Experience the great outdoors, but don't sacrifice good food. Chowhounds know what to eat and pack for camping, from epic s'mores recipes to healthy portable snacks.

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Taking meat pies camping

by mullingink 9 days ago

I was thinking of making some hand pies with meat/cheese for breakfast or lunch for our family when we go to a campin...


EllenCooks commented 9 days ago

Camping - Meal Planning

by cacheton 1 year ago

Any campers here that have advice on meal planning when camping, or favorite camp recipes? My family is set up now fo...


ZoeyCovey commented 3 months ago

Need new ideas for camping potluck side dish

by bjd001 2 years ago

I'm looking for ideas for a new side dish to bring to a potluck dinner on a camping trip. I will make it at my camps...


ZoeyCovey commented 3 months ago

Veg grilling ideas for a large group?

by kingfisher5 9 months ago

Grilling for 50 people on a rafting trip in N California in early August. I need a vegetable recipe. Corn will likel...


ricepad commented 9 months ago

Upscale camp food

by PiperBob 2 years ago

I go camping for 10 days every year (at a festival), and part of the fun is cooking good food. Our group this year wi...


PiperBob commented 10 months ago

Cooking Dinner for 4 at a Campground

by mmpott 10 months ago

My husband and I are meeting my parents and brother at a campground close to our house for a one night next visit and...


mmpott commented 10 months ago

Cooking rice while camping

by mblackshear 10 months ago

I'm going to be making a mexian/spanish rice for 150 people as a side to tacos. My dilema is that i really don't hav...


Ttrockwood commented 10 months ago

Summer Sleepaway Camp Snacks

by megan06 10 months ago

Hey! I'm going to sleep-away camp for a week in a week. So I was going through ideas for my snack list, here it is!!!...


MidwesternerTT commented 10 months ago

Warm not mushy harvest stir-fry?

by RAOL 1 year ago

I'm serving a harvest skillet dish for 40 at a camping-style event using smoked sausage and canned vegetables (potato...


Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Gaspe Region Including MTL and QC

by katesalter 1 year ago

First, thank you to everyone who gave advice over the last few months. August 7 - My mother "S" (74) and I (34) de...


kpzoo commented 1 year ago

Packable vegetarian lunches while camping

by PFCMCL 1 year ago

Any super easy, no cooking involved ideas? I have to be able to bring it along for day hikes. I've only been vegetari...


LaLa commented 1 year ago

Prep Potatoes

by PFCMCL 1 year ago

Going camping and planning on making hasselback potatoes on a grill. Can I wash the potatoes a few days ahead of time...


PFCMCL commented 1 year ago


by Krueg42 3 years ago

Hi! We live in N. California and we are headed to Banff in June! Does anyone know about hiking trails or cool ...


prima commented 2 years ago

Hotel pans? Inserts

by gomocooks 2 years ago

I own a few of what I call hotel pans. These are the pans you'll see on every buffet table. I specifically use mi...


acgold7 commented 2 years ago

Camping Thanksgiving

by lawhound05 2 years ago

Hello! It looks like we will be spending Thanksgiving at the deer camp, which means staying in a small camper trai...

hill food

hill food commented 2 years ago

Camping stove? I really need this.

by sweetfern 5 years ago

I drive a Prius, so nothing to let down to hold a stove. Any ideas? Oh--and 1 or 2 person popup tent? Any tips ve...


monkeyrotica commented 2 years ago

Breakfast Campfire Cooking for a Crowd?

by grobson 2 years ago

Howdy folks. I volunteered to cook breakfast for a big camping party next week (~60 people). Eggs for scrambling an...


meatn3 commented 2 years ago

Ready meals?

by summer_roses 2 years ago

Recently came across these ready meals while road tripping through yosemite http://hormel.com/Brands/Compleats.aspx ...


Harters commented 2 years ago

Canoe trip foods - ideas needed

by docfood 5 years ago

I am planning a 2 week canoe trip to the boundary waters canoe area and need some ideas for lightweight (portages bet...


LaLa commented 3 years ago

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