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Any Cambodian or great, cheap Indian food around WPB???

by ashmawz 17 years ago

Hi, I recently moved to WPB and I know that this is a long shot but does anyone know of any Cambodian restuarants or even any great, but inexpensive Indian (I suppose Indo-Pak would be an even long...

Cambodian near LAX--Where?

by Uptown_Now 16 years ago

Hi! I've heard tell of a good Cambodian place in the vicinity of LAX, but I can find no info on it. Anybody know? Thanks!

By the Sea? - Cambodian in Revere

by C. Simon 16 years ago

Does anyone have any reviews of the food at By the Sea in Revere? I saw Galleygirl's fairly positive post about it a while back, but was wondering if anyone else had any experiences there which th...

Cambodian at Floating Rock...Next stop,Wonderland!

by galleygirl 17 years ago

Once the girl has tasted prahok, there's no going back! I'm in love, and it's the real thing, I don't care what my friends say...Actually, my friends were right there with me.. Our native guide, C...

Differences btwn Vietnamese and Cambodian cuisine

by Andrew Chen 17 years ago

Hi, just wondering if there's anyone out there who are experts in these two cuisines and know the different btwn them. And specifically for Cambodian cuisine, do you know any good authentic dishes ...

Cambodian in Revere, Pt.2, By the Sea

by galleygirl 17 years ago

I became so obsessed with Cambodian food after lunch at Floating Rock, that I went back to Revere the next day with two friends, to explore By The Sea, also on Shirley Ave...Altho they weren't real...

Cambodian anyone?

by 9lives 17 years ago

Galleygirl and I are going to Floating Rock. This is a Cambodian restaurant that has been favorably mentioned on this board..It is in a small Cambodian neighborhood in Revere. We'd like round up a ...

Cambodian restaurant in Manhattan?

by ModernMulan 17 years ago

Does anyone know of any quality Cambodian restaurants in Manhattan? Thanks.

Seattle - Cambodian/Malaysian food?

by Phaedra 17 years ago

I found a thread here nearly a year old on this topic, in which both Malay Satay Hut and Pnomh Penh Noodle house are suggested. Anyone else know of places in Seattle or the Eastside for either Ca...


by Harold 17 years ago

Anywhere in Phila. or vicinity is fine. With the Angkhor gone, I'm at my wit's end. I promised a Cambodian a great meal from her country -- and want to deliver. Please help!

Any one know a good Burmese or Cambodian restaurant that isn't Chinese as well?

by rumjungle 17 years ago

We've tried the Golden Triangle and 3 of the Cambodian restaurants down in Long Beach and they were not what we were looking for... Does anyone know any restaurant(s) in Los Angeles, Orange County ...

Food find: Cambodian

by TastyJon 17 years ago

Posted a note here a few months back looking for a good Cambodian place (could find no reviews on any news website/Zagat, etc). Had no real leads from here either. But I had heard that there was...

The Angkor -- a wonderful Cambodian-Vietnamese in Phila.

by Harold 17 years ago

This incredibly inexpensive mom and pop and family serves the best food around, at 121 N. 11th just south of Cherry Street (at the west edge of Chinatown). If you love ginger, try the Chicken & Gi...

Cambodian Restaurants?

by ghostrunner 17 years ago

Does anyone have any information/insights on any Cambodian restaurants in Chicago? I've heard rumblings about a place called Teevy rumoured to be on N Broadway, but can't find further reference t...

Cambodian Restaurants Lynn

by joe 17 years ago

can anyone recommend a cambodian or south east asian restaurant in lynn, ma? thx, JC

Cambodian in Long Beach

by Bob Brooks 17 years ago

My wife tells me she heard a food writer raving about a Cambodian restaurant in Long Beach on KCRW today. She didn't get the name. Does anyone have the details on this place and, of course, their...

A Visit to Cambodian in Ft. Greene

by Pitchaya 17 years ago

On Saturday I rounded up a band of peeps to scout a Cambodian restaurant in Fort Greene. This place, I've heard, is the only Cambodian restaurant in a 300 mile radius, and having a total ignorance ...

cambodian cuisine

by christina 17 years ago

is the only cambodian restaurant in fort greene brooklyn? can't remember the name. or is there another one to try?

Cambodian pickled mustard greens

by Howard 17 years ago

In Cambodian groceries, (also some Vietnamese ones) you can buy pickled mustard greens. If the grocery makes the stuff itself, it's sold in a big vat, by the head. I'm looking for a recipe for thi...

Cambodian & Vietnamese restaurants in LA

by Ralph Pine 18 years ago

Just back from Cambodia and Vietnam where the food varied wildly. Does anyone know of a Cambodian restaurant somewhere between Santa Monica and West Hollywood? Or Studuio City, Sherman Oaks, etc....

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