Buying a canner? First ask expert cooks their advice. Chowhounds weigh in on pressure canner brands, techniques, and more.

Essential Canning Supplies to Preserve All Your Summer Produce

Quarantine has shown that we like a good project. We’ve moved from growing our own sourdough starter to fermenting kimchi at home, time-consuming kitchen pursuits that fill the otherwise empty days...

Need a sous vide machine? Or electric mixer? Berkeley Public Library to begin lending kitchen tools

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . The city’s popular Tool Lending Library is expanding its offerings to include kitchen appliances, making it one of the few libraries in North America — and the first in California — to lend...

Learn how to safely can fresh tuna! Thursday, Sept 17, 5:30- 6:30pm (University of Calif Master Food Preserver Program)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"The Master Food Preserver volunteers are once again offering home food preservation demonstrations...virtually for now! Tuna - Learn how to safely use a pressure canner to safely preserver...

Pressure canner questions

by lori925 9 years ago

I am looking to purchase my first pressure canner. I want a good one but have questions about which are the best. All-American seems to have really good reviews but I see that they are aluminumn. I...

Presto 16 quart pressure canner in Toronto

by RandalOulton 7 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for this exact model of pressure canner as shown in the attached photo in Toronto. Has anyone physically seen it physically in any stores in Toronto? .s. (I know it's on amazo...

pressure cookers vs pressure canners

by Gooseberry 13 years ago

Ok, I'm a little confused. I understand from researching online that pressure cookers can only be used to can using the water bath method, but not for low acid canning. My question is, can a pressu...

Advice for fixing my apple butter disaster?

by kaitlynmarie 6 years ago

This is my first time posting here, so I want to say hello, and thanks to everyone here for giving me some awesome ideas while I lurked. Now that I have an account, time for the real questions. ...

Induction Pressure Canners/Cookers

by mattwarner 11 years ago

So, I've started canning. I like it, and I'd like to do it more. But, I have an induction stovetop. I can do waterbath canning no problem, but I'm having a heck of a time finding an affordable, i...

Question on new, vs older, Presto pressure cookers/canners.... max heat is less now?

by coll 6 years ago

I have a smallish Presto pressure cooker that I received as a wedding gift back in the mid 1970s and it's come in very handy. I only use it a few times a year but wouldn't want to be without it ei...

Canning up to 30 quarts of tomatoes - rec's on canners?

by mickeygee 6 years ago

My dad and I have been canning tomatoes for the past few years (water bath) and do about 25 quarts of tomatoes each time. We use our regular stock pots, and needless to say, it's a very, very long ...

Cooking in BIG canner?

by Sigurd 6 years ago

Does anyone here cook food [not jars] in the big All American canners? Can you make soup for a crowd? Does the pressure save time? Is this a reasonable thing? Will the canner work well as a s...

how to safely can a cream sauce with a pressure canner

by chefsquig 10 years ago

I was wondering how I safely can a alfredo sauce. The ingredients are brown butter roasted garlic cream cheese parmesan cracked pepper smoke sea salt. Any reply would be great. My email address is...

Pressure Canner - Effects of Too Much Pressure?

by hannaverity 7 years ago

If my recipe calls for processing a jar for 60 minutes at 11 lbs pressure, is it a big deal if the pressure gauge fluctuates between 11 and 12?

Recommendation for a good pressure cooker/pressure canner?

by MissEnPlace 7 years ago

I have started canning and have been working with a boiling water bath, which works OK but I also wants to speed up my stocks, which I know a pressure cooker can do, so I think it's time to take th...

Lehman's Pressure Canners

by meatn3 8 years ago

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this style pressure canner. https://www.lehmans.com/p-67-high-quality-pressure-canners.aspx They seem a bit shorter (height) than some ot...

Ball Stainless Canner Disappointment

by Stardustgirl 8 years ago

Argh! I'm smack in the midst of canning tomato sauce, and today I noticed that the "Elite" stainless steel canner from Ball that I purchased less than a month ago is having issues. The bottom insid...

Glass Cooktop Canner/Stock Pot

by yddeyma 8 years ago

I posted a week or so ago about a new glass cooktop (not induction, just regular glass/ceramic) that I was having trouble figuring out. My day to day cooking has worked out and the cooktop and I a...

Graniteware canner

by andrewtree 8 years ago

Needing to upsize my water bath canner. Presently using the smaller Graniteware that has been fine for several years. Concerned about some poor reviews for the larger size. Experiences?

All-American Pressure Canner?

by kaleokahu 8 years ago

Aloha Kakou: Anyone here have one of these?: http://www.ebay.com/itm/All-American-921-21-1-2-Quart-Pressure-Cooker-Canner-NEW-New-/140981366310?pt=Small_Kitchen_Appliances_US&hash=item20d324e...

Making soup in a Ball enamel waterbath canner.

by annfaulkner 9 years ago

I bought the kit like all the beginners do. I need a huge pot for soup today and my 5 1/2 quart Le Creuset is on vacation (long story). Can I use the flimsy enamel coated 21 quart stockpot for c...

Pressure Canner -- Weighted Gauge vs Dial Gauge

by CindyJ 13 years ago

I'm considering purchasing a pressure canner. A little internet exploring shows that there's a 16-qt. pressure canner with a weighted-gauge pressure regulator available for about $63 http://www.wa...