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15 Canning Tips for Complete Beginners

If you're trying your hand at canning for the first time this year, you're not alone. While it's not quite as tricky as creating a sourdough starter, there are some important things to keep in mind...

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How would you go about canning peach puree?

by Pei 15 years ago

All this talk about marmalade has me thinking: How could I can my own white peach puree while they're in season? My thought is to wait until they get good and cheap, and follow a basic recipe...

Canning antipasto

by h2o 15 years ago

Looking for a recipe for making jarred antipasto. I think it contains tuna, mixed veggies and a tomato-y based sauce. TIA

Canning and preserving jars in Los Angeles

by DAC1971 15 years ago

Anyone know where I can purchase jars in Los Angeles for preserving lemons and storing tomato sauce? Thanks

slow-roasted tomatoes - canning?

by cheryl 15 years ago

I made a batch of slow-roasted tomatoes which were just delicious. I know people on this board have frozen them successfully, but has anyone tried canning them? Our freezer is full to overflowi...

Berkeley: where to find canning jars?

by gooseberry 15 years ago

I need to find eight ounce canning jars, but I need very simple ones - simple brass lids, smooth - not decorated- sizes. Any ideas where I might find these in Berkeley? Thanks, 'hounds

Pot of foie in french canning jar or close to it? where to get it?

by kevin 15 years ago

what i'm think is lavish, lush pure poaching foie gras, 100% foie, in those little jars pressed into a cold, poached terrine that you spread on toast points, so where to get it? as well as foll...

Canning strawberry jam- question

by Sony 15 years ago

I have 2 jars of strawberry jam that I put up about a month ago. Due to some distractions, I: 1 Didn't skim as much as I usually do, and 2. Accidentally spilled some of the jam when canning. The...

canning tools - bare minimum required

by arifa 15 years ago

on a whim, i checked out the jamlady cookbook from the library. it's great!!! now i want to try canning. i don't want to invest in a special water bath canning set ($50!) until i know i'll enjoy...

canning jars & supplies in SF?

by babyfork 16 years ago

I know that Sur La Table carries jars for canning/preserving, etc., but is there a cheaper place? Also, some place not too far away would be great...I live in Panhandle North. Thanks!

Pickling/Canning Salt - HELP

by WildSwede 16 years ago

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I have been going CRAZY looking for this special type of salt. I have called TJs, Gelsons, Bristol Farms, Ralphs, Albertson's, Hows, Wild Oats, et...

last minute question on canning/preserving:equipment

by coll 16 years ago

So I have my strawberries macerating, I'm going to finish after dinner (or maybe tomorrow AM). I went to Agway this morning and bought the official jars and the Blue Ball book. Then, while browsin...

Recipe Suggestions for Canning With Mangos

by Mamab 16 years ago

I have quite possibly the world's largest mango tree in my yard. I'm looking for good recipes to can mangos. I lost an entire freezerful of mango chunks and puree last year because of the hurric...

Canning/Preserving Question

by Ms.Paris 17 years ago

For Christmas presents this year, I've decided to make an assortment of canned/prserved fruits and vegetables. I'm also consideringmaking more decadent items like hot fudge sauce, butterscotch sauc...

Need sort-of canning advice by tomorrow night

by Wendy Lai 17 years ago

I have a big bag of cranberries that I bought at Costco. I'd like to make some sort of compot to give to friends. I bought some of those glass jars with the rubber rings in the opening and would ...

Canning Question

by Prumandy 17 years ago

I'm new to canning, but a friend who has canned for years said you don't have to do the full hot water bath to can. She said if you fill your sterilized hot jars with the hot food, it will seal it...

Canning Question/Fig Preserves

by ciaogina 17 years ago

A recipe that I started for fig preserves on Tuesday instructed that figs simply need to be quartered, placed in a bowl and then for every cup of figs you'll need a cup of sugar--more or less depen...

Jams/Jellies Canning Supplies in Bay Area?

by ciaogina 17 years ago

Maybe I'm not thinking this through in a logical manner. I'm determined to do some jam and jelly making this summer. Where would I purchase the mason jars and lids alond with the rack that sits ...

home-canning apple pie filling?

by divstudent 18 years ago

So I have a rather large number of apples (thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on good apple varieties, by the way!) and want to make some apple pie filling and can it. The only problem is ...


by StephenB 18 years ago

Well, it is the time of year in Wisconin to tend to the kitchen garden and make a batch of pickles. The one's I make are crock pickles, meant to be eaten 'fresh'. Does anyone have a favorite fami...

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