bunny 19 years ago

Looked over Dr. Perricone's "Wrinkle Cure" book and he is STRONGLY against eating carrots because they are high on the glycemic scale...Any opinions out in chowhoundland about this? I love carrots...

carrot halvah

by Celeste 19 years ago

When recovering from malaria in India several years ago, I stayed in a home in Delhi for a few weeks where the cook made carrot halvah, an Indian dessert I had never heard of before. Both my boyfr...

Carrot greens

by A Okrent 19 years ago

I was at the farmer's market the other day and I overheard someone talking about how much she loved to cook carrot greens and how good they are for you, etc. Intrigued, and having never cooked ca...

Bitter Carrots!

by Pat I. 19 years ago

I made a vegetable soup the other night. Everthing was perfect except for the carrots which seem to have a bitter taste.It's not the first time it's happened. Why?

Mexican pickled carrots

by fladd 19 years ago

When we visit the West Coast, one of our favorite parts of the meals at good Mexican places is the dish of spicy pickled carrots that are put out on the table with the chips and salsa when you sit ...

Jim's Carrot Recipe

by Debbie Nokes 20 years ago

I tryed the carrot recipe of Jim's listed in articles and special reports section. Designed for people who usually hate carrots(like me). The touch of marjoram and fresh cardamon are a perfect ad...

carrot recipe

by Pat Goldberg 20 years ago

Jim, your carrot recipe is simply a small variation on a standard recipe for cooking carrots: carrots are cooked in a mixture of oil, butter, and water until the water evaporates. Of course, the ...

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